Saturday, October 30, 2004

Dr. Donna Ryan In Spring '01

Back in Spring '01, I took The History of Modern Middle East under Dr. Donna Ryan at Gallaudet. Throughout the semester, I get to understand the ramifications of Islam, Arab world and its relationships with oil, Western Civilization and Israel as well as its struggles to live in peace with dignity and honor.

Dr. Ryan made it clear that sooner or later, the Islamic extremists would attempt to fan the Muslims' hatred of Americans because of its stubborn relationship with Israel, of its arrogant policies that favored the ruling classes over the masses through weapons and oil.

For example, the Shah of Iran was overthrown by the masses because the Shah was corrupted and oppressive -- the Americans were steadfast in supporting the Shah and his government. The Americans were quick to condemn the majority of Iranians to revolt against the corrupted government -- a classic hypocrisy on Americans' response, considering the fact that the Americans also revolted against the Britons in 18th century. It is as if we can revolt if we wanted to, but they can't. The result is that Iranians viewed us as the evil empire. Cannot blame them, really.

The Americans seemed to enjoy its hypocrisy by telling people how to live their lives but when it comes to them questioning back, Americans turned its back. Afghanistan enlisted the Americans to help out in battling the Soviet Union, and the Americans sent the CIA over there. But after the years of devastating war against the Soviet Union, Afghanistan finally expelled the Soviets. Afghanistan then turned to Americans for some help. Where were the Americans? They were nowhere to be found. Abandoned. They were abandoned. The seeds of hatred, resentment and frustration were born from that point.

Dr. Ryan explained things in a very broad picture of frustrations with Americans' policies in meddling with Middle East countries. One student, I do not recall her name, asked Dr. Ryan whether if she thinks someday, someone will kick our butts for what we did? Dr. Ryan smiled and said, "Of course, it shall happen. It will. But when?"

It was thought-provoking class. I enjoyed it tremendously. I still have 15 books based on Middle East countries, conflicts, Balkan states et al. Oh, yeah, I got an A with the course.

That was Spring '01. Four months later, the Islamic extremists enacted what Dr. Ryan prophesied all along, and they did it with a force that rattled the rest of the world by bringing the Twin Towers down. As I was watching the Twin Towers burning, I quickly reminisced what Dr. Ryan talked about this. It was inevitable. It was bound to happen. I wondered if people around me truly understood the ramifications that led up to this point?

Never mind the Patriot Act, never mind that we retaliated by overthrowing Taliban, never mind that we termed Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the Axis of Evil, never mind that Libya repented with us as of now, never mind the Iraqi occupation -- these things meant a lot of things or nothing to different peoples but the common ingredient among the masses in the region is that the vengeance has been exacted. They got what they wanted all along, that is to punish us for our actions toward them. They do not care if we waged wars against them and killed billions of people, they knew they already punched us in our face.

History is all around us -- schools, colleges, monuments, governments, museums, peoples, cultures, countries ... why do we have history? It was to remind us of our actions -- let it be a lesson for all of us, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When GW Bush kept on ranting about preserving the freedom, don't fall for it. It is bullshit. I do not like Osama bin Laden for what he did. But to beat the enemy, one has to understand him, his thoughts and his actions. Read what he said:

Contrary to what [President George W.] Bush says and claims -- that we hate freedom --let him tell us then, "Why did we not attack Sweden?" It is known that those who hate freedom don't have souls with integrity, like the souls of those 19. May the mercy of God be upon them.

See? Even he's crazed loon, but he has a point. It is not about freedom. If it is the case, they'd attack Sweden. It is because we meddle in their affairs.

Now we need to improve ourselves in order to treat others better. But certainly not with GW Bush in the position -- he is simply delusional, indifferent to the ramifications of historical events up to now. Bush's tough position in Middle East will make it much worse than ever.


The Patriot Act: Anti-American

Right after the morning of September 11, 2001 which left Manhattan to deal with its horrors with the nation watching on all channels, including ESPN and Comedy Channel. Bush, after the series of meetings with the U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, proposed the Patriot Act to "protect the Americans" by permitting the government to do what is needed to stop the "terrorism" in the United States.

I can understand. Hell, I don't want another act of terrorism on my country ... ever again. Of course, it is extremely important that we combat the terrorists to ensure that the 9/11 situation will never happen again. But this law is simply wrong, inhumane and a disaster waiting to happen!

But the Patriot Act is John Ashcroft's orgasm. It is no secret that John Ashcroft is pro-Christian, criticized gays, suppressed lots of people who questioned his activities. With the Patriot Act, John Ashcroft reserved the power to do whatever he wanted. The Patriot Act itself goes against the basic principles of our constitution.

To go by each line is impossible since the Patriot Act itself is 347 pages long.

Basically, the Patriot Act authorized the government to monitor what kind of books we read, buy or even signed out of a library or a bookstore. It gives them the right to search our homes and businesses without prior notification, monitor our electronic communications and the worst of all, lock non-citizens to be locked up without charges on the decision of U.S. Attorney General.

Did you know that the government reserved the right to confiscate your property if you engaged in civil disobedience? Did you know that the Act permitted the FBI agents to investigate your background for any criminal matters without a reason? They reserve the right to snoop in and if you object, they will say: "The Patriot Act allowed me to do that."

There was an article in the Gay City News in New York not a long time ago. A gay man in his 50s from Provincetown, Massachusetts went to Montreal (or Toronto?) to visit his old friends and when he rode on the train back to the United States, the customs agent asked him for his identification et al. When the gay man provided the necessary information, few minutes later, the homophobic customs agent bellowed to the gay man in front of everyone, "Did you know that you were arrested in early 1980s for indecent exposure?"

The gay man already paid his dues to the society, but that does not matter to the agent. The gay man was not a terrorist nor an activist by any means, he was simply a man who wanked his dick when he was in early 30s. The agent reserved the powers, thanks to the Patriot Act, to humiliate and berate him on the spot. He filed a complaint, but his lawyers said that the chances to redeem himself is remote because the Patriot Act permitted that.

Did you know that the Patriot Act permitted the Attorney General to lock up the noncitizens for a long period of time without a trial? That is not all. The Attorney General reserved the right not to provide the detainees with counsel or even issue a statement to indicate that one is being detained? Not only that, even as a citizen of this country, if the Attorney General determined that you are a nuisance, he can use this provision to detain you without a counsel or a trial. Just like that. He can accuse you of this, that and there and refuse to provide proof, probably citing the "national security" to mute you of your liberties and rights.

Does this sound like the Gestapo during the Nazi Germany? First, they classified Jews as noncitizens, then swept Jews without trial or a statement. This time, it is not Jews or Americans, it's someone else.

You have to reason a little -- think of the future. If John Ashcroft or his office did not abuse the Act as of now (but he did, anyway), someone will. It is the way it is -- people will use anything to advance their powers. The Patriot Act is a bad omen, one that shall comes with a heavy price with our constitution, someday. Common sense and history indicates that it shall happen.

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and many others always believed that to be wary of our government is good for the nation, good for the country. So when you see something wrong, it is OK to object. But to Bush and Ashcroft, it is a threat to the national security. They can use this to make you disappear off the map if they wanted to.

That is the key: If.


