Saturday, October 23, 2004

Our Thoughts

I had a long dinner with Nanc last night about things in life. Basically, we laughed, laughed and laughed -- in fact, we were talking about a deaf guy who was arrested and prosecuted for sexual assault. I mentioned that he also has a photo of himself on state sex offender's list. Then few minutes later, the same guy we were talking about entered the restaurant.

We were horrified that we were talking about the same person! They sat right next to us. The fates can be so cruel, sometimes. Regardless of what happened, Nanc and I had a good conversation. Caught up with everything else.

Saw many old friends at Gallaudet. But I must admit that there are so many unfamiliar faces which is sad. It is a sign of changes. Time changed. People changed. Life moves on. Oh, I must add that the neighborhood is no longer considered as a ghetto. The area is very vibrant. Very alive.

Merritt is right. He snapped, "Did you notice that many deaf gay guys who are very good-looking tend to be uneducated, stupid and pathetic?" I thought about it -- he was right. In general, I also noticed that as well. I also mentioned to him that hearing gay guys tend to chase after these guys because the uneducated deaf guys tend to be passive, thus making it much easier for the hearing guys to intimidate and control. He nodded, we sighed.

We went to the house party hosted by gay guys -- had a good time. Blah, blah, blah and blah. I ended up getting drunk. Had to retch outside. There were few dramas -- few deaf straight guys were escorted out of the party after making a loud, raucous homophobic statements. Much has changed, so much has remained the same.

Tonight, as I am waiting for Merritt to complete his hour-long (or two?) make-up to get ready for the Eye Party at Titan Bar. I look forward to see old friends as well as few enemies. Chalk it up for another night of drama in Washington.

Oh, one funny thing ... Mark, being drunk and aloof at the same time, delivered the funniest word last night by accident. Mark was wondering where Berna is, as he asked me, "Where is Bernard?"

I flinched and nearly shot the beer out of my nose.


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