Wednesday, July 06, 2005

506 L Street, NE

Last Saturday morning on my way to see the Newmans, I walked by the bright-but-dull blue-colored house with 506 imprinted on the mid-roof just above the porch. A lot of flashbacks.

kaybee, Perlis, defBef, Dylan, Jake, Wil, Otis, Tammy, Chanda, Nathan, Erik, Manny, Boucher, Casler, Wilkinson and many more.

My first 'Shroom trip occurred in that place. The drunkard Youens, in her bizarre sense, decided she wanted to sit on my birthday cake which was made by Patti Raswant when I was tripping on 'Shroom.

I remembered Erik complaining to me that he has to endure watching the "ENON BAPTIST CHURCH" right across the street from his bedroom while he was getting fucked by a guy. He had no curtains.

I remembered Manny decorating his bedroom with tree limbs all over the ceiling. Creepy.

I remembered Chanda asking me to verify about something on Erik's sphincter.

I remembered Erik going berserk and destroy the coffeetable by picking it and toss it back on the floor, caused four legs to go out -- hysterical.

I remembered rubbing a guy's tummy when he was lying on the floor under the car (I could not see his face) -- I thought it was Wil whom has been tolerant of my antics, but this guy was not even Wil! I turned beet red.

I remembered so many instances, bad and good, out of this 506 L Street. I lived a block away from this on K street but I admitted that I frequented the place as much as can be.

Friends who were at 506 L Street, NE -- please do share your memories.



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