Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Quick Thought Before I Hit The Sack

Had a conversation with Burke and Pigott about this recently and I thought I'd do the same thing to the readers as well.

It is no secret that Adolf Hitler waged the wars on many nations, groups and ethnicities. IN the process, he probably killed millions of people across Europe.

It is no secret that according to Christianity, it is all about to repent, to forgive the sins and accept Jesus Christ as the Savior of one's soul.

The question is ... let's say, after killing millions of people, what if Hitler realized that he made a horrible mistake and decided to repent his sins, ask to forgive his sins on his soul as well as accepting Jesus Christ as the Savior of his soul -- this, according to the concept of Christianity beliefs, guaranteed a free ride for Hitler to Heaven!

In fact, it can happen. And it'd be hilarious to see Xians' reactions when they see Hitler waving at them in Heaven!

No? Some Xians would claim that Hitler was beyond any redemption at all, but that would mean one thing: These Xians should not judge Hitler for God or JC -- after all, it is not for them to decide. Only God, Jesus Christ and Hitler, right?

IN fact, it is highly possible that Jeff Dahmer is running free in Heaven. After all, it was reported that Jeff repented in the prison before he was killed by someone else. How wonderful is that?


Saturday, July 30, 2005


There is "Coverboy Confidential" in MetroWeekly magazine in DC each week which enabled us to know a guy better by asking some odd questions. Most of the times, they chose pretty bois, twinks, queens who claimed to be athletic but only work out in the gym 22 times per week to profile for the magazine.

It is getting tiresome reading some idiotic twink who claimed to be "athlete" which I am sure that they cannot throw the ball properly!

Upon riding the train, I thought of this -- if they can do this, why can't I do it on my blog as well? So here it goes ...


* * *

What's on your nightstand? Lamp, alarm clock, a statue of Ursula the Sea Witch and yeah, the lubricant.

What's in your nightstand drawer? Actually, this particular nightstand does not have the drawer, so next!

What's in your DVD player? Rough Street Trade #3, gay porn that has been sitting there for almost 3 weeks, though.

What are your television favorites? Family Guy, The Simpsons, Vida La Bam, Desperate Housewives and Punk'd. Sometimes I watch C-SPAN just to knock myself out when I'm insomniac.

What was the last movie you went to? Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid? Star Blazers and ThunderCats

If you could be any superhero, whom would you choose? Mordru! Because he is omnipotent whose desire is to rule the universe! He is ruthless and magnificent. Of course, he's not a superhero -- he's villain! But if you insist only a super-hero, I'll settle for Amethyst, though.

Who's your greatest influence? Er ... Rachel Bavister, Frances Marzolf and Roberta Dietz -- they played a huge role in influencing how I think and stand up for myself. They may have inadvertently opened the Pandora's Box by mistake. Rachel being outspoken with a dry sense of humor, Frances being so dramatic at times, Roberta being sensible and realistic in almost everything else.

What's your greatest fear? Being single at the age of 50.

Who gets on your nerves? People that are political 24/7 on a daily basis. Born-again Xians who thought they're so holy -- these bastards. Yeah, people that took me too seriously after reading my blogsite to a point where they had to clam up and be guarded of themselves in person -- so ridiculous! And last, yeah, Mom gets on my nerves, eventually.

Pick three people, living or dead, who you think would make the most fascinating dinner guests imaginable. George Washington, Stewie Griffin and Debbie Ryan

What would you serve? I'll just do the catering service. I'm not good with cooking food -- so I'll cheat, thank you very much.

Boxers, briefs or others? Boxerbriefs.

Favorite retail store? Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Describe your dream guy.
Charming, intelligent, funny and laid-back.

Define good in bed. He has to go slow, attentive to details and when it's done, we cuddle and sleep together -- then do it again. That is how good it should be.

Favorite Musical Artist? I'm not fan of music but when I see the musical artist performing on TV that caught my attention -- Madonna did a great job of making me stop in my tracks many times.

Who should star in a movie about your life? Er ... Good question.

First Celebrity Crush? River Phoenix.

If your home were burning, what's the first thing you'd grab while leaving? Pictures, articles that featured me, my friends and family as well. They cannot be replaced.

What's your biggest turn-on? hairy chest and ass. I go bonkers on that.

What's your biggest turn-off? Twinks who thinks Abercrombie & Fitch are all that. They're so 'tards. People who made up stories about who I am or what I did. You should know how many stories I'm amazed at people making up stuff about me!

What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't yet tried? Skydiving -- I'm so afraid. What if the parachute does not work? Splat! But again, I probably will bounce a little. Sigh.

What's something you've tried that you never want to do again? When I was 10, I went to the beach from 9 AM to the dark -- I refused to use the sunblock lotion because it was too sticky -- let's say I was sunburned badly to a point where I was sickened with blisters all over my body -- I was on morphine for days. Such a painful time for me -- which is why I'm pretty firm against getting tanned or going to the beach in the mid-day. Ahh.

What position do you play in the big baseball game of life? Pitcher.

What's the most you'll spend on a haircut? $25. But I did $110 that included the highlights, though.

On a pair of shoes? $90.

What's your favorite season? Winter! I prefer the bitter cold than the stifling heat.

What's your favorite food to splurge with? Unfortunately, the Pillow Pack of Hormel's Pepperoni -- if I had one, I eat it all. True biz. No more, finish! I avoid it lately because I want to control the food intake. It is not good for me.

What kind of animal would you be? Duck! Because they tend to be protective of its turf and its colleagues. Ever saw a dog or cat attacking one? You never did because they knew not to fuck with the duck, because every duck will descend on the predator!

What kind of plant would you be? A plant where people will not pull me out of the ground, obviously!

What kind of car would you be? Convertible mustang!

What's your dream job? Hard to say -- I want to operate B&B Inn, that is the ultimate dream.

State your life philosophy in ten words or less. Do unto others as they would do unto you.

A Tribute To Tennessee's Dick Hancock

Category: Deaf Girls Basketball

My friends, I thought I would never do this but I have to do this. As many of you knew, I attended VSDB in Staunton, Virginia -- VSDB is one of 11-schools in The South that is affilated with the Mason-Dixon schools. Among the 11 schools are: Eastern North Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

One of my personal rival that I cannot stand the most is ... Tennessee School for the Deaf Vikings -- that school is so, fittingly, barbaric! But I must commend its girls basketball program, though. They gave VSDB and many deaf schools lots of fits, thanks to whom?

Dick Hancock.

Dick made this game challenging and fun. Yes, challenging and fun. He would devise a sign for a play that poke fun at your homestate -- enraging you through four quarters just to throw you off the track in order for his team to win. I would sit few rows behind Dick Hancock, he would turn and look at Richard Davis and stand up and spell a play -- which his team would mess another team's performance at its will. It goes on to say how much Dick commands such respect from deaf female students at his fingertips.

I warned Hedy, my sister whom played against Tennessee once in the past, not to be rattled by Dick's schemes. But too bad, she and Loretta Dennis were the only two scorers that could fight through and scored 14 and 15 points, respectively in a 49-29 loss to TSD in Knoxville. If Dick had some guts to play us in Staunton, that could be a different story but ... nobody will know.

Either way, I was saddened to learn that Dick Hancock succumbed to the brain cancer recently in Knoxville.

This man is nuts but I like him. Too bad he lived in Tennessee, not in Virginia. Too bad, he did not have the guts to play us in Staunton -- he always beckoned us to play in Knoxville but refused to play in Staunton. That bastard!

Dick, let's see ...

One National Deaf Championship
Two Mason-Dixon Championships

What more could a guy wanted out of this? You did a great job, Dick Hancock. You still suck, after all, you're in the territory that I despised the most, though. :-)

Oh, one more thing -- Dick, you're the most fucking coward coach because you refused to land your foot in Llewellyn Gymnasium. We'd kill you easily as committing a sin!



Friday, July 29, 2005

Find Waldo?

Found this on -- if not for Joe, Merritt would nag at me for not publicize his rat Jamika, his beloved dog that dominated the Pride of PetsDC contests few weeks ago. Enjoy!

1st Place in Terrific Tricks

1st Place in Mirror Image

Congratulations, Merritt and Jamika!



The Question That Everyone Wants To Know But Afraid To Ask

This is intriguing. Ben of Wham-Bam IMmed me the link and I had to read twice because I cannot stop laughing.

But the question that everyone wants to know but unsure to ask ... did the victim die by being kicked or ... by fucked hard?

Anyone who had an experience in this manner that I have no desire to participate ... feel free to address this subject for the readers!



P.S. I cannot promise if anyone attacks anyone who has some kind of this "unique experience" with this activity.

Zoe, Tullier, Stupid Conservative Prick and What Else?

