Friday, October 08, 2004

Few Jabs

During the lunch break, I read NY Press with an interest regarding the America's worst campaign journalists -- among the list is none other than Jason Lamberton's favorite girl, Ann Coulter.

About the hurricanes, we have to accept the fact that hurricanes are becoming frequent -- hello, we had four hurricanes in six weeks hitting Florida -- how often is that? Why is it happening? It is because the ocean temperatures has been rising. Even with few degrees, the sea can dictate the climatic changes. And its impact will be so severe and profound. It shall produce a lot of disastrous results for millions of people, economy and crops. This article by Alexander Zaitchik is the exact thing that I had been trying to explain about the need to eject that fool out of White House.

So Jason, made a sensible argument that GW Bush is responsible for his inactions regarding the environmental issues. GW Bush always used "sound science" to support the industries with fraudulent data and questionable researches.

Tony Blair is campaigning to make global warming an issue with European Union because he knew that if the climatic changes do occur in near future, Great Britain will be threatened.


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