Saturday, July 23, 2005


Bitch Session's Disclaimer: Must I repeat what it is all about? It was written by MANY PEOPLE who sent the comments to me. Then I copied and pasted the comments on the entry. After that, I deleted the emails. I do not know nor remember whose comments it came from. So drop the threatening antics on me in person and via emails. It is so old. And so far, confidentiality has not been breached.

RAD's Mess: I was told by a certain lecturer for a certain workshop at RAD Conference that the Committee has done an appalling of organizing everything else. In fact, one person said the CMRA has the gall to ask the person to give a workshop for free. Not only that, no gift for such a generous effort and time to host one. Goes on to say how good they plan this conference. Does not surprise me at all. In fact, I expect that RAD and CMRA intends to inflate the numbers of RAD's participants in order to save their faces.

Manny As Missy Taken in RAD Pageant: As expected, Missy Taken plowed through and grabbed the crown of Miss RAD 2005. I hope they change the name to Miss Deaf Gay North America, not Miss RAD -- that is so retard, is it?

Domino Effect: I am constantly in touch with many people who bribed me information about the RAD mess for me to blog. If not for them, this would not be possible. I was appalled to learn that some committee went around and asked some people if they are friends with me -- when they say 'yes', the folks insisted that my friends terminate the association wtih me. Childish? Of course. For Barbara Hathaway, Chris Brawner, Bill Terrell, Timo Worthylake, Ricky Drake, Karen Rosenthal and Bob Donaldson, it is just another day of bickering comments about me. In fact, my presence makes them nervous.

Incendiary Threat? I was alarmed to learn the exact information about the accusation levied upon me by the RAD Board and CMRA Committee. They said that I had an "incendiary threat" on RAD Conference! Incendiary means what? A firebomb. Is this ridiculous idea of their attempts to discredit me? This goes on to prove that they are so desperate to do something about me because I exploited their corruptions.

A Plan For National Organization? Last night, I had a good discussion with 4 friends of mine and we are going to work on a plan to set up the national organization that caters to Deaf GLBTIQ's needs -- this time, this organization should focus on the well-beings of an individual's needs which the RAD has consistently, for the last 30 years, failed miserably. This organization is not going to compete against RAD -- why should we? We are going to be better than them, one way or other. Stay tuned for further information.

Blog-ebrity: Yes, few people hated me. They are merely misguided retards to start with. Do I care about 'em? No. I noticed something interesting when I'm on the campus at Gallaudet, for one person who said s/he hated my blogsite, 5 persons already told me they loved it. So you can see ... the numbers multiplied. I was humbled to learn that many professionals and professors in this university has been following my blog on a consistent manner. In fact, I asked a friend of mine to watch out when I approached one staff just to say hello. The person was quick to mention that she reads my blog everyday with a smirk on her face. I turned to my friend who snickered. Such a life for a blog-ebrity. Thanks for reading my blog, enjoy your stay.

And always remember this: I write the way I think, not as what you wanted me to.


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