Zoe Is Not Afraid, Just Like Chlms! Gods preserve my soul -- look at the picture on your right! Most babies tend to wail out when they see something odd and all that stuff. Apparently, Zoe does not. Zoe seems to thrive on the center of attention.

The lady holding Zoe is none other than Jonathan's sister who is the Lion King dancer at DisneyWorld. Such a fabulous costume, girl.

Seeing Zoe smiling and mesmerizing with the whole thing makes me groan a little. After all, I'll have to contend with the growing pains of Zoe -- hell, I'm still tussling with Chlms after 14 years. Gawd, I'm that old.

Judy of The Fireplace's: Judy, the bartender, is extremely cool despite the fact that she looked very grouchy at times but she is great one if you get to know her. I teased her that she is Judy Garland, referring to her first name -- she shot me a wryly smile that made others howl and whoop her on.

Many times, Toby, Manny and I would rely on her to supply us the alcoholic poison in our bodies so that we'd fuck up in the process. And many times, Judy did not complain. She complained about others, but certainly not to us. Toby and I certainly love her for who she is. Judy rocks!

God Must Have Some Message For Boy Scouts! In Fort A.P. Hill, four Scouts were killed when a lightning strike them in a swift manner. Then the heat sickened countless of Scouts two days later in which GW Bush politely cancelled the "visit" and will submit the cheapassed videotape to 'salute' the fuckers. Now in Sequoia National Park, the lightning killed the troop leader and left one brain-dead kid as well as injuring six others.

The mother nature must have some kind of message towards the BSA -- repent your sins!

Check This Out: Few shameless to promote the talents of Deaf folks out there. Tate Tullier is currently living in New York where he is getting to expand his photography skills to include whatever is possible for him. He recently unveiled his own website which I surfed. Many pictures are simply gorgeous. It was eerie to view Joey Kolcun in something other than my fraternity brother.

Overall, it is great stuff. Check his website out!

What Is This? A Joke? A friend, Deaf258, forwarded this to me via email. At first, I thought it was typical website -- but apparently, it is not. It has captions, it has lots of stuff. I actually enjoyed it very much. Check the website out.

Liberals or Radicals: Apparently, this Republican conservative prick has nothing to do other than distorting the groups between liberals and radicals. But again, hey fella, people prefers my blog over yours. Look at your numbers and ... mine. That says something, eh? Why don't you just fold, fuckwad?

GW Bush Flipped The Bird? Some said he did. Some said he did not. But I am certain GW Bush is dumb but he is not that dumb to do the bird in front of FOX NEWS, you know how it is with FOX NEWS. FOX NEWS is one big fat machine perpetuated by Rupert Murdoch. WorldNetDaily is owned by fanatic Xians who are bent on disparaging people that does not want to do anything with its Xian beliefs. Fuck 'em all.

Confidential to David Nelson: Please read the definitions of Militant and Militarist, you dumbfuck dickwad!



Thursday, July 28, 2005

So Many Persons To Chat, So Little Time To Do So

When I stayed in the District for nearly two weeks, I get to meet many old friends to catch up -- some are not quite enough. That is the problem of being Gallaudet Alumni, I guess.

Last night at POUR HOUSE, formerly known as Politiki Bar, I get to see many old faces but the problem is that I get to chat with many persons for a brief time. I nodded when people brought up this blog in my face. Sometimes I want to talk about something else, not my blog.

It was good to see the Veit Guy there as well. He is still hot, even with the fact that he is married. As time passed by, some people just looked better.

I get to chat with Ben for a while -- too bad, it did not last for days.

Some people wondered what kind of group do I like to hang out? I like to hang out with friends, old faces and I rarely make new friends. I just do not like to make new friends -- I mean, you have enough friends, why need more? Are you that desperate to make more friends? Certainly not me. I enjoyed laughing -- especially at things in life. When one hits the chord, I like to guffaw at times. I guess I am lucky to have friends who knew how to hit the chords ... excessively.

I do not like to hang out with folks that are pretty malice towards others, I mean -- I am quite malicious if I want to but that is quite enough for the world, is it?

I saw a familiar figure at POUR HOUSE that actually made me shiver. Her aura sets off the burning ice that could paralyze the bastions of Hell. But the problem is that it is her personality! She was in town for some kind of training for GLI -- Gallaudet Leadership Institute. I think I gave a clue to who she is. I'll leave the readers to figure out.

Speaking of GLI, I think it is kinda stupid that this country seems to bent on train almost everyone else to be a leader of some sorts. To me, it is not good idea. Eric Heckman, Mark Wood and Barbara Hathaway comes to mind. Hell, Heckman said that Bob Dole once told him that he can be the President of this country! When he actually wins the election, I'm applying for citizenship in Canada.

My point is that you train too many people to be the leaders of some sorts, sending them to go against each other over little things in this country -- it is putting ourselves on a path to trivialize the unity of this country.

There is a group called "LeadAmerica" who is currently training some kids for some kind at Gallaudet related to Capitol Hill crap -- according to its website, "LeadAmerica’s mission is to transform our world’s next generation of young leaders by inspiring, educating and instilling in them ethical and principled leadership values, attitudes and skills."

Let's face this -- many people are not suitable to lead or do whatever is necessary. Some are followers, some are leaders, some are independent -- but it seems to me that this country seemed to be in the state of frenzy to push for everyone to be a leader of something else.

With this attitude, it is no secret that we will have a prototype of Eric Heckman taking over the country in less than 50 years!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

7.28.05 Tidbits

4 Scouts Dead: It was reported that four men were electrocuted in Fort A.P. Hill in Bowling Green, Virginia -- a town between Fredericksburg and Richmond. I care less about that. Boo hoo. 4 hearie men dead. Good riddance. Why? Because the BSA is firmly against gays. Timmy Smith, a 16-years old fella from Wheeling, WVA, commented: "It would feel bad if my dad got affected like that, Scouts are supposed to be kind and help each other out so we helped them out."

Too bad they do not practice what they preach, they only help themselves but reject atheists, gays and women -- but not anyone else outside of its group. The BSA's activites are similar to the Nazi Youth group in Germany during the 1930s, training the fresh boys with lies and all that in order to make them homophobic, xenophobic, conservative and pricks, to say the least. In fact, it was reported that one of the founding fathers used to participate in the Nazi Youth group. But no, the BSA will deny it as usual.

So when four men died, I did not care.

Wow! 6 Years Passed Us By! Last night, I was watching some program on Gallaudet TV Channel -- somehow, it showed Ronda Jo Miller. Emergency! Flashback! Let's jump back to the biggest game in Gallaudet's history -- the second round of the NCAA Tournament. I did not realize that it was six years ago! Frankly, I'm getting old, too fast!

I remembered walking in the Packer Hall, I saw that Gallaudet was trailing by 11, 19-8 against The College of New Jersey, the No. 2 team in the country. When I walked to the Gallaudet section, I watched Ronda Jo Miller becoming possessed as she began to take over -- stealing, rebounding, dribbling, dishing and hitting the baskets as she personally overwhelmed the TCNJ team on a huge 34-15 spree as Gallaudet reclaimed the lead at the half, 43-34.

When Gallaudet hits 43 points in a half, it also destroyed the TCNJ's defense average for the season -- the TCNJ held many teams to the average of 42 points per game. AT this point, Ronda Jo Miller was one-woman show against No. 2 TCNJ in the country -- many fans, Gallaudet and TCNJ alike along with the reporters from DC, NYC and NJ, were treated to once-in-a-lifetime of her best dominant performance of her lifetime. It was like she was in a trance. She was able to do everything at once. She stole the ball from this end of the court and raced against the TCNJ guards across the floor to the other end of the court, and quickly dished to Touria Ouahid who attempted to hit a layup but missed, Ronda Jo rebounded then jumped around to nail the basket. Just like that. Nobody could stop her in this state of her mind.

Suffice to say, Gallaudet upset No. 2 TCNJ 81-71, thus spoiled them from reaching the Final Four as Gallaudet advanced to its first Sweet Sixteen appearance in school's history. Ronda Jo Miller finished with 38 points, 14 rebounds, 5 blocks and 5 steals.

Too bad, Ronda Jo Miller imploded the next game in Williamstown, Massachusetts. But the memory of watching her playing during that particular game is something I'll treasure for a long time.

Discovery In Space: I'm curious -- we were able to manufacture four shuttles -- and now we are down to two -- how come we are not able to manufacture more? Do tell. Or did the Bush Administration cuts the funds once again in the name of terrorism and freedom?

So Hot! Thank God for the air-conditioner. It is like having the hair dryer blow on your face when you ride in someone's car with the windows open. I hate the heat. It reminded me the reason why I preferred the winter season.

Finished With Left Behind Series: What a joke. It's all bullshit. It is too bad that the authors seemed to enjoy making fun of Leon Fortunato. Stupid pricks.

