Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Har har?

Check this out -- have fun reading this bizarre crap.

On other hand, I'm trying so hard to follow Ann Coulter's book. Somebody please tell her that there are conservative Democrats, there are liberal Republicans. Liberals do not conform to one party, for god's sake.

And as much as I support this country, I do not think we should force the students in schools to do the pledge of allegiance. It is so un-American to force others to do that.

And this morning, I saw Ann Coulter spewing her boring rhetoric rants about John Kerry. She said that John Kerry is the male version of Anna Nicole Smith. What? Well, I enjoyed watching her on her reality show two years ago -- I thought she was hilarious, opinionated and All-American girl. She was simply great!

Basically, that bitch needs to get a life. But again, so do I.


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