Monday, October 11, 2004

The Actor and the Athlete

Few weeks ago, I mentioned that Petru was dead because his neck was of no use to him any longer. I knew he does not want to live the way Christopher Reeve do, mainly because he cannot use his signs while being paralyzed from the neck below. He's better off dead. And Christopher Reeve was still quadriplegic when he dropped dead last Friday or Saturday. Thanks to Christopher, his doctor is rich, siphoned his money based on false hopes that Chris, someday, will walk.

Now he shall wheel down to the coffin. One question: Can his wheelchair fits in his coffin as well?

One lame joke: "It is a bird! No, it is not a bird! It is a plane! No, it is not a plane! It is Superman! No, it is not Superman! It is some guy in a wheelchair flying!"

Ken Caminiti is dead at 41. Who is he? He used to be a professional baseball player. When he first joined the league, he looked hot. He was perfect. But he shot the steroids up and he became some kind of hideous monster. He hooked up with blow all the time. Let this be a lesson to all MLB players. Go ahead, do it. And be like Ken Caminiti!


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