Friday, October 08, 2004

Sports Talk III & Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif)

Virginia Cavaliers routed Clemson, 30-10 to alleviate my worries. They are off to a best start since '91, I believe at 5-0, 2-0 in the ACC. They also continued to make gains in offense and limited the opponents' points -- 212-58 for the season. Up next is ... gonna be tough one. Off to Tallahassee, Florida to play Free Shoes University and that prick, Chris Rix! I am predicting a loss for Virginia but am hoping for an upset in Tallahassee.

As for Virginia Cardinals in Talladega, Alabama -- they are currently 1-1 in the Pool Play, losing to Louisiana War Eagles 2-1 this morning at 9 AM, then crushed Eastern North Carolina 2-0 at 11 AM. They are slated to play Mississippi and Florida later in the day. After that, the tournament will be based on the records of pool plays. Hope Virginia gets to do well in the next two games.

Go Cardinals!

Now with another assault on that Republican fag in the closet, Rep. David Dreier. Mike Rogers reported that David travelled to 25 countries in the past few years. They are Italy, Russia, Spain, Nepal, Greece, Senegal, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mali, Tunisia, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Georgia, New Zealand, Australia, Micronesia, Argentina, Chile and the Dominican Republic.

So what, you say? They also managed to find time to visit Italy, Brazil and Nicaragua twice in the last three years!

To work in the public service is one thing, to hire his boyfriend as Chief of Staff with the salary base of $156,100 per year is another thing. To travel to these countries, using the public funds as their pay are simply outrageous. The Republicans consistently denied us the chances to raise the minimum pay wages but lavished on each other, using the government's money.

Somebody has to do something about Dreier and Brad Smith.


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