Confidential to Dorian: If you claim that you never read my blog and complain about the contents that was made against you, how did you know about it? Getting word from your imaginary friends do not count, m'dear. Next time, do not complain without reading it first! Then I will listen to your requests to see if it is legitimate or not. But as of now, it is not even blip on my concerns at all. Now scram away!



Monday, July 25, 2005

Whose Fault Is It?

Freedom. It is a word that, in the last 4 years, this country of mine has abused it to a pulp. It made me want to barf. Freedom is now in the same manner with the ILY sign that makes me irritated to no end. When I see people waving the damned ILY sign, I rolled my eyes -- I wanted to fling the middle finger at them just for the heck of it. Same idea goes with the administration that rallied behind that word.

Telling us to go out and shop and support the military just because it will stop terrorism is silly, really. I saw a picture in the book that deals with the movements that protested different groups -- one elder guy stood with a billboard that reads: "IF YOU ARE AGAINST BUSH, YOU SUPPORT OSAMA BIN LADEN!" -- on the right side of this elderly guy is a guy with the poster that says, "<==== Stupid Guy!"

The guy who held the 'stupid guy' poster is exactly like me.

Many Conservatives, Republicans and Xians are working hard to support the laws that permits the FBI, CIA, local police officers et al to harbor more powers to arrest people, investigate people's lives without their permission in the name of "terrorism" -- baloney! When people or groups like the ACLU protested, they were quickly accused of being anti-American or anti-Freedom. That is ridiculous.

I think people needs to check this panel in order to understand that freedom is fragile -- it can disappear just like that with delusional beliefs that the powers above us will preserve it. Just like Marianne. Do not dismiss this logic -- because it happened to the best of us all in this world -- Germany, France, Russia and so on. It can happen in this particular country.

I leave you with a deep ponder about the American dream which I had a friend to scan and for me to fix it up. The lady on the left is none other than Columbia, the fixture of American justice. The person the floor is none other than Uncle Sam. When I see things that erodes our rights as an individual, I try to remember what Columbia said. Eventually, we will prevail and we will win, against the people who chose to trample people's right to abort, right to marry, and right to exist without any interference by the government's beliefs in the name of ballyhooed freedom!


Lousy Interpreters

My close friend, after a lengthy open discussion about different subjects, brought up the issue of qualified interpreters. The person went on to say that despite the fact that there are laws, requirements and code of ethics that pertains to the relationship between the clients and interpreters, there are still not well-qualified interpreters out there!

And when there are bad or lousy interpreters that cannot sign very well, read ASL very well, read fingerspelling well, tends to add information to the dialogue that was not mentioned by the hearing person and/or interpreters subjugated the deaf clients to their likings, not many Deaf people actually reported or complained about the shitty interpreters.

What can we do about it?

My friend smiled, "You could blacklist them on your blogsite for the world to read, as long as you have the valid information that they are that horrible. You could set the headline that reads Blacklisted Interpreters where others can email you with valid information about their experiences with interpreters. Then you can add the names on it with links to the identified interpreters that does not deserve to interpret for us."

I thought it was such a wonderful idea for us to assert our rights to ensure that our access to the interpreters should be better than just good, we should turn the tables on interpreters and put the fear in them! They are there to serve us, not us to serve them!

Any comments on this subject before I could decide whether to go ahead or not with the newest list of Blacklisted Interpreters!



As Predicted, RAD Is The Mother of All Fuck-Ups

RAD Is Full Of Joke: I'd like to know what did they truly accomplish in the last 30 years? Do tell. I challenge Bob Donaldson and Barbara Hathaway to pose a list of accomplishments in the last 30 years. Barbara Hathaway used to attend Gallaudet some years ago -- she was not well-liked person as she tends to manipulate things to her advantages. In general, people who knew her tendencies said that she is pretty much coward. You know the cliche, "Always had been, always has been and always will be."

Where Did The Funds from Deaf Youth Rainbow Go? I was alarmed that the funds of Deaf Youth Rainbow has been virtually emptied by the CMRA 2005 RAD Committee to fund other things that has nothing to do with Deaf Youth Rainbow. Another reason why you do not trust the officers of RAD/CMRA!

Inflate The Numbers! It was reported that 382 registered for RAD 2005 Conference. It included volunteers, deaf/blind interpreters, interpreters and folks who are on the committees. They also forced the presenters who gave the workshops or lectures to register as well. They did not reveal how many people registered for full-combo package. If you subtract the volunteers, committee folks, interpreters and speakers, you'll have about 280. You probably had 160 who registered for full combo package. As large numbers of younger people declined to register for full combo packages in the last two days, opted to select few lines for the RAD Conference.

In comparison with New Orleans, Seattle and Orlando, the RAD 2005 Conference is a colossal failure. Congratulations, Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake. You guys are marvelous in doing such a dismal job.

An Offended Presenter: I had a chat with a presenter who provided the workshop -- he went on to explain that he never had witnessed such a disunity and disorganization on the behalf of RAD's organization -- my friend said that the blame lies with whom? The RAD Board (Most notably with Bob Donaldson and Barbara Hathaway) for trying to control every detail of the conference. My friend said that the rooms were not prepared. The RAD demanded that they give workshops for FREE. When they were done with their presentations, no one from the RAD group(s) gave the gratitude gifts for their willingness to show up at the RAD Conference in order to give the workshops. One presenter said, "I'll never do it again, not after the way I was treated by others."

Exhibits? Film Festival? Art Show? It was verified that only 8 were set up in a huge vacant room. A huge disappointment in comparison with Seattle's 2001 RAD Conference. When I first entered the exhibit, more than 50 booths were set up which I enjoyed tremendously. 8? That says a lot. There were no film festival nor art show at all in this conference. Seattle has it, DC has none.

Someone Who Went to RAD: A friend of mine went to RAD 2005 Conference as an interpreter. The person said that it was their first time ever to be at RAD and it did not impress this particular person to a point where the person thought it is a joke going to the next conference. The person chuckled, "You know, Ricky, I do not see anything special about this conference -- it did not even motivate me at all to go back to the conference."

Interpreters Fear ... Several interpreters confided in me that they strongly suspected that the CMRA will renege on the promise that they pay $25 per hour for them to interpret for deaf/blind interpreters. Know why? No proof of contract between the organization and the interpreters. That is not a good omen.

Ed Martin Is Idiot: This fella, Ed Martin, volunteered as the security officer for RAD 2005 Conference. He was standing next to me -- he was stupid and appalling. At first, he greeted me when I first entered the hotel lobby, he even asked for a hug which I was set back. Then he had the gall to ask me about my sister's whereabouts. Ed then said, "You had the nerve to show up here at the conference after what you wrote about us!"

I told him that it is not personal animosity as he would like it to be. It is professionalism, simply put. Ed nervously grinned and said, "But we are small organization, you have to expect that!"

I told him that it is not an excuse -- they made a bid to win the 2005 Conference, they had to uphold the professionalism or let some organization take over! He tried to shush me and grimace nervously -- before I met the hotel security officers which many of you knew what happened afterwards.

I found this guy's name much later at a gathering, one person mentioned that Ed Martin is the kind of person you'd find at the dark corner of the gay bar at the age of 70, looking for love in wrong places -- but I digress, that is who he is. He had the nerve to ask for a hug and tell me that I'm such a nerve to come to the conference.

Ed, Ed, Ed -- that is why you are idiot. This is America. You can stand up for something you believe in -- I feel that the RAD is in dire need of changes, I reserve the right to criticize the organization -- whether if you like it or not. Fuck you, Ed Martin -- this is not China, dickwad. Oh, I forgot, you're just another mindless puppet in the organization's controls to subjugate people's rights.

Get a life, Ed.

Larry Gray Said I'm Bitter: When you stand up for something you feel is right, and people trampled on your rights. And you fight back to defend your turf, you are called a bitter person? That is what Larry Gray figured. Such a delusional mind, as usual.

Well, well, people needs to understand that I already made concessions to the RAD Board and the Chairmen for information -- they chose to retaliate back. When I defended myself, I am branded as a bitter one. What about them? Bill Terrell, Bob Donaldson and Ricky Drake are three incredibly bitter persons who chose not to work with the interested patrons of the conference. I warned them that I would blog about their hostile approach, mainly because I heard from many patrons who expressed a concern that when they asked for information, they also retaliated at them as well. One word: Subjugation.

No, my dear Larry Gray preferred to ignore the whole controversy by turning it on me that I was merely bitter one. I think people needs to know the truth about its corrupted system and if I can expose it to the world -- then by all means, I shall!