That Old Lady at The Fireplace

When I left the District last week on Sunday, I realized that I went to DC without going to The Fireplace to say "hi" to the old lady who bartends in the bar. I felt bad. I like her very much. She's tough old cookie but lovable as hell. She reminded me of my Hrandma. Toby, is she still there? I felt stupid for not stopping by The Fireplace!!

Three women in my family celebrated their birthdays in October -- my mother and two sisters.

I'm up next in November. 9th. Will be 31.

I wrote down the list of "hopeful" gifts from friends to see whether if their gifts will match with mine -- of course, I did not show them the list. I just want to compare.

But I did address few months ago on the blog that I wanted something else. Very vital.

Oh, Happy Halloween. I'll head out to Ridloff/Traina's Halloween Party tonight and bum around a little. How was the High Heel Race in DC? I missed that event! Always loved these brave men running up the street in high heels. I'd love to see Jason Lamberton do that ... Lambykins, let's wage a bet. If Bush lost the election, you must participate in the High Heels Race '05.

Had a haircut, bought new tennis shoes. And walked down the street. Saw a mother pushing a stroller onto the street, the mother standing behind the stroller, trying to look left -- I was thinking ... are we that idiots? Are mothers supposed to protect babies but why do the mothers push the babies onto the street first before the mothers did? Such an illogical move, if you ask me. But that is us, the Americans!

In Amsterdam, it is normal to leave the baby in a stroller outside while a mother enters to buy a coffee and eat a bagel.

We are that crazy. Hell, the world is.


Friday, October 29, 2004

Few Quotes To Smile Today

Saw this at a local bar recently:

"Raped (again!!!) without a fucking dinner today!"

"Dear Dotti: If I don't drive drunk, how am I supposed to get to work?"

And last, I just read this, this made me laugh. Enjoy this.



The So-Called Freedom Shit

I shall repeat what I said before -- my rights are not my privileges. My rights are my rights. I was born in this country, therefore I do not get my rights by a privilege. It is my right by birthright.

Ever since the 9/11 Demise, Bush cried for freedom. Then he cited the national security by promoting the Patriot Act which eroded our rights, trampled others' rights. He also chose the different words to describe the prisoners of war, Enemy Combatants to avoid the international laws -- prompting the cronies to degrade, defile and crush their dignity.

Is that the American way? No, it is not. It is supposed to be the truth, justice and freedom for all. Not manipulative, lying and stripping others of their rights. Yes, 9/11 happened for a reason. Now we must learn from it in order to make sure that it will never happen. How? By attacking back? Nah, it does not work. It shall make things worse than ever. Trust me.

Oh, Bill O'Reilly just settled the sexual harassment lawsuit. It goes to prove that he did harass her. Typical male chauvinist pig.

Oh, Chamique Holdsclaw is depressed. Boohoo, so was I. And I'm doing OK.

Republicans annoy me these days -- I hadn't met a person who came to my face and said, "I am Republican". Of course, they are afraid. Because I'd crush 'em literally and figuratively.


Oh, Ambulance Was Invented For ...

An interesting information from the book I am reading ...


* * *

Q. When did the first ambulance take to the streets of New York?

A. The first ambulance was seen on the streets in 1867, but it was for horses. Two years before, a wealthy New Yorker named Henry Bergh chartered the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Bergh, nicknamed the Great Meddler by newspaper reporters because of his confrontational style, was particularly horrified by the cruelty he saw directed at working horses, the primary beasts of burden at the time. Toward that end, the ASPCA created a horse-drawn ambulance in 1867 to treat wounded animals who would otherwise be left on the street to die.

Two years later, Bellevue Hospital introduced the city's first ambulance for humans. Each vehicle was equipped with a stretcher, splints, bandages, tourniquets, handcuffs, a straitjacket and a quart of brandy. Today the ASPCA is a nationwide organization. While it now treats mainly domesticated animals, its roots are not forgotten; the official seal of the organization depicts an angel rising up to protect a fallen horse about to be struck.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lambykins, Republicans Are Cowards

There are a pattern where Republicans always roared but sent the poor people to do the fights for them.

When they subjected themselves to the debate, they whined and demanded the rules to ensure that they will not be embarrassed by any means or even pinpointed by others who trampled their arguments.

When Bush had the inauguration parade, he said that the protesters had the right to protest. But behind the scene, he schemed with the city and secret services to block the protesters from protesting at the parade.

When Republicans decided to have a national convention in New York, the groups wanted to criticize by protesting at Madison Square Garden and at Central Park's The Mall, the Republicans schemed with Mike Bloomberg to keep the protesters away from the sight of Republicans.

And I just read Mike McConnell's blog and I wanted to respond to some of his flawed comments, he blocked us except for his "group".

A sign of common cowardice at its best. Hiding behind your wealth, computer monitor and secret services may be the best weapon you ever had in your lifetime.

A fuckin' coward.


This Is A Sign -- Jesus Is Coming! Look Busy!

What a long day. I was goddamned busy all day long. Finally, at 7 PM -- I get to read the local tabloids and one article made me smile for the rest of the night.

I am certain that you guys will smile as well after you read this article. Mind-boggling, though.



Remmy The E-Mail I Got From Folks Who Urges Bloggers To Support Bush?

Well, I got another e-mail today. It is bit weird to read this.

Enjoy this!


* * *

A week ago, we sent you an email asking for help debunking anti-Bush documents. After receiving hundreds of responses, it become clear that all the documents were actually real: the Bush/Cheney DUIs, the Ken Lay letters, and even the bin Laden memo. For more information visit the documents page:

We also received hundreds of emails from concerned bloggers that eloquently expressed the problems with the Bush administration. And as we travelled across America campaigning for Bush, we learned more than we wanted to know about Bush's policies. We came to see that this administration is a catastrophe for most people.

As a result, we are abandoning our support of Bush and officially endorsing John Kerry for President. You can read more at the Yes Bush Can web site:

We deeply regret our misguided support and apologize for our previous email. This will be the last email we will send directly to bloggers. If you want to join us in supporting Kerry, you can find out more here:

Thank you for your understanding,

Yes Bush Can

A Message to Deaf Republicans From Al

Dear Deaf Republicans:

First of all, I want to congratulate you for creating DeafRepublicans and air out the pros and cons. I was the Executive Director of TDI, then Telecommunications for the Deaf,Inc., during the Papa Bush and Clinton administrations. I was very involvedin developing the ADA and FCC regulations covering telecommunications relay services (TRS), captioning, and 9-1-1 access.

What really had happened were as follows:

The original ADA was introduced by Senator Wicker (D-CT) in 1988. It waskilled by both parties. In 1989, it was reintroduced by Senator Harkin(D-IA) because Wicker became the Governor of Conn. Papa Bush (R) was against it. Senator Dole (R-KS) got involved and convinced Harkin to include undue hardships to protect the businesses. Harkin obliged andlobbied for it in the Senate. After it passed, Rep Hoyer (D-MD) lobbied in the House of Reps. Papa Bush (R) signed it into the law in 1990. The responsibilities to develop regulations to the Federal CommunicationsCommission on TRS and captioning and to the Dept of Justice on the 9-1-1 access. The watered down TRS regulations were developed in 1991 under the Papa Bush administration and strengthened under the Clinton administration. The 9-1-1 regulations were developed in 1993 under the Clinton administration.

