Tuesday, July 19, 2005

RAD & CMRA Did This!

It did not surprise me at all. In fact, I expected this. I heard the rumors that the RAD Board and the CMRA Committee planned to ban me from registering at the conference.

But what they did was despicable.

I have the necessary information in order to register at the conference. If they do not want to permit me to register, then by all means, I reserve the right to mingle with the peers in the hotel. But guess what they did? They told a lie to the Hotel Security that I made several threats on RAD Board Members and CMRA Committee!

I was apprehended by the Hotel Security and was escorted to their office where they told me that Bob Donaldson, Barbara Hathaway, Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake claiming that I threatened them with death via my blogsite.

I pulled up the blogsite to prove that it is not true. I also followed up on all information which the security officers realized that these guys wanted to punish me because I criticized their progress with the conference. They apologized profusely and in the process, called Bob Donaldson to notify him that I never issued a death threat and that they cannot tell the hotel to ban me from mingling in the hotel with my friends.

Apparently, Bob Donaldson retracted the words about "death threats" and requested that I do not register at all. I gracefully accepted this and I told the security officers that in addition to the registration, I shall voluntarily leave the hotel because I do not want to deal with people who wanted to control the organization undemocratically.

In fact, one officer wrote on a note which I have it with me, it reads: "They should not ban you just because they do not like your comments about themselves. But it is their wish. Even I agreed with you, just screw it."

It was not surprising that it turned out like this -- in fact, the RAD Board and CMRA Board should expect something very soon from me -- I'm going to sue them in the court. Why? Defamation of character by telling a lie to the hotel that I made death threats, especially in the age of terrorism in the nation's capitol -- that is despicable and childish ploy on their part in order to discredit me.

In fact, when I criticized their progress in handling with the conference planning stages two months ago, I got a lot of emails who agreed with me but were afraid to speak out because the RAD Board and CMRA Committees retaliated against the peers. I took this as a way to sacrifice myself for the good of Deaf lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

I guess, you all can see how corrupted the organization(s) can be at this point. They are not democractic by any means, it is totalitarianism, ruled by chosen few. When I stood up for something that is questionable at its best, they chose to attack me in an appalling manner.

You know, when I was sitting in the security office, joked with the security officers and MPD officers who laughed and snickered after reading my blog entries about RAD Conference, I turned to watch the circuit video feeds on 16 TV-sets -- I saw David Anderson and Chris Brawner talking in a hallway, David asked Chris if it is done? Chris smiled and said, "YES! RT was taken away!" David snickered and chatted with Chris. Chris, you're pitiful character who claimed to have a boyfriend -- but actually only an imaginary one -- that's why you amount to nothing. You're more than 45 years old and yet, you're still behaving like a child!

David Anderson, your excitement did not surprise me at all. In fact, I suspected it all long. Thanks to the circuit videos, I saw it all. At least, I know the true colors -- I hope that people will see what kind of person you can be, especially when you are not stoned all the time.

Bill Terrell looked very aged. Which is good. All I can say at this point, I am hoping that his age catches up with him in time for the best interests of Deaf GLBTIQ in general. He is corruptive along wtih Bob Donaldson.



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