Saturday, July 23, 2005


Bitch Session's Disclaimer: Must I repeat what it is all about? It was written by MANY PEOPLE who sent the comments to me. Then I copied and pasted the comments on the entry. After that, I deleted the emails. I do not know nor remember whose comments it came from. So drop the threatening antics on me in person and via emails. It is so old. And so far, confidentiality has not been breached.

RAD's Mess: I was told by a certain lecturer for a certain workshop at RAD Conference that the Committee has done an appalling of organizing everything else. In fact, one person said the CMRA has the gall to ask the person to give a workshop for free. Not only that, no gift for such a generous effort and time to host one. Goes on to say how good they plan this conference. Does not surprise me at all. In fact, I expect that RAD and CMRA intends to inflate the numbers of RAD's participants in order to save their faces.

Manny As Missy Taken in RAD Pageant: As expected, Missy Taken plowed through and grabbed the crown of Miss RAD 2005. I hope they change the name to Miss Deaf Gay North America, not Miss RAD -- that is so retard, is it?

Domino Effect: I am constantly in touch with many people who bribed me information about the RAD mess for me to blog. If not for them, this would not be possible. I was appalled to learn that some committee went around and asked some people if they are friends with me -- when they say 'yes', the folks insisted that my friends terminate the association wtih me. Childish? Of course. For Barbara Hathaway, Chris Brawner, Bill Terrell, Timo Worthylake, Ricky Drake, Karen Rosenthal and Bob Donaldson, it is just another day of bickering comments about me. In fact, my presence makes them nervous.

Incendiary Threat? I was alarmed to learn the exact information about the accusation levied upon me by the RAD Board and CMRA Committee. They said that I had an "incendiary threat" on RAD Conference! Incendiary means what? A firebomb. Is this ridiculous idea of their attempts to discredit me? This goes on to prove that they are so desperate to do something about me because I exploited their corruptions.

A Plan For National Organization? Last night, I had a good discussion with 4 friends of mine and we are going to work on a plan to set up the national organization that caters to Deaf GLBTIQ's needs -- this time, this organization should focus on the well-beings of an individual's needs which the RAD has consistently, for the last 30 years, failed miserably. This organization is not going to compete against RAD -- why should we? We are going to be better than them, one way or other. Stay tuned for further information.

Blog-ebrity: Yes, few people hated me. They are merely misguided retards to start with. Do I care about 'em? No. I noticed something interesting when I'm on the campus at Gallaudet, for one person who said s/he hated my blogsite, 5 persons already told me they loved it. So you can see ... the numbers multiplied. I was humbled to learn that many professionals and professors in this university has been following my blog on a consistent manner. In fact, I asked a friend of mine to watch out when I approached one staff just to say hello. The person was quick to mention that she reads my blog everyday with a smirk on her face. I turned to my friend who snickered. Such a life for a blog-ebrity. Thanks for reading my blog, enjoy your stay.

And always remember this: I write the way I think, not as what you wanted me to.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Total Destruction

Iranian Gay Teens Croaked: According to this, two 18 years old gay guys raped 13 years old boy at a gunpoint as well as theft and disturbing the peace in eastern Iran. For that, they were hanged up.

Beam Me Up, Scotty! James Doohan, famously known as Montgomery Scott on Star Trek where everyone did not ask him to beam them up -- only ordered him to which Scott gladly did his duties, has died at the age of 85. It was reported that he wanted his ashes to be blasted into the outer space, like Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry did.

Cesspool! Last night, Ricky and I had laughed so hard when this particular animated German told us of an incident in Berlin -- he mentioned that he saw the "scat party" and was intrigued by it -- then he saw a cesspool filled with feces which people swam in it. He was sickened by the sight of that and was stunned by that -- he went on to describe the details to me and Ricky -- we could not believe it but laughed so hard. Like a friend of mine told me, only gay men would think like this.

Fahrenheit 911: I finally saw it last night after leaving DC Eagle. I was baffled to learn some stuff -- why is that the Bush Administration approving sending the Secret Service to guard the Saudi Arabia Embassy, at the expense of taxpayers? There are many questions that makes you wonder what is going on with the Bush Administration but the Conservatives, Republicans and Xians would not want to talk about it but to fight Moore because he is volatile -- but let's focus on these issues, can you? No, you can't, Xians, Conservatives and Republican pricks.

Lazy Bear Weekend: I heard a lot about the camping for Bears in Guerneville, California by Russian River. It is very popular one. I gotta plan for this next year -- anyone wanna go with me? Ring me up. I know Keith would love to go as well.

Scared Of Me? Last night, a certain fellow told me that the main reason why I was barred from registering at RAD Conference is that the RAD Board and CMRA members viewed me as a threat to their hierarchy. He told me that I should take it as a compliment. He said, "They are afraid of you and your stuff, that's all. That is why they retaliated in order to protect what is left with them."

International Deaf leather & Deaf Bears/Cubs: I have no problem with these groups -- they are well-organized, reasonable, cordial, thoughtful and laid-back group of all. They had the common sense to follow the economy impulses and provide the necessary prices to meet its profits and entertain the participants/visitors of all ages/genders et al. I want to emphasize that I admire the IDL & DBCO organizations for its efforts. But certainly not with CMRA and RAD! Try to keep it separate -- don't try to mix it altogether.

I Am Amused: I was alerted by a close friend of mine who was annoyed that few members of CMRA found out that he was close bud with me and he paged him to question him of his association with me and that he should terminate his friendship with me. My friend responded back in kind via the pager: Fuck off! You do not know RT like I do.

What can I describe CMRA in general? Childish. Petty. Vicious. Bitter. Crybabies.

Total Destruction: I'm all for reforming the bylaws of Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf to improve its relationship between the RAD organization and its chapters across the nation as well its approach with Deaf GLBTIQ in general. So much is very appalling and disgusting. Why do you think NWRAD decided to break the ties with RAD? More and more chapters need to stand up and tell the national organization, RAD, to reform to meet the interests of Deaf GLBTIQ, not for their own interests!

If they refused to reform and change the way they acted, it is time to implode the organization as whole and establish a new, centralized and democractic organization that served the best interests of Deaf GLBTIQ in general.

As soon as I get things together to sue the organization(s) as well as four persons, I am hoping that the other chapters can scramble and join a new organization, abandoning the corrupted RAD in the process.

In the last 30 years, RAD has not done such a progress in the best interests of Deaf GLBTIQ! Name one! I dare you to name one! I dare you to list them! Because there are NONE.

Did you notice that when a host organization hosted the RAD Conference then the next year around, these organizations went bankrupt or did not make a profit, thus its chapters folded in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Montreal (they revived back) and Seattle (was left with small profit enough to even the defict!). What was the RAD's response to this? "Tough shit", that is what they did.

Enough is enough. Somebody has to stand up and take the shots at the fucked-up organization for what it is all about. NWRAD did by cutting the ties with RAD. The new organization, ORAD, in Canada is fresh and new, I am hopeful about that -- but I am bit cautious that the RAD will abuse it to its advantages.

I'm all for meaningful dialogues on this subject, but the whole point is that RAD refused to have one. They just accused, bickered and set up its shield when people questioned them of their goals/antics. They needed to reform big-time to get with the program ... or get dust away.

When they cried that I exploited them on my blogsite for the world to see, they decided to issue false information to get me in trouble with the security officers (death threats!) which I was cleared -- it goes on to prove that they are afraid of me. I had been only to one RAD Conference, organized by the best -- NWRAD, in my lifetime but I can see how corruptive RAD were to the members of NWRAD -- that was four years ago.

So I attempted to register with courtesy, manners and all that, I expected some kind of backlashes regarding the comments I issued on the blogsite. But what they did was appalling and despicable. It sends the message that they are truly afraid of me and my comments on this blogsite that thousands of people read each week. of course, it killed them to know that I wield such power to enforce them to improve itself or be destroyed.

Reform or face the total destruction. In the last 30 years, the annual membership of RAD is appallingly low in 400s. They could easily attract more than 5,000 or so. But they chose to retaliate everyone else in the process. Improve by reforming or face the total destruction.

I think I already said my piece, folks.

I'm out for the day.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Aww! Fuck RAD Crybabies

Last night, I went out to dine with Travis and Irvine, had many good, hearty laughs about almost everything else. Including the old geezers with the RAD Board -- it is no secret that many of us have our own disdain for Bob Donaldson, Barbara Hathaway, Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake -- I mean, just take a good look at them. They are rather scary and old farts to start with. So bitter, so angry, so retarded!

It is no secret that what helped me tremendeously is the video feed that I enjoyed watching in the security office. It is quite a blessing that everyone else used ASL because it is much easier to read and follow the conversations of ones that backstabbed me. I got a lot of support via emails who urged me to do something about the old geezers.