The FCC is usually administered by five (5) commissioners. Three, including the chair, are appointed and are of the same party as the President. Two are appointed by the other party. The FCC Disability Rights Office was created by the vote of 3 Democrats with two Republicans opposing in 1995. Practically ALL disability related issues were passed by the vote of 3-2 during the Clinton administration. The 7-1-1 was created in 1997 by vote of 3-2 under the Clinton administration, not by Papa Bush as you had stated.

When Baby Bush became the President, practically ALL issues AGAINST people with disabilities were either carried or watered down by vote of 3 - 2. Even a hotline to the FCC Disability Rights Office using was abolished, making it more difficult for deaf people to appeal for assistance with the FCC by vote of 3 - 2.

As of today, the FCC, under the Baby Bush administration, is considering of abolishing already watered down programs on TRS, captioning, and emergency access, to name a few, in favor of the industry rather than deaf consumers. In other words, should Bush remain as the resident of the White House, it is very possible that we, the deaf people, will go back to the dark ages of minimal relay services and unempowered captioning and emergency access.

Question: Are the issues such as economy, abortion, gun control, and stem cells, to name a few, more important than relay services, captioning and access to emergency services for deaf people???

In closing, I dare you to post this letter.

Al Sonnenstrahl

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lunar Eclipse's Luck?

Congratulations to Boston Red Sox, 2004 World Series Champion! They finally broke the Curse of Babe Ruth after 86 years. Let the riots begin. Last week, when they beat Yankees, Boston Police Department tried to control the riot in Boston and fired something related to the pepper spray and strucked a female in her eye and somehow, it killed her. It may sound morbid but how many will die in the next few days? I'm curious.

Tonight in Midtown on the way to see a friend of mine at a bar before going to kaybee's home, I watched the lunar eclipse -- hundreds of people stopped to watch the eclipse on 9 Avenue. I watched. Then a guy stood next to me on my left side. He tried to speak. I turned my head to look at him, he was confused. He said in a clear speech, "You deaf?"

I nodded. He smiled -- that flash of smile immediately surprised me -- and said, "It's cool, right?" He pointed at the eclipse. I smiled and nodded. He had a blue cap covering his black curly hair. He stood next to me for few minutes. That smile, I knew immediately, belonged to Diedrich Bader. I didn't bother to ask for his autograph -- I don't believe in that. I want him to feel normal. Then he waved me good-bye. It was cool. So cool.


O-Boyoboy, Cannot Wait!

I am currently reading a book called "Only In New York" which was given to me by Sarah. Thanks. So far, so fun, so informative and so cool. Here is one of many tidbits from the book.

Q. I understand that, long before my mother first called me by the name, the original "Wild Man of Borneo" was exhibited in a New York City sideshow. Was he an actual primitive, and was he, in fact, from Borneo?

A. P.T. Barnum is generally credited with conceiving of the first "wild man" exhibit in the 1840's, which he presented along with other human oddities at his American Museum, located on Lower Broadway across from City Hall Park. Actually, there were two "Wild Men of Borneo", who were costumed in animal skins and encouraged to grunt and scream and otherwise behave in accordance with 19th-century notions of savagery. The wild men were played by Hiram and Barney Davis, twin brothers from Long Island. A more sophiscated public, eventually grew weary of such an obvious canard, but until the 1930's, other wild men, usually said to be from Borneo, were commonplace in circuses and sideshows. In the early 1900's, a "bona fide" wild Man of Borneo was presented at Dreamland in Coney Island. He was an Alsatian from the Bronx who darkened his face with burnt cork.

Oh, yeah, it also mentioned that New York University (NYU) had a football team and it was powerhouse among the country. The team crumbled right after World War II, can you guess what their team mascot is?

The Violets!

Oh, god. That is so fag.

Speaking of fag, Mike Rogers of announced that in the next 24 to 48 hours, the site will out two prominent Republicans that will shake the foundations of everything else in the politics, thus will certainly make it the biggest news of the decade for GLBT community. Boy, I cannot wait! The suspense is killing me badly.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Question That Many Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

This entry is dedicated to my closest friend from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Last Friday, another friend from Belgium dropped a bombshell that nearly blew me out of SAC -- what she said knocked me for a loop. I had to take a timeout to breath correctly in order to prevent the faint spells. SKSK to Yassine for freaking me out with the news.

It appeared that my closest friend from Amsterdam has a new boyfriend (let's hope that it was just another case of infatuation!) -- and this propelled a curiosity with a question mark in their minds but were afraid to ask!

This is hypoethical question, suppose if this guy joined the fraternity and fell in love with his "fraternity brother" and had a relationship, is it somewhat incest?

My friend, Chapstick Boy, said that it is not. It is more of interbreeding, considering the history of Gamma & Zeta relationships.

Any opinions on this volatile issue, my friends?


What A Joke

Few political gimmicks for y'all to smile and chuckle.

This website is interesting. This is amusing and alarming because they are not "distant" cousins. They are GW Bush's second cousins, just like Mary (Li*La*Lo) and Sandy (Sandy) from Tennessee are my second cousins. And they just launched a website, urging the undecided voters not to vote for their cousins. Says a lot about GW Bush's relationship with his relatives.

Deaf Republicans also launched a website of its own. It made me chuckle. If you look around carefully, you'll realize that it is full of shit. Know why? They do not have the links to ADA, Education, Health Care and Kerry's Record. Only Bush's Record and Captioning. Whoopee!

As you guys may heard, Fidel Castro fell and possibly broke his leg or arm or whatever it is. It always bothered me that a communist country ruled by Castro was absolutely *hated* by our politicians to a point where our government figuratively and literally crushed Cuba. There are people in Cuba that played basketball games without socks. I guess, our government actions were very noble. 50 years of punishment is enough. Why do we condemn Cuba for its communism government while we are pals with Vietnam and China?

And for Mr. Boucher, the spokesman for State Department to say "No" to a question by the press corps who asked him if he wished Fidel Castro well. This is fucking silly, Mr. Boucher. Even my unborn kids behaved better than you, u dumbfuck. Let's be mature and work something out with the Cuban government. Let's just perestroika (sp?) the Cuban government like we did with the Soviet Union. Castro outlived many United States Presidents! Our government may be the most powerful in the world but we lacked the common sense, that is for sure.

Cuba is insignificant nation with devastated economy but proud people -- let them go -- drop the economic sanctions. And no, that does not make me a Communist, thank you very much.


Monday, October 25, 2004

Dancer in the Dark

Remember I wrote an entry about John Ostrander who wrote the comic book series called Spectre that changed my views about the death penalty? It is true that John Ostrander played a role in making me seeing things differently.

But it was Lars von Trier who totally turned me against the death penalty. Lars wrote and directed a movie called "Dancer in the Dark". The film is about an Eastern European with a young son who moved to America, embarking on their hopes for better life, especially with their degenerative vision issues. But when the mother, performed by Bjork, discovered that as a new immigrant, they cannot access to Medicare and Medicaid to get the proper treatments for her visual problems. Later, she found out that her son also has the same problem. She saved money for her son's treatment.

She lived in a small house right behind a big house owned by a local police officer, who also had a thing for her. The police officer eventually learned about her visual problems and stole her thousands of dollars. One thing led to the other, the police officer was shot. The courts found the mother guilty and sentenced her to death. It was horrible mistake but the courts were *determined* to get rid of her.

