Sunday, July 17, 2005

Just Arrived Home

Just got home from the weekend at Hillside Campgrounds. I shall share the experiences that I had at that hedonistic place. That is, right after, I take a long bath. I'll leave this particular strip for you to imagine what had transpired at Hillside. Note: Click on the image to enlarge the strip so that you can read what I wrote.

Suffice to say, I'll blog as soon as I am done with the bath. I have lots of stuff to blog tonight. Here are few tidbits for the readers to read:

Bitch Session VIII: Want to bitch or compliment someone else, something or whatever is on your mind? Email me at and I shall remove the name and email address then publish your comments for the world to read and laugh. The deadline is tomorrow night at midnight.

A Quote from McFly: Life is a comedy for those think...a tragedy for those who feel. -Jean de la Bruyère

Best Quote Out of Men's Restroom at Flying J's in Gibson, PA: On the wall next to the toilet papers, it reads: Turban Service Center

Double Jeers to Mark R. Downs, Jr.: Check the link for Mark's attempt to bribe $25 to another player to harm his teammate who is mentally disabled just to keep him off the team. Shameful.

405 The Movie: This was my favorite ifilm a long time ago, I used to show this to my friends when I worked in the computer lab at Gallaudet some years ago. Enjoy this.


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