I went to DuPont Circle as scheduled to meet old friends whom I was delighted to see: Mikey and Toby for a short time. Then I headed off to Cobalt to meet Rico, my close bud from The Netherlands. It was good to see Rico! We had a thousand and one of heavy guffaws.

I was delighted to see many faces at Cobalt who abandoned the RAD's ballyhooed party, Flamingo Ball for Cobalt -- among them are: Ricky, Casey, Wade, Lars, Duva, Wittig, Lee, Masa, Kettering, Todd and many more whom I cannot really remember their names. Many expressed their disdain at the antics the RAD Board has done on me.

It was nice to be surrounded by true friends. One friend remarked that many people were very upset at RAD for many reasons including their antics on me. In fact, one person confided in me that he was appalled that RAD Board members snickered like children when the security officers escorted me out -- he was appalled to a point where he approached Bill and told him to act his own age. Of course, my friend, Bill does not act like 70s, he acted like 5.

I introduced Rico to the legendary figures whom I am quite fond of: Ricky, Wade and Casey. Let's say, we had a blast time.

I was bit sad to let Rico go when we split in our cabs because he's heading off to Kansas today and to Argentina (!) afterwards. I promised Rico that it is my turn to head off to The Netherlands within a year. I swear, Rico. I promise, okay?

The sun rose across the dampy District of Columbia, it is a new day. I'm out to have a dinner with two secretive friends then I shall be at HALO Bar to act as the Hostess(es) of Deaf GLBTIQ gathering.

Hope to see you all.



Tuesday, July 19, 2005

RAD & CMRA Did This!

It did not surprise me at all. In fact, I expected this. I heard the rumors that the RAD Board and the CMRA Committee planned to ban me from registering at the conference.

But what they did was despicable.

I have the necessary information in order to register at the conference. If they do not want to permit me to register, then by all means, I reserve the right to mingle with the peers in the hotel. But guess what they did? They told a lie to the Hotel Security that I made several threats on RAD Board Members and CMRA Committee!

I was apprehended by the Hotel Security and was escorted to their office where they told me that Bob Donaldson, Barbara Hathaway, Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake claiming that I threatened them with death via my blogsite.

I pulled up the blogsite to prove that it is not true. I also followed up on all information which the security officers realized that these guys wanted to punish me because I criticized their progress with the conference. They apologized profusely and in the process, called Bob Donaldson to notify him that I never issued a death threat and that they cannot tell the hotel to ban me from mingling in the hotel with my friends.

Apparently, Bob Donaldson retracted the words about "death threats" and requested that I do not register at all. I gracefully accepted this and I told the security officers that in addition to the registration, I shall voluntarily leave the hotel because I do not want to deal with people who wanted to control the organization undemocratically.

In fact, one officer wrote on a note which I have it with me, it reads: "They should not ban you just because they do not like your comments about themselves. But it is their wish. Even I agreed with you, just screw it."

It was not surprising that it turned out like this -- in fact, the RAD Board and CMRA Board should expect something very soon from me -- I'm going to sue them in the court. Why? Defamation of character by telling a lie to the hotel that I made death threats, especially in the age of terrorism in the nation's capitol -- that is despicable and childish ploy on their part in order to discredit me.

In fact, when I criticized their progress in handling with the conference planning stages two months ago, I got a lot of emails who agreed with me but were afraid to speak out because the RAD Board and CMRA Committees retaliated against the peers. I took this as a way to sacrifice myself for the good of Deaf lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

I guess, you all can see how corrupted the organization(s) can be at this point. They are not democractic by any means, it is totalitarianism, ruled by chosen few. When I stood up for something that is questionable at its best, they chose to attack me in an appalling manner.

You know, when I was sitting in the security office, joked with the security officers and MPD officers who laughed and snickered after reading my blog entries about RAD Conference, I turned to watch the circuit video feeds on 16 TV-sets -- I saw David Anderson and Chris Brawner talking in a hallway, David asked Chris if it is done? Chris smiled and said, "YES! RT was taken away!" David snickered and chatted with Chris. Chris, you're pitiful character who claimed to have a boyfriend -- but actually only an imaginary one -- that's why you amount to nothing. You're more than 45 years old and yet, you're still behaving like a child!

David Anderson, your excitement did not surprise me at all. In fact, I suspected it all long. Thanks to the circuit videos, I saw it all. At least, I know the true colors -- I hope that people will see what kind of person you can be, especially when you are not stoned all the time.

Bill Terrell looked very aged. Which is good. All I can say at this point, I am hoping that his age catches up with him in time for the best interests of Deaf GLBTIQ in general. He is corruptive along wtih Bob Donaldson.



Tuesday the 19th

In few minutes, I'll head off to Grand Hyatt Hotel and will come back home as late as can be. I do not know whether if RAD 2005 Conference will be successful or a flop -- I'm hoping for the best but I cannot vouch for it.

It'll be nice to see old friends -- I already did last night with few ones on the campus. Among the fellas that I saw walking around on the campus: Dorian Yanke. One word: Ew.

On another subject, a friend and I discussed about my sex life last night. I told her that it seemed to me that in 9 years between 20 to 29, I rarely have sex. But after I turned 30, I already scored many persons, surpassed the numbers that I did between 20 to 29! And I'm only 31! So in other words, I like being thirtysomething in that decade.

Time to go and cause drama.

Confidential to Adrian: Thanks so much. Love you lots!


Bitch Session VIII

Disclaimer: This was written by many readers. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.



* * *

Cody Hanes is an 8 year old with a very angry fagina.

Katie Roberts - stop going through other people in order to get yourself invited to events or gatherings. Contact that person directly yourself or get to know that person on an acquaintance level. You have so much to offer. Refraining from resorting to secondhand invitations and contacts would help you and your social life.

EEEK! Bill Terrell was Miss RAD?! What drugs did the Judges do?!

Melissa March - you SUCK!

Snorting Meth does not make you hot or sexy, AJ! That's why you got boil infection and all that nasty look you have on your face and teeth -- you are slowly killing yourself at 21! You're not cute anymore. You're just so an eyesore for us to watch at!

Spring Ridge in Frederick is so overrated. Trust me, I know. I learned the hard way.

What is it with you, MARRIED men? "til death do us apart" does that mean something to you married men? I caught a married man planning a night going to hotel with a woman behind his wife and denies it! GROW UP YOU ALL. You got married, STICK TO THE VOWS!! "Once you cheated, you are bound to cheat again" Geez!

Melissa has a great taste in fashion and accessories. I always look forward to see what she is wearing. It shows her happiness from the inside out, and she presents well.

Steve Farmer in Knoxville, do not proselytize your religion at TSD!

Mark - please stop drinking too much. You are turning into an alcoholic.

David Simmons is hot as he aged a little. But smoking negated everything else. As usual.

Jade - Your films rock! You will make it big someday for sure. Shame to those in the deaf community who are crabs and try to pull her down instead of supporting a fellow deaf filmmaker who is accomplished and on her way to the top.

RT fucked someone else in a sling? True biz, I understand why Hell froze last weekend.

Mazel tov and L'chaim to your sweet precious daughter's naming ceremony, Shane & Julie.

Shame on you interpreters who prey on deaf consumers for sex and use your jobs as ways to meet people to fuck. Stick with socializing in the deaf community to meet people for sex.

Gee whiz! Bill Terrell posted the fucking informatino on workshops and exhibits FOUR DAYS before the conference starts. What a smart move, dumbfuck!

Prez Bush is one fucked-up piece of shit who cannot lead the country. He claims to be a Christian. God will make the final judgement. In the Bible, it is stated that good and bad seeds are sown together, and it is not up to us to oppress or judge others. Don't fight evil with evil. Prez Bush did this by invading Iraq and using our soldiers needlessly to "fight the war on terrorism." Please read the Bible, Bush, for better guidance and decision-making if you are to use your faith as a source of guidance in decision-making as the President of the United States of America.

Kaybee is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor and good head on her shoulder.

Dawn Seremeth.....get a life!! Nobody likes you because you are one lying bitch. You think you are all cant play softball, flag football or any other sports for shit......I am glad Bobby left you!!

Tabitha Jacques is gorgeous and articulate. Not many women at Gallaudet can beat her in terms of intelligence, experience and looks. Way to go, Tabitha!

RAD Board & CMRA Committees: Follow Deaf Women United's example -- they posted all of their information in ADVANCE on the website. Of course, men thinks with their penises, dickwads.

Tsk tsk to all you men who have brains in your penises! Why cannot you control yourselves and your horniness? Y'all need a condom implant if you keep on fucking the way you have been. Yes, the condom implant would have a way to drain your yucky fluids. Fuck away, you testerone-driven sexual beasts!

