Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Message To Folks Who Did This to London

Who the fuck do you think you are, folks?

This is London. A town that has been up and running for the last 2,000 years. It has been attacked by many groups including Germany's Nazis and Irish Republican Army and guess what? London still runs today.

London does not shoot back, when someone bombed them, the people became determined and resolve to deal with it.

I do not care who did it -- some accused the Al-Qaeda, some accused the others -- bombing on London and its people never work. Look at the history of London -- it always wins. It will lick its wounds and come out on the top -- as always.

Londoners, drink some for me at these pubs. And party hard -- pile the damned alcohol in yourselves. After all, this is London!

That is why I loved London.

Oh, yeah, this may be a turning point for all of us. If the bombings are perpetuated by Al-Qaeda, you can bet that the Britons will find Osama Bin Laden in a swift manner whereas the Bush Administration and the United Statea Armed Forces cannot find him. The Britons do not like unfinished businesses, they finish it ... fast and effectively. Unlike us.


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