Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nicolae Carpathia

Damn Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye for doing a shitty job on Desceration and The Remnant. They have yet to make Nicolae Carpathia, as the Devil Incarnate, to terrify the people with his wondrous powers that God permitted him to have during the 7-year tribulations.

He *still* needs the gun to kill people. If I was the Devil Incarnate, I'd use my supernatural powers to slay people. Common sense dictates that you do not *use* handguns to terminate people. It is so low class to use the guns.

And when people got their heads chopped off, Nicolae acted like a sinister child guffawing at it. Lucifer Morningstar would not do that. He used to be the angel, for God's sake! He has the class. He is supposed to be cunning, beautiful, sly, evil but not like a fucking petty child who whined when the seas turned into blood!

C'mon, Lucifer Morningstar, also known as Satan, was God's first and trusted angel until he questioned God's position and fell out of His favor. From there, he knew the prophecies, and it is his job to fuck it up and ruin God's plans, using whatever is necessary -- but using people's guns, missiles and bombs to kill others? What a rip-off.

When the missile hits Petra and suddenly, a mile-long geyser of cold water exploded into the sky, Nicolae was horrified then became a drama queen. C'mon, that is not what Lucifer would have done, he would say in a calm but sinister tone, "So it is true, God ... perhaps, the next time, I shall make an incentive to ruin this." Nicolae *knew* the prophecies, it was his job to fuck up His Plan. But Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye managed to downplay the Antichrist's character into a petty prick who cannot rely on his cohorts to do a decent thing. Perhaps, both authors aspired to be the bona-fide Xians to a point where they cannot imagine what it is like to be evil. They should get in touch with ... me for further explanations in the darkness' common sense. Their loss!

I'm done with two books, up next is Armageddon and Glorious Appearing. Ain't this picture cool? I wish I could find a picture of me bowing a little with that sinister smile.



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