Friday, July 01, 2005


My friend from Phoenix IMmed me recently that there is an article about Deaf Gays in Phoenix's Echo Magazine. Except that it spelled wrong with its title, "FAY DEAF" instead of "GAY DEAF".

When it comes to that line, I was bit offended by that. Don't they realize that we preferred to be Deaf Gay, not Gay Deaf? Many Deaf people would say that they are Deaf first, gay second?! Why do you think I classify myself as Deaf Gay Militant? Because I am Deaf first, Gay is second!

Either way, the article is charming. TJ and Sean happened to accomdate with me to The Hole's infamous Triple XXX Party during the New Years' Eve two years ago -- let's say on the record, Sean and TJ left the party shaken and impossible to forget ... permanently.

My hag in Arizoona, Chlms' residence is not far from Sean & TJ's residence and I'm not happy with the arrangements, Chlms. I felt threatened by that, Chlms. You damn trollop, come back to me -- after all, you are mine!! ;-)

Either way, enjoy the article about Fay Deaf.

Hat tip to Deaf258 for the article.



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