Saturday, October 30, 2004

That Old Lady at The Fireplace

When I left the District last week on Sunday, I realized that I went to DC without going to The Fireplace to say "hi" to the old lady who bartends in the bar. I felt bad. I like her very much. She's tough old cookie but lovable as hell. She reminded me of my Hrandma. Toby, is she still there? I felt stupid for not stopping by The Fireplace!!

Three women in my family celebrated their birthdays in October -- my mother and two sisters.

I'm up next in November. 9th. Will be 31.

I wrote down the list of "hopeful" gifts from friends to see whether if their gifts will match with mine -- of course, I did not show them the list. I just want to compare.

But I did address few months ago on the blog that I wanted something else. Very vital.

Oh, Happy Halloween. I'll head out to Ridloff/Traina's Halloween Party tonight and bum around a little. How was the High Heel Race in DC? I missed that event! Always loved these brave men running up the street in high heels. I'd love to see Jason Lamberton do that ... Lambykins, let's wage a bet. If Bush lost the election, you must participate in the High Heels Race '05.

Had a haircut, bought new tennis shoes. And walked down the street. Saw a mother pushing a stroller onto the street, the mother standing behind the stroller, trying to look left -- I was thinking ... are we that idiots? Are mothers supposed to protect babies but why do the mothers push the babies onto the street first before the mothers did? Such an illogical move, if you ask me. But that is us, the Americans!

In Amsterdam, it is normal to leave the baby in a stroller outside while a mother enters to buy a coffee and eat a bagel.

We are that crazy. Hell, the world is.


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