Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday the 19th

In few minutes, I'll head off to Grand Hyatt Hotel and will come back home as late as can be. I do not know whether if RAD 2005 Conference will be successful or a flop -- I'm hoping for the best but I cannot vouch for it.

It'll be nice to see old friends -- I already did last night with few ones on the campus. Among the fellas that I saw walking around on the campus: Dorian Yanke. One word: Ew.

On another subject, a friend and I discussed about my sex life last night. I told her that it seemed to me that in 9 years between 20 to 29, I rarely have sex. But after I turned 30, I already scored many persons, surpassed the numbers that I did between 20 to 29! And I'm only 31! So in other words, I like being thirtysomething in that decade.

Time to go and cause drama.

Confidential to Adrian: Thanks so much. Love you lots!


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