Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Aww! Fuck RAD Crybabies

Last night, I went out to dine with Travis and Irvine, had many good, hearty laughs about almost everything else. Including the old geezers with the RAD Board -- it is no secret that many of us have our own disdain for Bob Donaldson, Barbara Hathaway, Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake -- I mean, just take a good look at them. They are rather scary and old farts to start with. So bitter, so angry, so retarded!

It is no secret that what helped me tremendeously is the video feed that I enjoyed watching in the security office. It is quite a blessing that everyone else used ASL because it is much easier to read and follow the conversations of ones that backstabbed me. I got a lot of support via emails who urged me to do something about the old geezers.

I went to DuPont Circle as scheduled to meet old friends whom I was delighted to see: Mikey and Toby for a short time. Then I headed off to Cobalt to meet Rico, my close bud from The Netherlands. It was good to see Rico! We had a thousand and one of heavy guffaws.

I was delighted to see many faces at Cobalt who abandoned the RAD's ballyhooed party, Flamingo Ball for Cobalt -- among them are: Ricky, Casey, Wade, Lars, Duva, Wittig, Lee, Masa, Kettering, Todd and many more whom I cannot really remember their names. Many expressed their disdain at the antics the RAD Board has done on me.

It was nice to be surrounded by true friends. One friend remarked that many people were very upset at RAD for many reasons including their antics on me. In fact, one person confided in me that he was appalled that RAD Board members snickered like children when the security officers escorted me out -- he was appalled to a point where he approached Bill and told him to act his own age. Of course, my friend, Bill does not act like 70s, he acted like 5.

I introduced Rico to the legendary figures whom I am quite fond of: Ricky, Wade and Casey. Let's say, we had a blast time.

I was bit sad to let Rico go when we split in our cabs because he's heading off to Kansas today and to Argentina (!) afterwards. I promised Rico that it is my turn to head off to The Netherlands within a year. I swear, Rico. I promise, okay?

The sun rose across the dampy District of Columbia, it is a new day. I'm out to have a dinner with two secretive friends then I shall be at HALO Bar to act as the Hostess(es) of Deaf GLBTIQ gathering.

Hope to see you all.



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