Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bitch Session VII

Frederick, MD: Am hanging out with the Newmans over the barbecue and the swim. It is good to see Todd and Dyan. Each time I see Todd, I feel good. There is something special about this guy. Ahh.

Here is the tidbits you all waited for -- once again, the disclaimer is that the session was produced by people who emailed to me to vent their opinions out. I just published it, it does not mean that I started it. You can defend by responding to the comments in the next session. Otherwise, enjoy!


* * *

Erin Land! This girl is gorgeous but she has a major problem. There are a lot of guys that want her and does she want them? No, she prefers to stay single. Wake up, Erin, and smell the coffee. There are PLENTY of guys that want you. Not all of them are Joey Kolcun, you know! He cheated on you, so what. Move on and give us a chance, girl. If you don't, then you are letting the gorgeous looking of yours
go waste.

RT is winning big. When people antagonized, berated or attacked him, it means you guys read his blog on a daily basis!

Dale the Wail. Who is this guy? He allows his wife to support him, she works while she is pregnant, they live in HER house. HE is going to stay home and play Mr. Mom. And STILL he tries to play God from his forum, where he sits back and JUDGES other people!

Come again?? Ugh!

McConnellism and His Followers are Doomed to Self Righteouness by Quashing the Basic Rights.

is it me that i think dorian yanke is the one who wrote rt101?

Alan of San Diego, is it amazing that your mother told everyone that you're Poz! She must be proud of you getting it after many visits to the batthouses in Philadelphia!!

Those Who Do Not Get Ridorism Should Be Taken Out To The Street And Be Shot.

Nice try, Lauren Lummer. Next time I'll thrust my cock up your asshole and ask you how that feels.

rt01, your truth is obscure beyond a galaxy of a doubt. go pacify your ass.

I want to fuck Carl again. His ass is hot. No, it is not you, Carl Denney.

to most NAD/TTMW writers: your work is weak. grammar does not a writer make.

Jeff & Amy, your path left a trail of destruction for others to pick up, heal and clean. You both would do a great service to the community by doing the carbon monoxide thing again -- after all, they said third time is the charm!

gloria and david nathanson are decent people. buzz the fuck off, you barren, dickless whore.

Deafreedom forums are hogwash, it is a place for losers to whine and retaliate. Pitiful. It is obvious that many do not understand the concept of freedom without tramplying on others' dignity.

mike wynne, roger kessler, and russ west have one thing in common: they're all GAY!

Is it annoying that Richard Guzman thinks he is the hottest thing to hit the Deaf Gay Community?! Guzman, having three nipples do not make you hot -- it makes you a freak by nature.

jesus, how long will it take people to figure out the common thread? fifteen. easy.

the ogress who judges most is being judged. compassion glues people together. try it on.

Somebody please take a picture of Alex Abenchuchan's ass and send it to Ridor so that he can publish it!

Serious biz! Tom Koch done married! Guess some of you gays will find him kneeling for cocks at these seedy adult bookstores.

Desmond & Sorace, you belong together. 'nuff said.

Alberto Acosta is coming to RAD -- do not trust him. He is pathological liar. Oh, he also has a thing for older men -- why not set up a blind date for him with Bill Terrell?

-hey fuckwad, teach your son some fucking responsibilities and how to flush the damn toilet. I am fucking sick of looking at pee stained toilet bowl because even tho your son isnt retarded! You dont set there any boundaries so while I dislike your son, I despise you! And thank you a fuck a lot for cleaning YOUR son's shit that he smeared on the wall, toilet seat and toilet paper roll, three hrs after I notified you of this! Send the fucking brat back to Oregon and for those of you reading, his son is not 2 or 3years old, hes 6 fucking years old. He can learn to clean up after himself! Piss on their sorry asses!!

Where is Bob Donaldson? He is playing "Nero while he fiddles" as the RAD crumbled. Great job, Bob!

Defaming Ridor? That is so ... gay.

this is for a friend who is stepping over the bounds, yo man, you keeping tally of every fucking thing you did for a person and then throwing it back in their face when they decline to spend time with you doesnt give you the right to guilt them. If anything it drives them away! So stop your whinning and get a life. If you don't have one, who's fault is that?! Mine, fuck no! So grow the fuck up! and quit keeping score!

I wanna bitch about Suzy Stecker ... how the hell could CSD hire her? She is a sleazeball! She lies and twists stories ... Isn't professional!!

Trudy is a dick

What is it with Merritt Holliway? He is not what is defined normal.

Anybody knew of Eric Sivak? IF NO, he is not worth a piece of horseshit. He is a carpenter in the deaf community in the District of Columbia. Believe me, he sucks! He cannot do his job, and CANNOT get his job done just right. All he does is to cheat deaf customers with his poor performance and take a chunk of money home. I have not heard a bit that he did a good job so far--NONE. Don't ever think about him getting a job from you, because he is a plainly dumb ass idiot who cannot get his job done. Please remember, "Beware of Eric Sivak."

I heard Eric Sivak is in trouble for doing shitty works on many Deaf persons' homes. Report him to the authorities if he fucked you around!

Bill Terrell, there should be a rule in RAD's Bylaws to prevent the old geezers like you from destroying everything that the people built from day one. You're self-loathing faggot who has nothing to prove but ruin people's expectations!

Cynthia, you're still stupid. Always.

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