Monday, March 29, 2004

I Take It Back, Clifford!

A certain person paged me and said that it was hugely rumored that you made out with that fool.

That fool certainly is bad news. I'm so relieved that you did not do a thing with this despicable animal -- come to think of this, that animal should be slaughtered to preserve the intelligence of the human race or we are finished.

What made me happy is that you served your country well by opening your legs for a soldier. I m proud to know that a brother of mine is Patriotic.

To answer your question about adding your link -- at first, I made a mistake -- your address was bit complicated for my brain when I am at home. If you saw my bedroom -- it is very tiny -- my pen is somewhere -- but now I'm at work -- I will add your link.

Thanks for clarifying the false rumor. I freaked out when I learned that you might make out with that facial wasting fool.



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