Monday, July 25, 2005

Whose Fault Is It?

Freedom. It is a word that, in the last 4 years, this country of mine has abused it to a pulp. It made me want to barf. Freedom is now in the same manner with the ILY sign that makes me irritated to no end. When I see people waving the damned ILY sign, I rolled my eyes -- I wanted to fling the middle finger at them just for the heck of it. Same idea goes with the administration that rallied behind that word.

Telling us to go out and shop and support the military just because it will stop terrorism is silly, really. I saw a picture in the book that deals with the movements that protested different groups -- one elder guy stood with a billboard that reads: "IF YOU ARE AGAINST BUSH, YOU SUPPORT OSAMA BIN LADEN!" -- on the right side of this elderly guy is a guy with the poster that says, "<==== Stupid Guy!"

The guy who held the 'stupid guy' poster is exactly like me.

Many Conservatives, Republicans and Xians are working hard to support the laws that permits the FBI, CIA, local police officers et al to harbor more powers to arrest people, investigate people's lives without their permission in the name of "terrorism" -- baloney! When people or groups like the ACLU protested, they were quickly accused of being anti-American or anti-Freedom. That is ridiculous.

I think people needs to check this panel in order to understand that freedom is fragile -- it can disappear just like that with delusional beliefs that the powers above us will preserve it. Just like Marianne. Do not dismiss this logic -- because it happened to the best of us all in this world -- Germany, France, Russia and so on. It can happen in this particular country.

I leave you with a deep ponder about the American dream which I had a friend to scan and for me to fix it up. The lady on the left is none other than Columbia, the fixture of American justice. The person the floor is none other than Uncle Sam. When I see things that erodes our rights as an individual, I try to remember what Columbia said. Eventually, we will prevail and we will win, against the people who chose to trample people's right to abort, right to marry, and right to exist without any interference by the government's beliefs in the name of ballyhooed freedom!


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