Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hillside Campgrounds

Three years ago, Jason and Gus invited me to visit the gay all-male campground in Gibson, Pennsylvania called Hillside Campgrounds. Ironically, Gibson, Pennsylvania is the backyard of Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)'s country.

I was completely blown away by the campground. It is different from any ordinary campground -- you know the cliche, gay men knew how to make anything desirable and suitable for one to come back. They did it very well at Hillside.

There are few places that your eyes would pop out after checking it out -- I recalled Gus telling me to go behind the dance hall/cafe for some activity. Indeed, my eyes popped out. There is a "secure and safe" area of more than 45-acres for men to "play", if you get the drift. Ugh. Not my thing.

OH, yeah, did I mention that this campgrounds is clothing optional? With gay men, when it comes with "clothing optional", there are activities that I seemed to enjoy being voyeuristic more than participate.

One time, Jason told me to look at this guy who was walking by our site, I saw him -- he was in his 50s or so. Jason shook me and said to LOOK CAREFULLY. I stared again -- at first, I thought he was wearing clothes. But he was not. He had his whole body tattooed from his neck to his feet. A major turn-off.

After leaving Hillside Campgrounds, I was impressed with the facility and all that stuff. I'm talking about the location, the service and the stuff -- they are certainly impressive. But men, that is another story, really. It has been a while since I get back to Gibson for another weekend of camping.

Jason and Gus told me that this weekend, we are off to Hillside. Gus gave me his infamous evil grin, "Guess what the theme is this weekend?!"

I checked the Hillside information sheet -- it reads:
July 15-16: Fantasy / Fetish Weekend #1: Live out your fantasies on this special "excuse" weekend. Explore your fantasies in our unique 45-acre "play area."



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