Friday, October 29, 2004

The So-Called Freedom Shit

I shall repeat what I said before -- my rights are not my privileges. My rights are my rights. I was born in this country, therefore I do not get my rights by a privilege. It is my right by birthright.

Ever since the 9/11 Demise, Bush cried for freedom. Then he cited the national security by promoting the Patriot Act which eroded our rights, trampled others' rights. He also chose the different words to describe the prisoners of war, Enemy Combatants to avoid the international laws -- prompting the cronies to degrade, defile and crush their dignity.

Is that the American way? No, it is not. It is supposed to be the truth, justice and freedom for all. Not manipulative, lying and stripping others of their rights. Yes, 9/11 happened for a reason. Now we must learn from it in order to make sure that it will never happen. How? By attacking back? Nah, it does not work. It shall make things worse than ever. Trust me.

Oh, Bill O'Reilly just settled the sexual harassment lawsuit. It goes to prove that he did harass her. Typical male chauvinist pig.

Oh, Chamique Holdsclaw is depressed. Boohoo, so was I. And I'm doing OK.

Republicans annoy me these days -- I hadn't met a person who came to my face and said, "I am Republican". Of course, they are afraid. Because I'd crush 'em literally and figuratively.


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