Monday, July 18, 2005

7.18.05 Tidbits

Too Little, Too Late: RAD 2005 Conference will begin tomorrow morning at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Bill Terrell, RAD 2005 Chairman, finally distributed the list of workshops/presenters/exhibitors via the email distributiion list. I'll copy and paste for you to read it -- I personally thought it was unprofessional and pathetic way to post it up. It looks like it was done in a rush.

                                                     July 15, 2005



Hello Brothers and Sisters:


Wow!, what fascinating workshops we are having for RAD 2005 Conference. I encourage you all to attend any of the workshops.


Here is the list of workshop presenters and their topics:


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                    Eliza Greenwoo d                                     Wilson

                                               “Are You Gender-Queer?”


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                    Irvine Stewart                                           Roosevelt

                                               “Perspective on Diversity”


2:30 pm – 4:00 pm                    Philip Rubin                                               Cabin John

                                               “Palm Springs – Alternative Lifestyle

                                               For Deaf KGBT Adult Community?”


2:30 pm – 4:00 pm                    Debbie Fink                                              Arlington

                                               “What is the Breast Cancer Genetic



4:15 pm – 5:45 pm                    Special Interests Group (SIG)

                                               Deaf Senior Citizens                                 Constitution C

                                               Deaf Womyn                                             Constitution D

GLAD-EÂ Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Constitution E

GLOW,                                                       Wilson

Transgender                                              Roosevelt

IDL/IDBÂ Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Cabin John

_________________Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Arlington


Thursday, July 21, 2005


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                    Eric Eldtrich                                             Constitution C

                                               “Not Religion, Spiritulaity”



1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                    Eliza Greenwood                                      Constitution D

                                               “So, You Think You Can Make

                                               Some Deaf-Queer Art?”



2:30 pm – 4:00 pm                    Maria Herndenz/ Jim Maloney                  Constitution C

                                               “Deaf Perspective on the Gay Games

                                               VII, Chicago 2006”


2:30 pm – 4:00 pm                    Bryan Loyd                                            Constitution E

                                               “Let’s Welcome College LGBTIQ

Students to RAD. Now What?”


2:30 pm – 4:00 pm                    Phil Rubin                                               Wilson/Roosevelt

                                               “31 Flavors of Sex”


Friday, July 22, 2005


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                    Louis Schwarz                                         Constitution C

                                               “Step to Financial Security for

                                               Lesbian and Gay Couples”


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                    Rene Vargas (Youth Coordinator)             Constitution D

                                               “Come Out and Celebrate”


2:30 pm – 4:00 pm                    Sharon Duchesneau/Candace McCullough  Constitution C

                                               “Discussion Group on LGBT Parenting

                                               Issues: Open to Parents and Prospective



2:30 pm – 4:00 pm                    Bryan Lloyd/Steve Lovi                            Constitution E

                                               “What Me Worry? I am ALLY,

                                               True Business?”


1:00 pm – 4:00 pm                    IDL / IDB Meeting                                  Wilson/Roosevelt




Please note:Â Schedule is subject to change.



I look forward to seeing you all soon.

RADly yours,


Bill Terrell
RAD2005 Chairperson

Note: The errors that you just saw is not my own but Bill Terrell's shoddy job of delivering the message to the readers and RAD participants. Grand, is it?

Tyrone Giordano! Saw the picture of Tyrone sitting along with Sarah Jessica Parker and Craig T. Nelson, Diane Keaton and Luke Wilson in TIME Magazine, July 18, 2005, page 81. Ty certainly is going somewhere else.

Be Amused Or Not To Be Amused? I was riding on the Amtrak train to Washington, DC today. I stumbled upon an article about Denis Leahy's life. It was mentioned that Denis, like me, gets off on using f-bombs in conversations, mainly because he grew up hanging out at a corner in Worcester, Massachusetts where he learned the art of shooting people down with rapid manner of words in the process. Just like me. He mentioned that he used to be annoyed by people doing pitiful things to each other, but he is learning how to turn from being annoyed into being amused with their antics.

That is the exact turf that I'm in. I am amused by many others' antics. Had been, has been and always will be. Yes, I'll be annoyed at one point but it quicky evolved into amusing mode for me. Why? Because they are pathetic.

I Was Amused. Today, I stopped by the RA office to ask for a specific person. I can tell that this particular worker is gay. I mean, he is so gay. I smiled. He asked me where I came from today? I said, "Philadelphia." He smiled and said, "Is that right Philadelphia is in Kentucky?"

I winced and said, "Are you kidding? Do you know where it is?"

He said he was not kidding.

I quickly muttered, "Wow, the quality of admission at Gallaudet fell. You are so twink."

He stood up and said, "What is a twink?"

I grinned and tried to explain, "Vain. You're vain. Obsessed with narcissism and infatuation."

He shrugged and said, "What is vain? Spell that two big words you just spelled?"

I muttered to myself, "My god."

I turned to tell him that I'm heading out to meet a certain person. He nodded as I left.

What a twink.


Hillside Hedonism

Jason, Gus and I were supposed to leave at 1 PM to get to Hillside Campgrounds for the Fantasy/Fetish Weekend. But circumstances delayed our departure until 5 PM. Then Gus drove to Gibson in two hours, averaged more than 90 MPH in a frantic effort to reach the campgrounds before the darkness sets for the night.

Much to my chagrin and horrors, Gus succeeded.

We met Josh and Rob at the site that we rented for the weekend. It was great to be back in Hillside after a long period of absence. I was bit apprehensive about being nude in front of friends -- others were not modest about it. But in time, I managed to be nude when I am at the site and in the swimming pool.

The first night, I was heavily buzzed. Hillside Campgrounds is situated on a hill where people made their tents on steep 45-degree hill. The swimming pool, cafe, dancing hall, the gathering place is in the bottom of the hill. Where I stayed? On the fucking top of the hill.

We joked that if I lived in Hillside, I'd be thin already with massive calves to prove it. However, I was buzzed -- walking down the hill with alcoholic beverage in the darkness can be a formidable challenge at times. I have horrible sense of balance, especially in the darkness. At one point, I went back to the site to get more drinks, then walked down -- I slipped on the damned gravel -- I managed to keep my drink unspilled, but ended up getting scratches on my left calf. Act like a true Alcoholic -- more concerned about the drink than the body, do I?

I love to watch people -- Hillside is filled with men who came to the campgrounds for one purpose: To score. I got to sit on the hill just above the bonfire & Rec Hall where people mingled, danced and flirted. I VEE-VEE'ed excessively, along with Jason and Gus. We kept on snickering too many times at how men approached each other. Some would go to the back of the Rec Hall's building to ... play in the dark.

Not my thing. Totally creepy and unsafe. Ahh, someone converted their porch into a place where men comes in to play. There was a sling (Note: Link Not Work Safe!) in action -- I personally saw the sling equipment before but it was the first time that I get to see it in action.

The next day, I get to swim in the pool ... naked along with many men. I liked to swim naked but I feel that the pool was too cruisy for my taste -- eyes were hugely fixed on each other. You can see the lust among 'em. There is this 45-acre play area where you can see men doing stuff in front of others. I recently told a friend of mine that I feel the pool is like a pond for frogs where guys croaked and moved over when it is time for a change. That's it.

My friends and I noticed something repeatedly throughout the weekend -- so many men are into bareback sex. You can see the attitude that it is a matter of one's choice, people made it clear that it is their choice to bareback, despite the dangers -- I think it is complacency and the attitude amongst gay men that the virus is now "manageable chronic illness" like Andrew Sullivan wanted it to be. Andrew Sullivan wanted the attitudes on HIV to be akin to the ones that has diabetes -- not to stigmatize the virus but to make it manageable as can be. Only it is not.

On Saturday evening, I met a charming fella named Amos who bluntly told me that I am hot. I was set back by his comments and was flattered. He has a boyfriend who does not mind if he makes out with me -- he asked if he could kiss me. I told him he can if he wants to. Then he smothered me all over on the hill just above the bonfire for the world to see. Yeah, Greg was there. One thing led to the other, my friends and I were invited by Amos and Greg for afterhours party.

My friends and I managed to get few tablets of methylenedioxymethamphetamine then headed back to our site to get ready for the roll. It was powerful ... I was the first one of 4 that hits on a roll which lasted for several hours.

Later, throughout the campground, I get to 'observe but do not interfere in the midst of a heavy roll' -- let's say, there were lots of hedonistic activities all over the place. I headed up the hill to a private party that we were invited -- we were rolling so bad that I kept on grinning throughout the night. Made new friends, groped some hot guys, got groped by some as well. Blew someone else. Someone gave me a great blowjob. Fucked someone else. Yes, there! Amos and Greg were simply cool dudes -- I get to meet some interesting people (they are all hearing ones!). It was such an amazing experience for me. Of course, I aim to be safe in this kind of environment.

Oh, yeah, I get to fuck someone in a sling for the first time ever. And I like it.

