Wednesday, October 27, 2004

O-Boyoboy, Cannot Wait!

I am currently reading a book called "Only In New York" which was given to me by Sarah. Thanks. So far, so fun, so informative and so cool. Here is one of many tidbits from the book.

Q. I understand that, long before my mother first called me by the name, the original "Wild Man of Borneo" was exhibited in a New York City sideshow. Was he an actual primitive, and was he, in fact, from Borneo?

A. P.T. Barnum is generally credited with conceiving of the first "wild man" exhibit in the 1840's, which he presented along with other human oddities at his American Museum, located on Lower Broadway across from City Hall Park. Actually, there were two "Wild Men of Borneo", who were costumed in animal skins and encouraged to grunt and scream and otherwise behave in accordance with 19th-century notions of savagery. The wild men were played by Hiram and Barney Davis, twin brothers from Long Island. A more sophiscated public, eventually grew weary of such an obvious canard, but until the 1930's, other wild men, usually said to be from Borneo, were commonplace in circuses and sideshows. In the early 1900's, a "bona fide" wild Man of Borneo was presented at Dreamland in Coney Island. He was an Alsatian from the Bronx who darkened his face with burnt cork.

Oh, yeah, it also mentioned that New York University (NYU) had a football team and it was powerhouse among the country. The team crumbled right after World War II, can you guess what their team mascot is?

The Violets!

Oh, god. That is so fag.

Speaking of fag, Mike Rogers of announced that in the next 24 to 48 hours, the site will out two prominent Republicans that will shake the foundations of everything else in the politics, thus will certainly make it the biggest news of the decade for GLBT community. Boy, I cannot wait! The suspense is killing me badly.


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