In one scene where Bjork had her last walk, it was moving. It made me angry. It made me walk out of the living room for few minutes.

That was good enough to make me doubt the system.

And Bush supported the death penalty.

Go figure.


My Long-Term Goals

I've decided that I'm going to explore the possibilities of launching a business on my own -- I'm going to figure out a way to set up my private bed and breakfast inn, perhaps somewhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I'd like it to be cozy, beautiful and friendly-accessible to everyone else. Perhaps I can check out the possibilities of locating a nice home in or near New Hope, Pennsylvania. Why Pennsylvania? Because it is kinda central to every major city: Philadelphia, Harrisburg, New York, Baltimore and Washington.

Yeah, that is it.

I'm going to explore the chances.

Why? I am not looking to be a millionaire. I am looking for some kind of stability. Some kind of content. Some kind of pride. I loved the idea of BnB.

What else would I enjoy to chat and host the friends all over the world on every weekend? The BnB is the "that".



Some Pics From The House Party

Who Gives This Pinkie Guy The Permission To Smile?

Ew, Who Is This Ugly Dude?!

Jason -- stop that or I'll beat up on you!

Being The Center Of Attention In Kitchen

After downing few shots, I had to sit a little because I was out of it -- Toby seized on this to drive me nuts


Sorry, guys. I know. I am ugly. That "fugly". But that is me.


Few Comments

Ben Kennedy is hot. Last night, I surfed the site meter and came across to his blog. He's my type. But again, I probably freak him out if he ever comes across my blog once again. Maybe it is my loss, maybe not. Who is he? Well, surf it away and find him. Remember this -- I saw him 1st.

Some people wanted to know why I preferred Kerry over Bush. It is all about common sense. Lambykins wondered why I preferred Kerry over Bush in terms of the long-term goals. Two words: Supreme Court.

It is no secret that three judges are contemplating about retiring in the next four years. It is imperative and critical that we have reasonable judges to rule the decisions that affected the individuals and groups' rights. We cannot permit Bush to install the conservative judges that supported his right-wing views. That is utterly unfathomable thing to do. By permitting Bush to do this, we set our country 50 years back in the past, especially with the minorities' rights.

We need to put the so-called "activist" (whom Bush once called the Massachusetts Supreme Court) judges on the panel where they can rule the decisions based on what the Constitution is all about, not these right-wing zealots' desires or fantasies. My rights are not my privileges. It shall not be taken away by these people like Bush. By putting Kerry in White House, the common sense shall prevail, especially when it comes to install the judges on the Supreme Court.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Morgan Spurlock Is The One

I watched the DVD film this morning, "Super-Size Me!" Interesting film. Yeah, the documentary film is riveting, to say the least. But Morgan Spurlock is cute, charming with beautiful eyes. Very easy to look at. In fact, when he smirked and stared at the camera, I go insane. Loved his All-American underwear. The way he smiles, it made me want to hump him right now. Oh, man.

Last night was great. Merritt and I went to Titan Bar and the place had Deafies outnumbered the hearing customers all night long. It was fun. Several dramas ensued, of course. Guess who I saw at the Titan Bar? Berna(rd)! Rosey! Larry! Cliff! Billy!

Suffice to say, I nearly caused a pandemonium in the bathroom with Rosey witnessing after tossing a wet paper towel into the bathroom stall with two guys inside. Let's leave this at that.

Shortly, Merritt and I sneaked to a new bar called Halo which I heard that it is very popular in DuPont Circle, the only bar in the District that does not allow smoking at all. The bar rocks. I was impressed.

Later, some guys went to Velvet. Not my thing. Did not want to pop an X and go on a trip. Nah.

Now, it's time to head back to Manhattan.

I had been thinking a lot about few things, especially with the long-term goals. I am determined to do something interesting. Will follow up on this subject sooner than you think.



Saturday, October 23, 2004

Our Thoughts

I had a long dinner with Nanc last night about things in life. Basically, we laughed, laughed and laughed -- in fact, we were talking about a deaf guy who was arrested and prosecuted for sexual assault. I mentioned that he also has a photo of himself on state sex offender's list. Then few minutes later, the same guy we were talking about entered the restaurant.

We were horrified that we were talking about the same person! They sat right next to us. The fates can be so cruel, sometimes. Regardless of what happened, Nanc and I had a good conversation. Caught up with everything else.

Saw many old friends at Gallaudet. But I must admit that there are so many unfamiliar faces which is sad. It is a sign of changes. Time changed. People changed. Life moves on. Oh, I must add that the neighborhood is no longer considered as a ghetto. The area is very vibrant. Very alive.

Merritt is right. He snapped, "Did you notice that many deaf gay guys who are very good-looking tend to be uneducated, stupid and pathetic?" I thought about it -- he was right. In general, I also noticed that as well. I also mentioned to him that hearing gay guys tend to chase after these guys because the uneducated deaf guys tend to be passive, thus making it much easier for the hearing guys to intimidate and control. He nodded, we sighed.

We went to the house party hosted by gay guys -- had a good time. Blah, blah, blah and blah. I ended up getting drunk. Had to retch outside. There were few dramas -- few deaf straight guys were escorted out of the party after making a loud, raucous homophobic statements. Much has changed, so much has remained the same.

Tonight, as I am waiting for Merritt to complete his hour-long (or two?) make-up to get ready for the Eye Party at Titan Bar. I look forward to see old friends as well as few enemies. Chalk it up for another night of drama in Washington.

Oh, one funny thing ... Mark, being drunk and aloof at the same time, delivered the funniest word last night by accident. Mark was wondering where Berna is, as he asked me, "Where is Bernard?"

I flinched and nearly shot the beer out of my nose.


Friday, October 22, 2004

What A Thursday!

I arrived in The District's Chinatown section at 9:20 PM. Thank God for these little pagers, be it sidekick, blackberry et al -- they practically helped me and Deafies tremendously in communicating to work out the last-minute changes.

Off to Green Lantern with Manny, Joey and Mike -- it was good to be back. Saw some familiar guys -- don't they ever leave the town? Darn, I hadn't seen the fool, Rob. I'd LOVE to 005 him. Oh, well. I get to see many old friends and familiar faces. Toby, Masa, Lee, Mark, Vic, Richard and many more. I was bit stunned when I came to the counter -- the bartender still knew my drink after a year of absence at Green Lantern! Some old things never change.

Buck bolted in the bar and saw me, he rolled his eyes and said, "My god! Ricky Never Dies!" That was funny line. Thanks, Buck.

After we took advantage of free drinks at Green Lantern, I was bit buzzed -- I was talking to Manny, I think. Then during the 'talk', my hand knocked the Bud Lite bottle off the table. It was smashed completely. Ahh, time to flee the bar -- the group emigrated to Apex where I used an old college ID to get in for free. So typical of a cheapskate, is it?

I ran into Kiki, he looked fabulous. I ran into some people that I knew but do not know their names. There were about 80 to 100 Deaf people running amok the bar/club.

After that, we dominated SoHo. I was famished -- then crashed at Merritt's palace. God, I am still famished. I'm heading down to Metro and ride the red line to the new station -- New York Avenue / Gallaudet Metro Station. That is something to see, is it?