I think the weekend would not be so great if not for Amos and Greg's assertive and invitation. All of us admitted that if not for Amos, it'd be rather downright boring as can be.

I think I'll go back again ... someday.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Republican Jihad on the American Voting Process

Guestblogger: McFly with Ridor

In the June 2005 article of The Sun, Crimes Against Democracy, Jim Guinness interviews author Thom Hartmann. Multi-talented Hartmann is an author of 14 books, including What Would Jefferson Do? and We the People: A Call to Take Back America. This interview left half of our brain matter on the walls. CSI was not successful in collecting all of our brain matter.

Hartmann grew up in a working class, conservative community in Lansing, Michigan. As a 13 year old boy, he campaigned door-to-door for the Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

Basically, this interview discusses voting irregularities in this country. Guinness asked Hartmann if he agreed with a number of, apparently, unbiased commentators who reported that the polls do not work. Hartmann nodded and said for more than 50 years, the polls have been 'fine-tuned'.

Hartmann went on to say there are aggressive disinformation machines in this country; right wing talk radio shows, the Murdoch media empire, the Moonie media of The Washington Times, United Press International and right-wing think tanks as well as the mainstream media that are fighting for survival?who holds the strings and the puppets? Republican owned Congress.

Voting machines/booths are designed, and operated by private corporations. These very companies mentioned that we as democratic voters, do not have the right (despite our constitution being founded on the principal of rights) to question or investigate how their computers program the voting process. In a nutshell, there is no proof to see whether if one votes for Cindy goes for Cindy-Does-Dallas, not McCock.

Who in their right of mind approved these private companies to molest the voting system? Our esteemed government approved the privatization of the voting system. Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave and upsetting the dirt.

Does this raise an alarm among Americans. Only 'certain' Americans.

Is this new? Not really. This has been an ongoing situation for the past 15 years to the point that Hartmann was deeply unsettled over the fact there is no concrete paper trail in the voting process. You can hack the system and alter the votes to fool the mass. No amount of Preparation-H is going to soothe this nasty rash.

Moving on...

Guinness asked if these private companies that are operated the voting machines are affiliated with Republicans. Hartmann responded, "not all of them, but certain high-visibility ones are." He cited one Republican Congressman Check Hagel, who ran a company that handles the voting machines. Hagel wont 83% of the vote which is unheard of in 2002. Oy vey.

Something stinks high heaven here. Republicans has the need to control not only through the media but with the voting machines and through the government, in turn successfully manipulating the mass to do their biddings.

For years, FDR (for those who were stoned during history class, Franklin Delano Roosevelt) knew he had to do something to empower the middle class out of its poverty by giving them leeway to unionize and set up social security. Today, the Bush Administration wants to water down the laws that strengthened the nation; weakening Social Security, trampling on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and quietly disabling the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the Wagner Act of 1935. Honest man Karl Rove has publicity admired the McKinley Administration which was known for neglecting the working class, leaving them to mire in a quicksand. Hartmann: "The conservative agenda is about creating a similar, desperate, terrified, powerless, politically impotent working class that won't put up much of a fight and don?t have the time to become educated about politics."

Ho-hum, really!? *rimshot*

Hartmann: "Over the last twenty-five years, the conservatives have pulled off one of the greatest con jobs in the history of the United States. They?ve done it very methodically, with their money and their think tanks and their right wing talk radio machines."

In a different publication, we uncovered an interview with John Brakey, member of Americans United for Democracy Integrity & Transparency in Elections & Media. Brakey admits he was a Democratic Party poll watcher (in Pima County, Arizona) and was escorted from his own precinct. Brakey has stacks of election documents in which he has entered all of the data into a computer that allows him to track the voters. Brakey: "The county looks at numbers, but I looked at names. No way this was a gross error."

Guess what boys and girls!? The names and numbers didn't match and were not consistent!

To ensure an unbiased perspective, Brakey contacted David Griscom, an employee of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. Reviewing the precinct results, Griscom found the statistics and data to be consistent with Brakey's suspicions. There were four Republicans and three Democrats working at the polling place.

Griscom insisted there was fraud after trying to mathematically reconstruct what had occurred at the polling place. Griscom: "I think the poll workers arbitrarily picked some innocent people and were in cahoots with other voters." Griscom states, "It was methodically planned out. But if it was a gross error, we have a pretty bad system, and your vote is a joke."

This crooked voting process has destroyed one of the most ancient and fundamental rights of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence, habeas corpus, which requires, in the words of the Magna Carta, of 1215, that "no free man shall be taken or imprisoned..except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land."

We are prisoners and hostages of the Republican machine and the Republican jihad. The American lesson remains the same: We decide, you obey.

Just Arrived Home

Just got home from the weekend at Hillside Campgrounds. I shall share the experiences that I had at that hedonistic place. That is, right after, I take a long bath. I'll leave this particular strip for you to imagine what had transpired at Hillside. Note: Click on the image to enlarge the strip so that you can read what I wrote.

Suffice to say, I'll blog as soon as I am done with the bath. I have lots of stuff to blog tonight. Here are few tidbits for the readers to read:

Bitch Session VIII: Want to bitch or compliment someone else, something or whatever is on your mind? Email me at and I shall remove the name and email address then publish your comments for the world to read and laugh. The deadline is tomorrow night at midnight.

A Quote from McFly: Life is a comedy for those think...a tragedy for those who feel. -Jean de la Bruyère

Best Quote Out of Men's Restroom at Flying J's in Gibson, PA: On the wall next to the toilet papers, it reads: Turban Service Center

Double Jeers to Mark R. Downs, Jr.: Check the link for Mark's attempt to bribe $25 to another player to harm his teammate who is mentally disabled just to keep him off the team. Shameful.

405 The Movie: This was my favorite ifilm a long time ago, I used to show this to my friends when I worked in the computer lab at Gallaudet some years ago. Enjoy this.


Friday, July 15, 2005

One More ...

Note: You can press on the image for close-up.

I am bored. I cannot sleep. It is very late. I found this in a box a while ago. Nobody knew why I liked this picture. In fact, the picture is bit shitty to start with -- it is because I copied from a microfilm. Then today, I used the scanner to copy the image from the paper -- evidently, the picture is not great.

Basically, the picture has been darkened more when I scanned it -- so some vital areas has been somewhat absent. If you look at LEE's #14, Sarah Mackey's shirt, it is evidently that she was knocked a bit by WHS's #20, Heidi Diefenthaler who raced in for a layup -- you could see Sarah's uniform in the air -- in fact, her bellybutton was exposed for the world to see as she stepped backward a little. Her response to the shoving off can be duly noted on her face.

Stuff like that, I like it. I noticed that women's basketball players tend to show facial expressions more than men's. Men tends to play with dead or macho looks. Totally uninterested for me to scope out the images and so on.

There are many images that made me compare things with my life. This could be one of them -- my life is full of obstacles, sometimes I got shoved by others and I reacted with my facial expression, just like Sarah Mackey did in this picture. But I did not expose my bellybutton, though. That would be hideous, right?



Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hillside Campgrounds

Three years ago, Jason and Gus invited me to visit the gay all-male campground in Gibson, Pennsylvania called Hillside Campgrounds. Ironically, Gibson, Pennsylvania is the backyard of Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)'s country.

I was completely blown away by the campground. It is different from any ordinary campground -- you know the cliche, gay men knew how to make anything desirable and suitable for one to come back. They did it very well at Hillside.

There are few places that your eyes would pop out after checking it out -- I recalled Gus telling me to go behind the dance hall/cafe for some activity. Indeed, my eyes popped out. There is a "secure and safe" area of more than 45-acres for men to "play", if you get the drift. Ugh. Not my thing.

OH, yeah, did I mention that this campgrounds is clothing optional? With gay men, when it comes with "clothing optional", there are activities that I seemed to enjoy being voyeuristic more than participate.

One time, Jason told me to look at this guy who was walking by our site, I saw him -- he was in his 50s or so. Jason shook me and said to LOOK CAREFULLY. I stared again -- at first, I thought he was wearing clothes. But he was not. He had his whole body tattooed from his neck to his feet. A major turn-off.

After leaving Hillside Campgrounds, I was impressed with the facility and all that stuff. I'm talking about the location, the service and the stuff -- they are certainly impressive. But men, that is another story, really. It has been a while since I get back to Gibson for another weekend of camping.

Jason and Gus told me that this weekend, we are off to Hillside. Gus gave me his infamous evil grin, "Guess what the theme is this weekend?!"

I checked the Hillside information sheet -- it reads:
July 15-16: Fantasy / Fetish Weekend #1: Live out your fantasies on this special "excuse" weekend. Explore your fantasies in our unique 45-acre "play area."



