Tuesday, October 12, 2004

You Go, Girl!

I learned that Stefan LeFors is the quarterback of Louisville Cardinals, who is slated to play against No. 3 Miami Hurricanes on Thursday night. I hope Stefan LeFors will be able to lead the Cardinals to an upset.

Why him? Stefan is the CODA, thus I'm inclined to root for him to beat Miami Hurricanes.

To Hearies, CODA means 'Child of Deaf Adults'.

Stefan's parents are Deaf from Baton Rouge. He also had a Deaf brother, Eric who played the quarterback at Gallaudet for a long time.

Stefan is hot, I admit. That is a bonus to root for him. Stefan mentioned that the deaf community in Baton Rouge knew him and probably is rooting for him -- he is tad wrong on this subject. Many deaf communities in the nation are going to root for Stefan LeFors, because he is one of us.

Beat Hurricanes! Go Stefan!


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