Thursday, October 21, 2004

Off to the District! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Just finished the paperworks at work, am heading back home to pick up the bag -- then off to Chinatown for the bus en route to Washington. As someone would say, "Onward, Lord Emperor!"

I feel I should include something about my Hrandparents. When I was 4 or so, my parents took us all to Big Stone Gap (Trudy, try to find the town), Virginia -- a tiny town of 4,000 pocketed deeply in the mountainous region of the Appalachian mountains. When we arrived very late, I saw an elderly woman with white hair standing on the proch, inhaling the cigarette. Who's that freak, I wonder.

My mother said, "That is your grandma!"

"But my grandma is deaf, she is in Richmond -- not her!"

"you got two -- all grandchildren has two sets of grandparents."

I stared with wary. Oh, fuck. She cannot sign. She only talked with her voice. In the kitchen, I could feel the vibrations where she boomed with her voice, yelling at my father who nodded. Then she grabbed my chin and made me look at her while she talked to me. I didn't understand what she was trying to say.

Mom stood behind her and said, "Just nod, just nod."

I nodded, she lets me go. That Hrandma is total weirdo and bitch.

Later, she walked around the house (I just visited the home few years ago -- it's so fuckin' tiny!) -- and I followed her around. Later, she was in the bathroom staring at the mirror. I crept in and looked at her with curiosity.

Then I saw her pulling her teeth out.

Oh, fuck. I wailed and ran to my mom's arms, terrorized by the fact that my Hrandma pulled her teeth out in very casual way. Mom frantically explained that Hrandma has dentures. Dad was laughing hysterically. Hrandma was horrified and hurt that I freaked out by that.

Oh, I was only 4. Give me a break!


My Drandpa Never Spat -- Drandma Would Slay Him

When I was a kid, my parents would take me to see my grandparents which is about two miles down the street from my home. My mother's parents are pretty close with us all more than my father's parents do. See? My mom's parents = Deaf. My dad's parents = hearing. See the math? We usually see my father's parents once or twice per year. But mom's parents, thousands per year.

Anyway, when we visited my Drandparents (I did it the 'D' to identify who's who -- Hrandparents pointed to my father's parents, ok?) on Bloomingdale Avenue. When we walked into the living room, there are two television sets on a large drawer designed primarily for the living room -- these two TV sets are strictly designed and enforced for my Drandma and Drandpa. The one on the left was my Drandpa's access, the right belonged to my Drandma. Often I'd see Drandpa watching the Atlanta Braves and I could see his blood boiling when the Braves fell behind, but he rarely showed his emotions. Rarely.

As for Drandma, she loves her remote control, flipping the channels again, again and again to a point where sometimes it distracted Drandpa on the left and he bemoaned her to stop distracting him. But they sat separately -- one on the far left, one on the far right. The space between these two can hold maybe 3 or four persons, though.

I normally sat on the right because I find the baseball games to be extremely boring.

Which brings me to this point -- last night, I watched the BoSox-Yanks game out of curiosity -- yes, I flipped to other channels at times but mainly, I watched the game. I noticed something interesting.

When the camera came up close with a player's face, he often spat. When it spotted another player, he spat. Another, spat. There, spat. This, spat. Over there, spat. God, everyone spat.

From the umpires to the players to the managers, they spat, spat, spat and spat. Be it Jeter, Rodriguez, Damon (hottie!) and many more -- they still spat.

In the dugout, you could see lots of guys spitting -- I wonder what it's like to be in the dugout right after the game with all of these disgusting gooey on the floor. What is up with the spitting? Is it a fad? Is it a macho thing to do that in baseball?

I also noticed that the managers tend to eat or drink lots when the camera focused on one? There is always something in their mouths.

What the fuck is going on?

God, it is making me nervous!

But bravo to BoSox for coming up with a win. Let the riots begin.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Preparation

I had been preparing the trip back to the District. This weekend is Homecoming for Gallaudet. I probably will not attend the homecoming events at all. I'm too old for that. I'm gonna be there to meet friends and mellow around and see what's up with the city. You know, I am secretly hoping that Rob, the 'taken' guy whom I had a fling with last year, will be at a certain bar on a certain night so that I can see how he reacts to my presence ... long after I spilled the Truth to his lover that he cheated on him with me!

No, I won't go to BlogjamDC. I will not caught dead in that place. A major ugh! That 'BlogjamDC' made me think of something -- we need to organize a group of DeafBloggers to gather and meet each other, that would be cool, is it?

I need to wash some clothes before I hit the sack -- then work, then zoom to the bus chartered by gibberish comments spewed by none other than Chinese folks. The Chinatown bus services are hilarious -- when you approach them with your luggage, there are 5 or 6 Chinese women screaming at the top of their lungs, trying to sell the tickets for us to head down to DC. I feel like a king, courting their desperate pleas. Well, Chinese folks drove the bus badly, but I cannot help it if they're so cheap to ride back and forth.



Oh, Geez

Today on the subway train en route to downtown for a meeting, Donna and I chit-chatted about different things -- I saw a young, cute man of early 20s sitting with the red "B" on his dark blue cap. I mentioned the series to Donna. Donna rolled her eyes as to say whatever.

I grinned and she asked me why I root for BoSox. I told her that I'm not a fan of professional baseball teams but I want to see how Boston fans reacts when they finally break the Curse. I mean, they caused a riot when they won the Super Bowl. But breaking the curse will incite much far worse than just a riot. Donna grinned.

I kept on looking at this young man who was occasionally looked at me talking.

Then the subway train screeched at a local stop which Donna and I stayed, this guy stood up and walked past me out of the train. He said, "Sorry, excuse me, thanks."

I was stunned. He said it in ASL. Donna gasped. I was perplexed, offended and amused that someone was watching us talking about BoSox.

Damn the people who knew ASL but chose not to say anything and watch us talking. So fuckin' rude but he was so cute. Very doable. Very fuckable. Oh, well. C'est la vie!


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This Is Just Cute

It is raining here in Manhattan. Very soggy weather. I got something to cheer y'all -- enjoy the picture, thanks to LM for forwarding this to me.

I think the guy on the top left is cute if he has some hair on his chest.

Wonder why did the blogger bother to add the 'webdings' font? Nobody can truly understand what I may type like this:

Rodir shall reign the universe

I said: Ridor shall rule the universe.

So you can see why I said that the webdings is ridiculous to use, to be honest with you.

Oh, yeah, after 5 hours and 48 minutes, BoSox tipped Yanks and sent the series back to The Bronx. Will the BoSox be able to handle the Yanks and win at the hallowed ground? Only time will tell. If BoSox wins, the tensions in Boston will increase. Lots of people might end up in the local hospitals with health problems. If BoSox wins the series and break the curse, I bet you few dollars that several people will die because of that. Die of happiness, euphoria and more -- then heart attack sets in. Brain anuerysms sets in. Plus, a massive riot that burned Boston to the grounds.

So let's see how it pans out tonight.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Here Is The Mava Doll

Mava Doll Next To Me

Manny Vazquez designed his own doll and named it ... Mava Dolls. Many of them are interesting and cute. They are not for rough play, it is for contemplation -- hang it up on the wall or whatever you wanted.

Last night, I was looking at this doll. It seems to be adorable, mysterious and up to something. It is nice, and not only that -- its colors fits who I am.

