Monday, October 25, 2004

Few Comments

Ben Kennedy is hot. Last night, I surfed the site meter and came across to his blog. He's my type. But again, I probably freak him out if he ever comes across my blog once again. Maybe it is my loss, maybe not. Who is he? Well, surf it away and find him. Remember this -- I saw him 1st.

Some people wanted to know why I preferred Kerry over Bush. It is all about common sense. Lambykins wondered why I preferred Kerry over Bush in terms of the long-term goals. Two words: Supreme Court.

It is no secret that three judges are contemplating about retiring in the next four years. It is imperative and critical that we have reasonable judges to rule the decisions that affected the individuals and groups' rights. We cannot permit Bush to install the conservative judges that supported his right-wing views. That is utterly unfathomable thing to do. By permitting Bush to do this, we set our country 50 years back in the past, especially with the minorities' rights.

We need to put the so-called "activist" (whom Bush once called the Massachusetts Supreme Court) judges on the panel where they can rule the decisions based on what the Constitution is all about, not these right-wing zealots' desires or fantasies. My rights are not my privileges. It shall not be taken away by these people like Bush. By putting Kerry in White House, the common sense shall prevail, especially when it comes to install the judges on the Supreme Court.


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