Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Newmans

The Newmans: Todd, Dyan, Dayton Thor and Tayla!

This occured when we all woke up in the early morning at 8 AM and Todd was on the computer checking about the information regarding his daughter, Tayla's camping plans. I told Todd that we lacked the picture together -- I took Dyan's digital camera to flash us both -- we looked awful. Todd tends to wear these glasses in wee mornings. And I looked weary (after falling asleep watching Shrek 2 at 3 AM), meanwhile Dyan was busy getting ready for Tayla's first-ever going-away camping for a week.

As Tayla and Dyan running amok in their home getting ready for the camping, Mighty Thor was moody. He wanted to sleep more. He wanted to talk with his Dad who was busy being online to find out about this, that and there. Thor decided to lay on the floor being grouchy. I joined him on the floor and asked if he wanted to take a picture with me. He lightly nodded then stared at the digital camera with a death stare.

Ahh, can't win some kids like that.

Todd and Dyan are good parents -- I knew they would be good parents from day one. Unlike some of people I knew, I certainly approve them to have few more on the way. They are that good to handle 4 or 58 kids.



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