If you want to know more about the Mava Dolls in terms of shapes, colors, eyes et al, you may contact Manny Vazquez at mavacouture (at)

Thanks, Manny for holding this one for me.

I need a haircut. I look awful, do I?

Here is another picture of Mava dolls.



Here Is The Proof That Hearing Aids Do Not Help

When I was a kid, the hearing aids were forced upon me. All I can hear is tons of screeches. If one screams, it screeched. If a door slammed, it screeched. I cannot decipher any sounds for words or what it is -- it just screeched, screeched, screeched and screeched all the time.

It drives me nuts. I was not the only one. Many Deaf people became aggressive in destroying their hearing aids. It may be perceived as an empowerment to destroy hearing aids, like women burning their bras in 1960s. I flushed mine down the toilet when I was 12. I have had enough of that so one day, I walked into the bathroom and flushed it away. BYE SKSK to that.

There was an incident at my old school where the mentally retarded, deaf boy in the cafeteria during the breakfast, some hearing staff were pestering him about something else -- he snapped. He ran to a girl and snatched her hearing aids out of her ears and ran to the bathroom. He also flushed it away. Even a mentally retarded person made a statement out of that.

Now with this pathetic article that was printed in NY POST today.

I guess, that was the survival of the fittest, eh?

And not only that ... flush the damned thing out.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Few Thoughts About Sports, Really.

October 15 came and passed without a fanfare in New York -- which is bit unusual for me to deal. I guess, there are many things to do in New York than to celebrate the first day of practice for NCAA Hoops. I love the NCAA Hoops more than NBA and WNBA, believe it or not.

I just read the article about Virginia Cavaliers women's basketball team which finished the worst season in 25 years at 13-16 last year. Guys, guys, I know! You are not interested in sports -- but it is my outlet -- I just hoped what happened last year served a blow to the players and start playing like a team! Coach Ryan indicated that the starting point guard is Sharnee Zoll, a freshman out of New Jersey which surprised me! Many years ago, she tends to put a freshman on the starting lineup in order to learn and handle the pressures. But in the last 5 years, she was very conservative and benched many outstanding freshmen to a point where many of them kept on transferring, quitting or suspended.

I'm confident that this year, the team is going to surprise everyone else. But I am worried about the first two games -- they'll play No. 1 Louisiana State in Baton Rouge if they beats Arizona State first. Ack!

Damn the Yankees, they routed BoSox 17-8 at Fenway Park! But today, BoSox won, 6-4. Whew. But still trailed by two games! Nobody has come back from behind at 3-0. I just saw the Mastercard commercial on the television -- an elderly man pointed to the sign: 1918. And the words on the commercial was: "Boston RedSox In World Series: Priceless"

I was disheartened that No. 6 Virginia Cavaliers football team got trashed badly at Tallahassee, 36-3. UVa football team seemed unable to beat FSU for years. And each time, UVA played in Tallahassee, they always got massacred.

The cold has arrived in New York. It is nice. I might be in the District on Thursday night, wait and see. It was good to see Manny and Merritt yesterday, even for a brief time.


"Are there homosexuals in Heaven?"

John Ostrander is great writer. He used to write The Spectre, a comic book owned by DC Comics. The Spectre is about a fallen angel who didn't defend God in their cosmic battle against Lucifer and his minions, he was neutral and did not take the part of this, I cannot remember the origins. I hope I got it right.

However, when God and his angels defeated Lucifer and his fallen angels and threw him to Hell, Spectre came to ask God for forgiveness. But God does not allow him to come in Heaven -- so his punishment is to wander as the Wrath of Vengeance on Earth. He has to find a human soul whose rejected God out of anger and merge with him in order to judge the mortals from time to time. He must judge and kill the mortals in the same manner that they murdered someone else. Stuff like that is his job. Sometimes Spectre was not sure, he went to Heaven to sought for guidance. Anyway, in The Spectre #45 which my friend, Dylan urged me to read and I did. I was impressed with John's thoughts. Here is what happened ...

Spectre happened to be in the area where the group of men attacked two gay men with baseball bats. One died. The group of men told Spectre that he cannot judge them because God abhorred homosexuals, so says the Good Book! Spectre's human host, Jim Corrigan was homophobic and unsure what to do -- they committed the murder. They must be judged. Because of Jim's homophobic thoughts, the group was spared. Later, Spectre talked with his mentor who is Catholic priest. The priest said, "What if I'm homosexual? I'm not saying that I am, because I took the vow of celibacy but if I am one, does that gives you the right to view me any less than others?" Spectre did not answer. He simply vanished.

Outside of everything, Spectre appeared before the huge, massive Angel who guarded the Gates of Heaven. The Gates of Heaven and Angel Michael were so huge that Spectre seems to be dwarfed.

Spectre acknowledged, "Michael!"

Michael spoke, "Spectre. What brings you to the Gates of Heaven? You know I cannot allow you inside."

Spectre asked, "You have to tell me something. Are there homoseuxals in Heaven?"

Michael said, "The question is irrelevant. Sexuality is a matter for the body and thus is confined to the mortal sphere. It has no place here."

Spectre then wondered, "Are there souls in Heaven who have committed unnatural acts on Earth?"

Michael responded, "There are souls in Heaven that have committed every act conceivable. What soul enters Heaven without some stain of sin upon it? It is not the individual acts that bring or bar a soul here but the balance of one's life. I should warn you -- it is not what Humanity considers good or evil. Humanity should not presume to judge for God. They invariably get it wrong."

Spectre got the message and returned to Earth and resumed his duties in judging the gay bashers.

John Ostrander nailed on this, did he? He won my respect when I read the first time. He is also the one that changed my views on death penalty. I came from Virginia where there is heavy support for death penalty, so I initially supported the death penalty.

In an issue, where Spectre goes berserk and he decided to judge and punish people. He went to the Death Row and since he is the spirit, he walked through the walls and passed through condemned persons. Each time, many condemned persons died in the same manner, which meant that they did commit the murders.

Spectre then was approached by the cops who attempted to stop him from killing these condemned persons -- some cops also perished, it turned out that they were the murderers as well. When Spectre was done with it, he heard a voice. "Mister?"

He saw the condemned person inside the cell, Spectre was stunned. "But you are condemned."

The black man said, "I am innocent. I did not do it."

Spectre touched him, he did not perish. He was stunned. He turned to face the warden that he is innocent! The warden said that he has nothing to do with it, it's up to the courts. He went to the governor of the state who said that his hands are tied and he cannot do anything to stop the state from executing the inmate that was convicted by the jury.

Unsure what to do, Spectre went back to Heaven to seek a guidance from Angel Michael. Michael warned him that Spectre is not a super-hero, he is not out to save lives. He is only to judge people of their crimes. If the innocent died, that is where his duty will begin.

Spectre understood. He went back to the Death Row and told the inmate that he cannot save his life. But he shall avenge his death. Spectre warned the governor that since the state is responsible for his execution, the judgment shall fall on the taxpayers. So essentially, everyone else who lives in the state shall die because they supported the government in killing an innocent victim. Needless to say, the governor spared his life.

But that was the moment I realized that as a taxpayer, I may be responsible for the wrongful executions. From that point, I stopped supporting and turned against it. Today, I was watching a movie called "Monster's Ball", I was thinking of John Ostrander's The Spectre.


