Thursday, July 21, 2005

Total Destruction

Iranian Gay Teens Croaked: According to this, two 18 years old gay guys raped 13 years old boy at a gunpoint as well as theft and disturbing the peace in eastern Iran. For that, they were hanged up.

Beam Me Up, Scotty! James Doohan, famously known as Montgomery Scott on Star Trek where everyone did not ask him to beam them up -- only ordered him to which Scott gladly did his duties, has died at the age of 85. It was reported that he wanted his ashes to be blasted into the outer space, like Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry did.

Cesspool! Last night, Ricky and I had laughed so hard when this particular animated German told us of an incident in Berlin -- he mentioned that he saw the "scat party" and was intrigued by it -- then he saw a cesspool filled with feces which people swam in it. He was sickened by the sight of that and was stunned by that -- he went on to describe the details to me and Ricky -- we could not believe it but laughed so hard. Like a friend of mine told me, only gay men would think like this.

Fahrenheit 911: I finally saw it last night after leaving DC Eagle. I was baffled to learn some stuff -- why is that the Bush Administration approving sending the Secret Service to guard the Saudi Arabia Embassy, at the expense of taxpayers? There are many questions that makes you wonder what is going on with the Bush Administration but the Conservatives, Republicans and Xians would not want to talk about it but to fight Moore because he is volatile -- but let's focus on these issues, can you? No, you can't, Xians, Conservatives and Republican pricks.

Lazy Bear Weekend: I heard a lot about the camping for Bears in Guerneville, California by Russian River. It is very popular one. I gotta plan for this next year -- anyone wanna go with me? Ring me up. I know Keith would love to go as well.

Scared Of Me? Last night, a certain fellow told me that the main reason why I was barred from registering at RAD Conference is that the RAD Board and CMRA members viewed me as a threat to their hierarchy. He told me that I should take it as a compliment. He said, "They are afraid of you and your stuff, that's all. That is why they retaliated in order to protect what is left with them."

International Deaf leather & Deaf Bears/Cubs: I have no problem with these groups -- they are well-organized, reasonable, cordial, thoughtful and laid-back group of all. They had the common sense to follow the economy impulses and provide the necessary prices to meet its profits and entertain the participants/visitors of all ages/genders et al. I want to emphasize that I admire the IDL & DBCO organizations for its efforts. But certainly not with CMRA and RAD! Try to keep it separate -- don't try to mix it altogether.

I Am Amused: I was alerted by a close friend of mine who was annoyed that few members of CMRA found out that he was close bud with me and he paged him to question him of his association with me and that he should terminate his friendship with me. My friend responded back in kind via the pager: Fuck off! You do not know RT like I do.

What can I describe CMRA in general? Childish. Petty. Vicious. Bitter. Crybabies.

Total Destruction: I'm all for reforming the bylaws of Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf to improve its relationship between the RAD organization and its chapters across the nation as well its approach with Deaf GLBTIQ in general. So much is very appalling and disgusting. Why do you think NWRAD decided to break the ties with RAD? More and more chapters need to stand up and tell the national organization, RAD, to reform to meet the interests of Deaf GLBTIQ, not for their own interests!

If they refused to reform and change the way they acted, it is time to implode the organization as whole and establish a new, centralized and democractic organization that served the best interests of Deaf GLBTIQ in general.

As soon as I get things together to sue the organization(s) as well as four persons, I am hoping that the other chapters can scramble and join a new organization, abandoning the corrupted RAD in the process.

In the last 30 years, RAD has not done such a progress in the best interests of Deaf GLBTIQ! Name one! I dare you to name one! I dare you to list them! Because there are NONE.

Did you notice that when a host organization hosted the RAD Conference then the next year around, these organizations went bankrupt or did not make a profit, thus its chapters folded in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Montreal (they revived back) and Seattle (was left with small profit enough to even the defict!). What was the RAD's response to this? "Tough shit", that is what they did.

Enough is enough. Somebody has to stand up and take the shots at the fucked-up organization for what it is all about. NWRAD did by cutting the ties with RAD. The new organization, ORAD, in Canada is fresh and new, I am hopeful about that -- but I am bit cautious that the RAD will abuse it to its advantages.

I'm all for meaningful dialogues on this subject, but the whole point is that RAD refused to have one. They just accused, bickered and set up its shield when people questioned them of their goals/antics. They needed to reform big-time to get with the program ... or get dust away.

When they cried that I exploited them on my blogsite for the world to see, they decided to issue false information to get me in trouble with the security officers (death threats!) which I was cleared -- it goes on to prove that they are afraid of me. I had been only to one RAD Conference, organized by the best -- NWRAD, in my lifetime but I can see how corruptive RAD were to the members of NWRAD -- that was four years ago.

So I attempted to register with courtesy, manners and all that, I expected some kind of backlashes regarding the comments I issued on the blogsite. But what they did was appalling and despicable. It sends the message that they are truly afraid of me and my comments on this blogsite that thousands of people read each week. of course, it killed them to know that I wield such power to enforce them to improve itself or be destroyed.

Reform or face the total destruction. In the last 30 years, the annual membership of RAD is appallingly low in 400s. They could easily attract more than 5,000 or so. But they chose to retaliate everyone else in the process. Improve by reforming or face the total destruction.

I think I already said my piece, folks.

I'm out for the day.


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