Saturday, July 09, 2005

People Who Lives In Glass Houses Should Not ...

Evangelist Graham Is ...: Billy Graham once admitted that he fucked a whore in Louisiana some years ago and begged the public for forgiveness. Bet you a dollar that he did it more afterwards, this time, he is more discrete than ever. You say, he's 86! Viagra! Levitra! Cialis!

Anyway, he preached about this, that and there. And his daughter was arrested in Florida for beating and choking her husband at Wal-Mart. I love this stuff. Made me smile to know that there are plenty of hypocrites out there. Maybe Billy did not spend enough time with his daughter -- on second thought, he probably fingered her -- eeww!

Don't Trust The Cops! Living in NYC, DC, VA, MD and PA -- I've seen enough. Do not trust the cops. They manipulated the reports, they berated the same people that they are supposed to protect and to serve. They are simply pigs. And I love this article as well.

Don't Let Lance Win! Go over the cliffs, Lance! I cannot stand you, you steroid freak!! I do not want you to win 7th straight Tour De France competition -- of course, I'm rooting for someone to toss the pipe into your wheel just to see you flip over. That would be so hilarious -- somebody stop him from winning this one. I do not want him to go out on a bang. I wanted him to go out with a whimper!! Don't tell me that Lance is hero -- he had the resources and money to take care of his Testicular Cancer while my good friend never had a chance at all, he had the gall to say that it is a miracle?! What a fucking joke. The best part is that his ex wife took care of him when he was sick, then when he got better -- he dumped her just like that for Sherry Crow. That slut. Drop dead -- if I see you in Austin, I'll give you the death stare! I cannot stand you, Lance Armstrong! Please die!

Launched Another Worthless Operation: The United States Armed Forces just announced that they launched an operation to sweep the insurgents. *yawn*. Was that Dickie Cheney saying that the insurgents are at its end few weeks ago? Suicide bombings still go off. An operation after an operation, it is not working at all. Get a clue, please.

Be Wary of CODA: Last night, I went to the local pub for a drink before visiting a friend. I ended up staying more than 2 hours. I got hit on by two women -- which is bit freaky, to say the least. Both gave me phone numbers and wrote a note, "YOU MUST CALL ME ASAP!" They are not ugly fellas, you'd be shocked if you saw them. I do not know why they hit on me. I'm just a receding hairline husky guy with a goatee, for God's sake!

Anyway, when I was done with my third drink and heavily buzzed, a guy on another table next to me signed, "Hi. Me Jake. I watch you talk with two gals. My parents deaf."

I was surprised, but I did not like it. In my opinion, it is rude for a person who knew ASL or is part of Deaf Community to sit back and mute for two hours, just to cruise our conversations in the process -- it is insulting.

I smiled and asked his last name, he smiled sheepishly and spelled it -- my eyes popped out. I knew the family -- in fact, Jake has a younger brother who graduated from Gallaudet, is member of Kappa Gamma fraternity -- I won't name names -- but you knew him to be infatuated with one athletic, bisexual woman from Florida. I forgot her name. Jake is older than this guy we knew at Gallaudet. Jake acted shameful to spell the family name.

You know, it is very common amongst the CODAs to resent Deaf parents or something like that. Off to therapy sessions, please.

Remember The Cute Quarterback? Remember I talked about Wyatt Sexton, a cute Florida State Quarterback who were apprehended by the cops after finding him lying on the street, spewing that he's God. He was mental, sort like that few weeks ago? It was reported that he was infected with Lyme Disease. Guess that comes with trying to live in a "suburban" neighborhood where the deer dominated -- you know how it works, you intruded the mother nature, the nature will set its own defensive mechanisms to protect itself. Har har.

Anti-gay Graffiti in Staunton Area: Normally, I don't give a fuck about anti-gay graffiti because it does not kill me. But this caught my attention because it happened in Middlebrook, a small village just outside of Staunton, Virginia where I grew up ant attended the deaf school. If you drove up the hill on Route 250, approaching the minimum correctional facility, you'll go downhill, but if you glance on your right side, you'll see many church spires all over the valley -- sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it is ridiculous. Since this arson and anti-gay graffiti happened to be stained on this particular because they passed the resolution endorsing the gay marriage, it says a lot about people who do not embrace change. Like one said in a book I read, "You either change or ... get dust."


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