Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bitch Session VIII

Disclaimer: This was written by many readers. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.



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Cody Hanes is an 8 year old with a very angry fagina.

Katie Roberts - stop going through other people in order to get yourself invited to events or gatherings. Contact that person directly yourself or get to know that person on an acquaintance level. You have so much to offer. Refraining from resorting to secondhand invitations and contacts would help you and your social life.

EEEK! Bill Terrell was Miss RAD?! What drugs did the Judges do?!

Melissa March - you SUCK!

Snorting Meth does not make you hot or sexy, AJ! That's why you got boil infection and all that nasty look you have on your face and teeth -- you are slowly killing yourself at 21! You're not cute anymore. You're just so an eyesore for us to watch at!

Spring Ridge in Frederick is so overrated. Trust me, I know. I learned the hard way.

What is it with you, MARRIED men? "til death do us apart" does that mean something to you married men? I caught a married man planning a night going to hotel with a woman behind his wife and denies it! GROW UP YOU ALL. You got married, STICK TO THE VOWS!! "Once you cheated, you are bound to cheat again" Geez!

Melissa has a great taste in fashion and accessories. I always look forward to see what she is wearing. It shows her happiness from the inside out, and she presents well.

Steve Farmer in Knoxville, do not proselytize your religion at TSD!

Mark - please stop drinking too much. You are turning into an alcoholic.

David Simmons is hot as he aged a little. But smoking negated everything else. As usual.

Jade - Your films rock! You will make it big someday for sure. Shame to those in the deaf community who are crabs and try to pull her down instead of supporting a fellow deaf filmmaker who is accomplished and on her way to the top.

RT fucked someone else in a sling? True biz, I understand why Hell froze last weekend.

Mazel tov and L'chaim to your sweet precious daughter's naming ceremony, Shane & Julie.

Shame on you interpreters who prey on deaf consumers for sex and use your jobs as ways to meet people to fuck. Stick with socializing in the deaf community to meet people for sex.

Gee whiz! Bill Terrell posted the fucking informatino on workshops and exhibits FOUR DAYS before the conference starts. What a smart move, dumbfuck!

Prez Bush is one fucked-up piece of shit who cannot lead the country. He claims to be a Christian. God will make the final judgement. In the Bible, it is stated that good and bad seeds are sown together, and it is not up to us to oppress or judge others. Don't fight evil with evil. Prez Bush did this by invading Iraq and using our soldiers needlessly to "fight the war on terrorism." Please read the Bible, Bush, for better guidance and decision-making if you are to use your faith as a source of guidance in decision-making as the President of the United States of America.

Kaybee is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor and good head on her shoulder.

Dawn Seremeth.....get a life!! Nobody likes you because you are one lying bitch. You think you are all that....you cant play softball, flag football or any other sports for shit......I am glad Bobby left you!!

Tabitha Jacques is gorgeous and articulate. Not many women at Gallaudet can beat her in terms of intelligence, experience and looks. Way to go, Tabitha!

RAD Board & CMRA Committees: Follow Deaf Women United's example -- they posted all of their information in ADVANCE on the website. Of course, men thinks with their penises, dickwads.

Tsk tsk to all you men who have brains in your penises! Why cannot you control yourselves and your horniness? Y'all need a condom implant if you keep on fucking the way you have been. Yes, the condom implant would have a way to drain your yucky fluids. Fuck away, you testerone-driven sexual beasts!

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