Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Remember The Tattoo?

After swimming at someone's pool, I get to revamp my bedroom -- for a while, it has been somewhat an eyesore for the time being. So I decided to fix things up as much as can be.

Of course, when you fix things up in your bedroom, you are bound to find some stuff that you thought you'd find things that might amuse you a little. It is no secret that I have a photo album devoted only to postcards all over the world. Just postcards.

I also have a photo album devoted to newspaper clippings that I liked -- none related ot me.

I also have shoeboxes that are filled with old newspaper clippings related to me, photographs related to me and my friends and friends. Basically, it is junk. Sentimental value but nonetheless, it is still junk.

I found this hidden in a box -- I thought it is appropriate that I write the entry to compare the tattoo on my left calf that I mentioned last month on this blog with the original artwork, done by Stuart Immonen.

If you look carefully at both pictures, you'll see that the artwork does not have the statue's left hand whereas my tattoo does -- it is because I asked Roger Desmarais to improvise and add it for my tattoo. Not bad, eh?



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