Sunday, October 24, 2004

Morgan Spurlock Is The One

I watched the DVD film this morning, "Super-Size Me!" Interesting film. Yeah, the documentary film is riveting, to say the least. But Morgan Spurlock is cute, charming with beautiful eyes. Very easy to look at. In fact, when he smirked and stared at the camera, I go insane. Loved his All-American underwear. The way he smiles, it made me want to hump him right now. Oh, man.

Last night was great. Merritt and I went to Titan Bar and the place had Deafies outnumbered the hearing customers all night long. It was fun. Several dramas ensued, of course. Guess who I saw at the Titan Bar? Berna(rd)! Rosey! Larry! Cliff! Billy!

Suffice to say, I nearly caused a pandemonium in the bathroom with Rosey witnessing after tossing a wet paper towel into the bathroom stall with two guys inside. Let's leave this at that.

Shortly, Merritt and I sneaked to a new bar called Halo which I heard that it is very popular in DuPont Circle, the only bar in the District that does not allow smoking at all. The bar rocks. I was impressed.

Later, some guys went to Velvet. Not my thing. Did not want to pop an X and go on a trip. Nah.

Now, it's time to head back to Manhattan.

I had been thinking a lot about few things, especially with the long-term goals. I am determined to do something interesting. Will follow up on this subject sooner than you think.



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