7.14.05 Tidbits

Culture of Life: Republicans, Xians and Conservatives maintained that their culture of life is being threatened by gays. I guess, this justified the murder, in their views. Come to think of this -- please try to place yourself in this murderer's position -- it is obvious that living in the environment where it is not good to be gay, the murderer turned on this unfortunate person and in the process, terminated his life. When I said "environment", I mean that being surrounded by hateful people like Republicans, Conservatives and Xians -- it encouraged people to do what is possible to harm a human being in order to conform to the society's ills. Ain't life great? Again, this is Jeb Bush's Country, what do I expect? Next!

Another Reason Not To Have Kids: More and more of my friends are either pregnant, breastfeeding or raising the kids. It is inevitable, though. I'm 31. I am expected to deal with my friends that already conform to the society's expectations -- GET PREGNANT! I knew of two ladies who asked me to "donate" -- I do not mind donating but raising one? Nah. I'm not good at it, never had, never has and never will. Like I told a friend of mine earlier, I can tolerate taking care of a kid for few hours, after that -- it is already in the garbage can. This article is another reason for me not to have kids at all.

This Is Bullshit! I grew up in The South where between mid-July through mid-November, I get to enjoy the treatments of hurricanes plowing through the South repeatedly. Media made it sound horrible as it is not. It takes common sense to weather the violent storm, simply put. When I grew up, when the hurricanes plowed the area, no oil prices were raised. Now the oil prices fluctuate based on the hurricanes' impact on the South -- that is rubbish. I am willing to bet that the oil companies wanted to capitalize the opportunity to raise the prices when the hurricanes comes their way -- then they can say, "It was their fault!" For years, the oil prices were not affected by hurricanes, now they do. Why? Spare me the excuses -- I know it is an opportunity for powerful companies to control the mass. Shameful.

A Woman Dreamed Of Being Man: Very weird.

Something Is Wrong With Capitalism: Look at this. Enron ripped a lot of people's lives. Enron ripped lots of people's money in California when they went on Energy Blackouts in order to hijack the prices. Then it was discovered that many excecutives amongst the company lavished upon themselves on greed. They inflated, cooked and decorated the accounting books to deceive lots of people. Suffice to say, the executives were purged. Many are still waiting to face the punishments in the courts. It is interesting to note that Martha Stewart, as a female, lied about the stocks, she was swiftly defiled, prosecuted and jailed in a short time.

And why is Kenneth Lay not in the prison? Why is Fastow still out? Why is Skillings still hanging out? Don't tell me that the Courts are still in session -- they are overdue for a long sentence in the prisons where they'll have to bend down for others to fuck them in the asses! Because they are caucasian men, it will take *years* to imprison them. How wonderful is it?

Oh, By The Way ... I had been cruising some Xanga links. There is no person that I came across as one of the most retarded blogsites ever ... his name is Ben Stromme -- after talking with some fellas from RIT where he attended, people said that Ben is "weird", "a guy to avoid as much as you can!" -- either way, that guy needs to be committed in a state hospital along with few others that I thought should be in.

We Are Not Afraid: On ABCNEWS' World News Tonight, it mentioned a website which touched the human spirit. I saw that particular website about a day after the London Blasts. I thought it was nice. I thought it was great that a website got mentioned on the national news. If you are curious about what the website is all about. Enjoy this link.

And to read that the Chairman of Enron Corp, John Ray III, will get 1 million dollars raise from $200K to $1.2 million dollars. Is it necessary? No. Many people can live on $200K per year. Enron damaged itself, let it remain damaged -- don't increase the pay raise. It was the workforce that makes the CEOs look good -- and the CEOs harvested the millions for themselves and left sparse money for the workforce -- obviously, something is wrong with capitalism.

Can You Identify Who Said This Quote? "Christianity is a religion for losers." This was a quote that was uttered by this person which pissed many nutty Xians out there. Can anyone guess who said it in 1980s?


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Let's Run Back to ... 1990!

15 years ago. The Summer of 1990 altered the way I live my life. It was the summer that made me leap to the "national level" from the "local level" in terms of knowing who's who. In other words, gossip about people. Never mind, I still blamed the state of Oregon for activating my dormant allergies in 1990 which still drives me nuts from time to time.

Today, I can find information about what's happening with my friends, acquaintenances and enemies in Melbourne, London, Seattle, Los Angeles and Johannesburg, really. Of course, I exaggerate but that is not the issue here. The point is that this summer was the first time I realized that there is life outside of Virginia. And ever since, I was not able to close things out on my own. People just fed me tidbits -- perhaps in hoping to see that I'll blab about it in retaliation. Sometimes I did. Sometimes I did not care.

What influenced me the most during the Summer of 1990? Youth Leadership Camp.

There were so many instances that shook the foundations of my mind and soul during my stay at YLC' 90 in Stayton, Oregon.

I learned that you could hate a person with a passion -- thanks a lot, Mike Anderson.

I learned that you can make fun of people using derogatory signs, thanks to Adele Ann Eberwein.

I learned that you can laugh at people's misery and get away with it, thanks to Len Gonzales.

I learned that you can lie your way out and play along with it, thanks to Earl Parks and Kimberly Spurgis.

I learned that you can set up your own clique among the group which is ridiculous to start with, thanks to Lucy Wooten and Nola Schriver.

I learned that many leaders are not perfect, thanks to Tim Rarus and Hector Brual.

I learned that you can distort the fact and make it the "truth", thanks to Sean Virnig.

I learned that you can bullshit your way around just to get on the top of the world, thanks to Melissa Draganac.

Not all of my experiences in YLC '90 is bad, there are many good things -- but it seemed to me that many things that blew my mind away is about how people treated each other in order to elevate themselves. I see how they make fun of each other in very brutal manner. Shortly, they turned it on me. I licked my wounds -- I learned how to survive by retaliating.

But there are few good campers that I appreciated getting to know through the month at Stayton, Oregon -- Duane Kinner, Richie Moses, Kevin Souhrada, Jennifer Philips, Jaime Marshall, Ryan Reins, Heather Herzig and Wanda Riddle. For staff, they are Paula Ayers, Lisa Gonzales, Nancy Moore, George Boyd, Phyllis Brooks and Allen Hamilton. These staff are interesting, fun and easy for me to talk with during some difficult moments.

The rest of 'em are appalling to a point where I rarely talk to them after my stay in YLC. Maybe I'm from the South, I feel certain behaviors are to be duly noted. But when I first arrived and observed the behaviors, they pretty much shattered my illusion of how people should treat each other. I realized that it is up to people to decide whether if they want to shit on someone else or not.

Do I treasure my moments in YLC? Yes, of course. I would not trade it anyway. I was told by a certain Hatrak sister that the staff on '90 was one of the worst in the history of YLC. I was not even surprised. I was told by some campers who woke up in the middle of night and saw the staff running amok in the swimming pool ... drunk. Too bad, I was heavy sleeper back then. There are moments that I noticed something odd, I saw many kegs sitting behind the office. I smell alcoholic on some staff. Even worse, some 'good' staff warned some of us to steer clear of certain staff ones because they were "drunk" and "violent".

When I completed the month-long stay at YLC, I realized that I got the status quo. Once you attended YLC, many envied you. You are pretty much elevated to a level where people wished they went to YLC. To me, it was amusing and rather ... silly thing to hold the status quo.

This year is the first time that YLC came back to Stayton, Oregon after moving around the nation for a while. I heard that in the last few years, the YLC has strict guidelines to follow and of course, certain behaviors are not tolerated to a point where some staff and campers were expelled. That is good.

Too bad, I was pretty blown away back then. So you saw how I can be abrasive, rude, hilarious and all that words you wanted to describe me, YLC helped me with that.


A Message for Toronto

Image hosted by

On another note, is Panasuik good at this?!


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Remember The Tattoo?

After swimming at someone's pool, I get to revamp my bedroom -- for a while, it has been somewhat an eyesore for the time being. So I decided to fix things up as much as can be.

Of course, when you fix things up in your bedroom, you are bound to find some stuff that you thought you'd find things that might amuse you a little. It is no secret that I have a photo album devoted only to postcards all over the world. Just postcards.

I also have a photo album devoted to newspaper clippings that I liked -- none related ot me.

I also have shoeboxes that are filled with old newspaper clippings related to me, photographs related to me and my friends and friends. Basically, it is junk. Sentimental value but nonetheless, it is still junk.

I found this hidden in a box -- I thought it is appropriate that I write the entry to compare the tattoo on my left calf that I mentioned last month on this blog with the original artwork, done by Stuart Immonen.

If you look carefully at both pictures, you'll see that the artwork does not have the statue's left hand whereas my tattoo does -- it is because I asked Roger Desmarais to improvise and add it for my tattoo. Not bad, eh?