An Odd E-Mail

I checked my gmail account to see what's up -- ahh, 18 new emails. Nice. Nice.

Then I got this -- very bizarre. Why bother to send this to me? I already mentioned that I want that Bush *out* of White House.

I do not believe in fair play -- I will delete the email address or the link to that website. I do not want anyone to support 'em. I want to squash 'em. It mentioned that the reason why they sent it to me because I am a blogger. Bad idea. I was gonna send it to Lambykins or Elisa Abasdfzxcvfrt but I decided not to do it. Maybe they already got it and will post it.

Here is the email.

One advice: It is Commander in Chief, not Commander and Chief, you idiot fish.


[The group's name has been deleted] proved that bloggers are the best fact checkers. That is why we are writing to a few bloggers asking for help.

[The name of the group is bye-bye!] has collected several documents that are clearly suspect.
But we need your help to prove they are fake: [The link was deleted, of course]

Let's spring to action before these documents needlessly tarnish the reputation of our Commander and Chief. You know the drill: analyze the handwriting, search for factual errors, and post your discoveries.

And keep us posted by sending email to [Blah, blah, blah, no email address!].

Thanks in advance for your help.

[Group's name signature has fled the post]

Friday, October 15, 2004

Look But Do Not Touch

I just found out that Stefan LeFors is married. Go figure. Typical southerner to own a woman.


Do Not Trust The Polls

As you know, the polls required people to use theland line phone system to determine who's who -- but today, millions of registered voters are using cell phones. That will play a role in proving that the polls are in need of updating its system. So the 4-point lead for Bush is ... pure hogwash, like it or not.

Cheney is full of himself -- whined that Kerry mentioned his cuntlicking daughter. Actually, Kerry is right on the target, that Bush attempted to discriminate his Vice-President's child based on her sexual orientation -- HELLO!

But again, what do you expect from dumbfucks?


Thank God It Is Raining Today

Damn. Fuck. Damn the stars! Damn Wojnar's turds.

No. 17 Louisville lost to No. 3 Miami, 41-38 after leading as many as 17 points. Stefan LeFors was knocked out with a concussion in fourth quarter and Miami regrouped to win the game in Miami.

My head hurts. Not because of the game. Because of something else.

Web got the tape! She got the tape from XL Bar! It is called ... GUYS GONE WILD: FRAT BOYS. What happened is that, XL Bar underwent some minor renovation on Wednesday night, thus Faggot Feud was subsequently cancelled. So on Thursday night, they re-opened the whole she-bang with free giveaways with these tapes. Web and Benis zoomed -- it was given to the customers by random -- and Web got it!

When you're done with it, I'm 2nd person to see it, ok?


Thursday, October 14, 2004

"Remember Me?"

Today, I was walking down the street, I guess I was in deep thoughts. Suddenly, I was tapped from behind. Who would tap me from behind in Manhattan, I wonder? I turned to look at very cute guy smiling at me. I was surprised and smiled a little with bit of my eyebrows acting up with suspicion.

He said, "Remember me? We met at The Cock Bar!" His speech was very clear that I understood on the first try. Wow.

I was not sure if I remembered him. Maybe I was drunk on one of these nights. I do not know. But the point is, he is here and he is smiling. I smiled and said, "How are you?"

"I'm good. How come you did not email me?"

Oh. I hate that.


Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Last night, I watched the 3rd debate of President Bush and Senator Kerry as well as flipping over to watch the Yanks-BoSox game. When the moderator asked Bush this particular question, I thought it was a good question.

But when Bush answered, I nearly shot the iced tea out of my nose. Is this what we needed in White House?

Here is the transcript I want to provide what Bush said:

Mr. President, what do you say to someone in this country who has lost his job to someone overseas who‘s being paid a fraction of what that job paid here in the United States?

BUSH: I‘d say, Bob, I‘ve got policies to continue to grow our economy and create the jobs of the 21st century. And here‘s some help for you to go get an education. Here‘s some help for you to go to a community college.

We‘ve expanded trade adjustment assistance. We want to help pay for you to gain the skills necessary to fill the jobs of the 21st century.

The answer by Bush is incredibly insulting and moot, especially towards millions of students who already graduated from colleges & universities. I think any person who has the Ph.D degree will be offended when Bush tells them to go and get an education at a community college!


An Assortment of Weekends

It is nice to live in New York, it is the hub of world -- it is much cheaper to fly to New York than to fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. So it is certainly a bonus to meet old friends from time to time.

There is a great film where Billy Crudup, Jason Patric, Brad Pitt and Ron Eldard played together -- in Sleepers. Out of four guys, I find Ron Eldard to be incredibly irresistible because of his eyes. It is good enough to melt me like Dorothy did to the Wicked.

However, in the ending of the film, where these four guys got together for old times' sake -- it is something that I often do with my friends -- talking, poking fun at life and celebrating our times together.

Sometimes it is good life, is it?

In one scene where Ron Eldard used his hands to drum on the table and started to sing something funny. Everyone followed along and sang. It was heart-moving one, especially with Ron's facial expressions -- he was really into this mode. I think I should attempt to do that in ASL someday and see how it happens with friends of mine. I don't care much for gawkers to VEE VEE at us for being silly at times.

Drink it up, buddies!

For Old Times' Sake!


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gorgeous Picture?

Mt. St. Helens

Sometimes you wish that you could be something else outside of a human body, what do you wish to be? I often wished to be a massive mountain, just like this.



Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oh, ye poor Astros & Cardinals!

Oh, my poor lost Astros and Cardinals -- the professional baseball teams embarking on a trip to World Series are not getting any attention in the media. The Astros and Cardinals are waving their hands frantically to get some attention to them -- that they are in the finals of NLCS. But nobody cared. The media is saturated with the mystical rivals between Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in the ALCS.

The rivals between these teams are ridiculous. I am not a fan of both teams, but I really feel for Boston Red Sox who struggled to reach the finals of World Series, only to be blocked repeatedly by New York Yankees since 1918. That is not 20 years ago. That is 86 years ago. Of course, I'm going to root for BoSox just to see what it's going to be like in Boston when they finally beat New York. Of course, just to see Char's reactions when the Yankees finally lost.

The passion between these two teams are ridiculous. One BoSox fan admitted that he sacrificed a goat, trying to break a curse that was started 86 years ago. That is pretty silly, don't you think? But that is how it is.

I was at a local pub, Dempsey's Pub which caters to Irish folks in Manhattan. Last month, there were some games between BoSox and Yankees. When BoSox hits for a home rum, you cannot know how loud the pub endured with these Irish folks -- even for me as Deaf person, I was startled by their passion.

You know, when the professional football team, New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, its fans went out on the streets, they chanted, "YANKS SUCK! YANKS SUCK! YANKS SUCK!" Why did they mention Yankees in the football celebration?

This simply proved that baseball is the American institution, a level above the professional football, like it or not.

Like someone said earlier, if the BoSox finally beats NY Yankees in the ALCS, the riots on the streets in Boston is going to make the recent victory of Super Bowl like "your grandmother's tea party". I agreed with that particular person.

So this time, I'm going to root for BoSox just to see how it turned out in the end. You know me, I love the drama.

I'm not fan of professional baseball -- but I enjoyed hearing the tensions between these two teams. As of now, you know what will happen to a wet towel when you keep on twisting for a long period of time? Eventually, it will snap.

