Friday, July 08, 2005

7.8.05 Tidbits

After London Blasts: Sadly, it is legal in capitalistic democracy. As long as people whined, they will do something about it. But if nobody whined, they will jack up the prices. It shall happen when all stores disappeared when Wal-Mart swallowed them up. It shall happen when the oil shortage begin.

After all, it is for the benefits of rich, not for everyone else.

Is Andrew Sullivan Idiot? He is not even American citizen. He had the gall to write articles and speak to us how to live our lives in this country. He did not surrender his British citizenship -- he needs to walk the walk, not talk the talk. Last time, I heard, if you're HIV positive, you cannot enter this country -- why is he here? Worst of all, he is a barebacker and he glorify the HIV virus -- I say, throw him back home and stay out of our American politics.

Hurricane Dennis: After bashing Gitmo Bay and the nation of Cuba, it is now walking in the open waters, plenty to choose the targets for Dennis. The fantasy is to steer Dennis northeast into Tampa to wreck that loony couple and its hideous children. But common sense has that it shall roll into the area between Pensacola, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana. I love the sign in Key West that reads, "Dennis, don't be a menace."

The anticipation and to weather the violent storm and to sort things out in the end is what I aim to live for. Hurricanes are destructive storms but it has enormous benefits for the region, rains, winds and clean up the humidity for days at a time. It makes our soil soft and fertile enough.

Come home, Dennis. Let's kick some ass.

DowntownLad, I Wanna CheckMark That One! Check this out. Absolutely cool. Wittig, you have to find this out in Paris when you're there and share this with the readers!


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