Thursday, October 07, 2004

Visulite Theater Is Sold & That BoiFromTroy

It is certainly nice to know that a movie theater in downtown Staunton was sold to a screenwriter from New York. When I was a kid at VSD, I occasionally went to Dixie Theaters and Visulite Theater to watch many films. Visulite Theater was the first movie that I watched with 3-D. Nice to know that the downtown is looking much better. Last time I visited, I was bit stunned with how good it looked.

Way to go, Staunton!

I have to do something about BoiFromTroy -- that guy is gay Republican. Not only that, he's a die-hard fan of Southern Cal. It is double whammy. Southern Cal is overrated, filled with meaningless pretty bois. Gay Republicans are blind as shit. But this one is very charming. I enjoyed reading his blog -- I had to insert him into Hearies category. It goes against my rules but again, the rules are meant to be broken, though.

The chances of me meeting him is slim, which I do not care much ... but it's been fun reading his entries from time to time.


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