So, the curse shall be ... like that.


Gotta Love These Norwegians!

The Norwegians bought the advertisement page in The Washington Post and it's to tell the swing voters to say "no" to Bush and his foreign policy.

I got few friends from Norway and the most important of all is Berna, my Eurotrash pal -- she's from Norway as well.

Their website is clever -- I love it! Here is the link:

Har har! Their flag colors are dark blue and red -- so I'm honoring 'em.

Way to go, Norwegians!


You Go, Girl!

I learned that Stefan LeFors is the quarterback of Louisville Cardinals, who is slated to play against No. 3 Miami Hurricanes on Thursday night. I hope Stefan LeFors will be able to lead the Cardinals to an upset.

Why him? Stefan is the CODA, thus I'm inclined to root for him to beat Miami Hurricanes.

To Hearies, CODA means 'Child of Deaf Adults'.

Stefan's parents are Deaf from Baton Rouge. He also had a Deaf brother, Eric who played the quarterback at Gallaudet for a long time.

Stefan is hot, I admit. That is a bonus to root for him. Stefan mentioned that the deaf community in Baton Rouge knew him and probably is rooting for him -- he is tad wrong on this subject. Many deaf communities in the nation are going to root for Stefan LeFors, because he is one of us.

Beat Hurricanes! Go Stefan!


Monday, October 11, 2004

Absurdity Is Jason Lamberton's Middle Name

The comments by Oscar reflected on his narcissism and his lack of knowledge beyond himself. Oscar's arguments merely focused only on his needs, himself and his surroundings. His perception of welfare programs are appalling. Yes, some people abused the system. But there are millions of people who depended on the welfare programs.

I work in mental health services, I can attest that the monthly checks the clients received are incredibly vital to their survival. Most of the people who has mentally illness has a difficult time in getting jobs, let alone hold the job for months or years! Is it their fault? No, they do not know what is wrong with them. Most of them were raised in a dysfunctional household -- they were never disciplined, taught or explained by their parents. So when they stepped into the real world, they were completely blown away. To make things worse, they find out that they have mental illness. It is such a struggle to maintain their living standards. I will not describe my job position but the whole point is that, there are millions of people who cannot hold a decent job. They are unable to start, and roll their sleeves and compete against millions of persons who holds the BA degrees in search of a decent job -- they are completely at an disadvantage in this capitalistic society. If not for welfare programs, they might have to work double or triple shifts at fast food restaurants, flipping burgers and ... yet, still cannot meet their monthly bills!

It was never a case of spoon-feeding as Jason or Oscar would like it to be -- the truth is that Oscar and Jason were spoon-fed more than the recipients of welfare programs. These programs were placed in to facilitate the solution somehow and somewhere in the middle! Oscar and Jason abused the system, simply put.

When Oscar said, "just my 2 cents. all lofty aspirations aside--i know i'd want to grab that spoon and feed myself." What does it says? Only for himself. What about millions of people who do not have BA degrees, have mental illness and unable to hold jobs? Should we say, "Too fucking bad, roll your sleeves and look for the job!"

To say that the senior Bush was responsible for the passage of Americans with Disabilities Act was an attempt to distort the facts -- it was the Democrats-dominated Congress who overwhelmingly passed the ADA and the insiders warned the senior Bush that if he vetoed the bill, it will make him look bad.

Jason, I know you and your family -- your parents are well-educated, they spoon-fed you from day one, lavishing you with everything, preparing you for what you have on the table -- the result is that you lived a sheltered life. Or should I say 'Spoiled All-American brat'?? You do not live the way many millions persons struggled to live -- your parents helped you to buy a home. Millions of people do not have the luxury of that, including mine. You see, you were pretty much spoon-fed from day one. I work with a large group of disadvantaged people. It is mind-boggling to work with them everyday. You work at a liberal arts university, you study at a good school, you got a home of your own. Did you ever volunteer or work with mental ill people, preferrably ... say ... DeafREACH in DC?? Working at CSD-F does not count, thank you very much.

Keep in mind, it is not about the case of jealousy, it never was. I care less if you bought a house -- but I do care about the struggles of others.

The problem with this country is that lots of people tends to think about future, future and themselves rather than to help each other and deal with the situations right now.

Jason, about the Log Cabin Republicans. They do not hate Bush. IN fact, they endorsed him, defended him and supported him until Bush proposed the amendment to the Constitution to ban the same-sex marriages. That is where the LCR decided not to endorse that ignorant prick. There is no hatred in this, Jason. Don't distort this, thank you very much. You are right that the marriage amendment will never pass, but the whole point is that Bush endorsed it. He fuckin' endorsed the ban on marriage amendment.

Kerry does not support the same-sex marriages, but he supported the civil unions. Bush has none of that, he has been kissing the shit-stained asses of right wing religious nuts.

The reasons why many Deaf students used SSI rather than to work in local businesses is that the businesses would hire hearing people to work as waiters, whereas Deaf persons would be relegate to the kitchen and wash dishes. Meanwhile, these waiters get tips, the workers in the kitchen do not. So it is sensible to rely upon the 'monthly check' to support themselves in college, though.

Again, not all Americans are suitable for higher education. They try their best all the time. You just had an easy time running around with your parents standing behind you all the time -- millions do not. Consider yourself lucky, Jason.

Not all Americans are like you or Oscar -- when the shit hits the fan, you probably cannot tell which one is reality.

Benjamin Franklin once said that freedom itself is not worth it when the rights are being put aside in the name of security. The whole point is that Bush captured the opponents and held them for years without the legal counsel and crafted the Patriot Act to erode our rights -- then our freedom is meaningless. It is inhumane, simply put.

If I was in control of the country, the first thing I will do is to take Bush to a dungeon. Strip him naked, make him lay on the floor, chain his arms and legs to each corner -- ensure that his legs and arms are wide open. Then release the thousands of spiders onto his body for hours. And deny him the right to have a legal counsel. That would be a great experience for Bush. Let's see how he enjoys that!


$$ for Nanc!

Two years ago, Nanc and I had a long chat about everything else, really. One time, she nearly made me blow the coca-cola soda out of my nose when I heard this story.

It was during the Super Bowl party in Baltimore, Nanc participated in a contest that will give money to the winner who predicted the right score or very close score. In the second half, Nanc felt bad about her friend, I believe it was Sharon but I'm not sure, who cheered that she won the prize with few minutes left in the 4th quarter.

Suddenly, an interception occured during the game in the last minute -- and scored a touchdown. That means what? This girl just lost the contest. She was depressed and felt sick. Nanc felt bad and tried to console (Thanks, Amy!) with her.

About an hour after the game, she drove her SUV truck to her parents' house. She got paged by Barb to check the scores (hers and the actual score). During the drive, she attempted to read the actual score with her predicted score -- but she cannot because her light in the jeep was broken. She had no choice but to wait until the intersection where there are stop lights. When Nanc found a red light on the intersection light, she quickly hopped out of her SUV truck and ran into front of her truck to use the headlights to read the actual score and the predicted score.

She won. Nanc blinked and read it again. Nanc won some hundreds of dollars. She won.

She jumped and celebrated wildly by her truck on the intersection while people stared at her like she's crazy. Nanc rushed back to the house to collect the prized money.

Boy, is she crazy as usual?