Sunday, October 17, 2004

Few Thoughts About Sports, Really.

October 15 came and passed without a fanfare in New York -- which is bit unusual for me to deal. I guess, there are many things to do in New York than to celebrate the first day of practice for NCAA Hoops. I love the NCAA Hoops more than NBA and WNBA, believe it or not.

I just read the article about Virginia Cavaliers women's basketball team which finished the worst season in 25 years at 13-16 last year. Guys, guys, I know! You are not interested in sports -- but it is my outlet -- I just hoped what happened last year served a blow to the players and start playing like a team! Coach Ryan indicated that the starting point guard is Sharnee Zoll, a freshman out of New Jersey which surprised me! Many years ago, she tends to put a freshman on the starting lineup in order to learn and handle the pressures. But in the last 5 years, she was very conservative and benched many outstanding freshmen to a point where many of them kept on transferring, quitting or suspended.

I'm confident that this year, the team is going to surprise everyone else. But I am worried about the first two games -- they'll play No. 1 Louisiana State in Baton Rouge if they beats Arizona State first. Ack!

Damn the Yankees, they routed BoSox 17-8 at Fenway Park! But today, BoSox won, 6-4. Whew. But still trailed by two games! Nobody has come back from behind at 3-0. I just saw the Mastercard commercial on the television -- an elderly man pointed to the sign: 1918. And the words on the commercial was: "Boston RedSox In World Series: Priceless"

I was disheartened that No. 6 Virginia Cavaliers football team got trashed badly at Tallahassee, 36-3. UVa football team seemed unable to beat FSU for years. And each time, UVA played in Tallahassee, they always got massacred.

The cold has arrived in New York. It is nice. I might be in the District on Thursday night, wait and see. It was good to see Manny and Merritt yesterday, even for a brief time.


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