Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Tribute To Tennessee's Dick Hancock

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My friends, I thought I would never do this but I have to do this. As many of you knew, I attended VSDB in Staunton, Virginia -- VSDB is one of 11-schools in The South that is affilated with the Mason-Dixon schools. Among the 11 schools are: Eastern North Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

One of my personal rival that I cannot stand the most is ... Tennessee School for the Deaf Vikings -- that school is so, fittingly, barbaric! But I must commend its girls basketball program, though. They gave VSDB and many deaf schools lots of fits, thanks to whom?

Dick Hancock.

Dick made this game challenging and fun. Yes, challenging and fun. He would devise a sign for a play that poke fun at your homestate -- enraging you through four quarters just to throw you off the track in order for his team to win. I would sit few rows behind Dick Hancock, he would turn and look at Richard Davis and stand up and spell a play -- which his team would mess another team's performance at its will. It goes on to say how much Dick commands such respect from deaf female students at his fingertips.

I warned Hedy, my sister whom played against Tennessee once in the past, not to be rattled by Dick's schemes. But too bad, she and Loretta Dennis were the only two scorers that could fight through and scored 14 and 15 points, respectively in a 49-29 loss to TSD in Knoxville. If Dick had some guts to play us in Staunton, that could be a different story but ... nobody will know.

Either way, I was saddened to learn that Dick Hancock succumbed to the brain cancer recently in Knoxville.

This man is nuts but I like him. Too bad he lived in Tennessee, not in Virginia. Too bad, he did not have the guts to play us in Staunton -- he always beckoned us to play in Knoxville but refused to play in Staunton. That bastard!

Dick, let's see ...

One National Deaf Championship
Two Mason-Dixon Championships

What more could a guy wanted out of this? You did a great job, Dick Hancock. You still suck, after all, you're in the territory that I despised the most, though. :-)

Oh, one more thing -- Dick, you're the most fucking coward coach because you refused to land your foot in Llewellyn Gymnasium. We'd kill you easily as committing a sin!



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