Thursday, July 14, 2005

7.14.05 Tidbits

Culture of Life: Republicans, Xians and Conservatives maintained that their culture of life is being threatened by gays. I guess, this justified the murder, in their views. Come to think of this -- please try to place yourself in this murderer's position -- it is obvious that living in the environment where it is not good to be gay, the murderer turned on this unfortunate person and in the process, terminated his life. When I said "environment", I mean that being surrounded by hateful people like Republicans, Conservatives and Xians -- it encouraged people to do what is possible to harm a human being in order to conform to the society's ills. Ain't life great? Again, this is Jeb Bush's Country, what do I expect? Next!

Another Reason Not To Have Kids: More and more of my friends are either pregnant, breastfeeding or raising the kids. It is inevitable, though. I'm 31. I am expected to deal with my friends that already conform to the society's expectations -- GET PREGNANT! I knew of two ladies who asked me to "donate" -- I do not mind donating but raising one? Nah. I'm not good at it, never had, never has and never will. Like I told a friend of mine earlier, I can tolerate taking care of a kid for few hours, after that -- it is already in the garbage can. This article is another reason for me not to have kids at all.

This Is Bullshit! I grew up in The South where between mid-July through mid-November, I get to enjoy the treatments of hurricanes plowing through the South repeatedly. Media made it sound horrible as it is not. It takes common sense to weather the violent storm, simply put. When I grew up, when the hurricanes plowed the area, no oil prices were raised. Now the oil prices fluctuate based on the hurricanes' impact on the South -- that is rubbish. I am willing to bet that the oil companies wanted to capitalize the opportunity to raise the prices when the hurricanes comes their way -- then they can say, "It was their fault!" For years, the oil prices were not affected by hurricanes, now they do. Why? Spare me the excuses -- I know it is an opportunity for powerful companies to control the mass. Shameful.

A Woman Dreamed Of Being Man: Very weird.

Something Is Wrong With Capitalism: Look at this. Enron ripped a lot of people's lives. Enron ripped lots of people's money in California when they went on Energy Blackouts in order to hijack the prices. Then it was discovered that many excecutives amongst the company lavished upon themselves on greed. They inflated, cooked and decorated the accounting books to deceive lots of people. Suffice to say, the executives were purged. Many are still waiting to face the punishments in the courts. It is interesting to note that Martha Stewart, as a female, lied about the stocks, she was swiftly defiled, prosecuted and jailed in a short time.

And why is Kenneth Lay not in the prison? Why is Fastow still out? Why is Skillings still hanging out? Don't tell me that the Courts are still in session -- they are overdue for a long sentence in the prisons where they'll have to bend down for others to fuck them in the asses! Because they are caucasian men, it will take *years* to imprison them. How wonderful is it?

Oh, By The Way ... I had been cruising some Xanga links. There is no person that I came across as one of the most retarded blogsites ever ... his name is Ben Stromme -- after talking with some fellas from RIT where he attended, people said that Ben is "weird", "a guy to avoid as much as you can!" -- either way, that guy needs to be committed in a state hospital along with few others that I thought should be in.

We Are Not Afraid: On ABCNEWS' World News Tonight, it mentioned a website which touched the human spirit. I saw that particular website about a day after the London Blasts. I thought it was nice. I thought it was great that a website got mentioned on the national news. If you are curious about what the website is all about. Enjoy this link.

And to read that the Chairman of Enron Corp, John Ray III, will get 1 million dollars raise from $200K to $1.2 million dollars. Is it necessary? No. Many people can live on $200K per year. Enron damaged itself, let it remain damaged -- don't increase the pay raise. It was the workforce that makes the CEOs look good -- and the CEOs harvested the millions for themselves and left sparse money for the workforce -- obviously, something is wrong with capitalism.

Can You Identify Who Said This Quote? "Christianity is a religion for losers." This was a quote that was uttered by this person which pissed many nutty Xians out there. Can anyone guess who said it in 1980s?


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