Monday, July 25, 2005

As Predicted, RAD Is The Mother of All Fuck-Ups

RAD Is Full Of Joke: I'd like to know what did they truly accomplish in the last 30 years? Do tell. I challenge Bob Donaldson and Barbara Hathaway to pose a list of accomplishments in the last 30 years. Barbara Hathaway used to attend Gallaudet some years ago -- she was not well-liked person as she tends to manipulate things to her advantages. In general, people who knew her tendencies said that she is pretty much coward. You know the cliche, "Always had been, always has been and always will be."

Where Did The Funds from Deaf Youth Rainbow Go? I was alarmed that the funds of Deaf Youth Rainbow has been virtually emptied by the CMRA 2005 RAD Committee to fund other things that has nothing to do with Deaf Youth Rainbow. Another reason why you do not trust the officers of RAD/CMRA!

Inflate The Numbers! It was reported that 382 registered for RAD 2005 Conference. It included volunteers, deaf/blind interpreters, interpreters and folks who are on the committees. They also forced the presenters who gave the workshops or lectures to register as well. They did not reveal how many people registered for full-combo package. If you subtract the volunteers, committee folks, interpreters and speakers, you'll have about 280. You probably had 160 who registered for full combo package. As large numbers of younger people declined to register for full combo packages in the last two days, opted to select few lines for the RAD Conference.

In comparison with New Orleans, Seattle and Orlando, the RAD 2005 Conference is a colossal failure. Congratulations, Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake. You guys are marvelous in doing such a dismal job.

An Offended Presenter: I had a chat with a presenter who provided the workshop -- he went on to explain that he never had witnessed such a disunity and disorganization on the behalf of RAD's organization -- my friend said that the blame lies with whom? The RAD Board (Most notably with Bob Donaldson and Barbara Hathaway) for trying to control every detail of the conference. My friend said that the rooms were not prepared. The RAD demanded that they give workshops for FREE. When they were done with their presentations, no one from the RAD group(s) gave the gratitude gifts for their willingness to show up at the RAD Conference in order to give the workshops. One presenter said, "I'll never do it again, not after the way I was treated by others."

Exhibits? Film Festival? Art Show? It was verified that only 8 were set up in a huge vacant room. A huge disappointment in comparison with Seattle's 2001 RAD Conference. When I first entered the exhibit, more than 50 booths were set up which I enjoyed tremendously. 8? That says a lot. There were no film festival nor art show at all in this conference. Seattle has it, DC has none.

Someone Who Went to RAD: A friend of mine went to RAD 2005 Conference as an interpreter. The person said that it was their first time ever to be at RAD and it did not impress this particular person to a point where the person thought it is a joke going to the next conference. The person chuckled, "You know, Ricky, I do not see anything special about this conference -- it did not even motivate me at all to go back to the conference."

Interpreters Fear ... Several interpreters confided in me that they strongly suspected that the CMRA will renege on the promise that they pay $25 per hour for them to interpret for deaf/blind interpreters. Know why? No proof of contract between the organization and the interpreters. That is not a good omen.

Ed Martin Is Idiot: This fella, Ed Martin, volunteered as the security officer for RAD 2005 Conference. He was standing next to me -- he was stupid and appalling. At first, he greeted me when I first entered the hotel lobby, he even asked for a hug which I was set back. Then he had the gall to ask me about my sister's whereabouts. Ed then said, "You had the nerve to show up here at the conference after what you wrote about us!"

I told him that it is not personal animosity as he would like it to be. It is professionalism, simply put. Ed nervously grinned and said, "But we are small organization, you have to expect that!"

I told him that it is not an excuse -- they made a bid to win the 2005 Conference, they had to uphold the professionalism or let some organization take over! He tried to shush me and grimace nervously -- before I met the hotel security officers which many of you knew what happened afterwards.

I found this guy's name much later at a gathering, one person mentioned that Ed Martin is the kind of person you'd find at the dark corner of the gay bar at the age of 70, looking for love in wrong places -- but I digress, that is who he is. He had the nerve to ask for a hug and tell me that I'm such a nerve to come to the conference.

Ed, Ed, Ed -- that is why you are idiot. This is America. You can stand up for something you believe in -- I feel that the RAD is in dire need of changes, I reserve the right to criticize the organization -- whether if you like it or not. Fuck you, Ed Martin -- this is not China, dickwad. Oh, I forgot, you're just another mindless puppet in the organization's controls to subjugate people's rights.

Get a life, Ed.

Larry Gray Said I'm Bitter: When you stand up for something you feel is right, and people trampled on your rights. And you fight back to defend your turf, you are called a bitter person? That is what Larry Gray figured. Such a delusional mind, as usual.

Well, well, people needs to understand that I already made concessions to the RAD Board and the Chairmen for information -- they chose to retaliate back. When I defended myself, I am branded as a bitter one. What about them? Bill Terrell, Bob Donaldson and Ricky Drake are three incredibly bitter persons who chose not to work with the interested patrons of the conference. I warned them that I would blog about their hostile approach, mainly because I heard from many patrons who expressed a concern that when they asked for information, they also retaliated at them as well. One word: Subjugation.

No, my dear Larry Gray preferred to ignore the whole controversy by turning it on me that I was merely bitter one. I think people needs to know the truth about its corrupted system and if I can expose it to the world -- then by all means, I shall!


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