Friday, July 08, 2005

Who Is The Best?

Category: Women's Basketball

Parallel In Thoughts: I'm bored at this hour. I cannot sleep. I got a sore throat. I only got DayQuil, not NyQuil. I probably got it from the kids I mingled with -- Thor or Tayla! So each time I tried to sleep on it and groaned, it woke me up.

Ever since I first contacted the fucking Streep Throat few years ago, I read that it is easy to get it once in a while after the first contact. So when my throat became funny, I became paranoid for hours. I gotta calm down and think positive.

So I am pulling the picture out just for your own thoughts. As you can see the caucasian woman, Katie Smith, crashing through three defenders for a quick layup. Judging the picture, Katie hits the layup -- it may mean she is better than the others, right? Not necessary. Katie scored 28 in the game. But the African American woman behind Katie who seemed to lost her balance as her arm gets in the way of her face when Katie jumped through the traffic -- this particular woman, Sheryl Swoopes scored 47 points to help Texas Tech beat Ohio State in the national championship game.

So sometimes, a picture does not tell you the whole story.



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