Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Question That Many Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

This entry is dedicated to my closest friend from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Last Friday, another friend from Belgium dropped a bombshell that nearly blew me out of SAC -- what she said knocked me for a loop. I had to take a timeout to breath correctly in order to prevent the faint spells. SKSK to Yassine for freaking me out with the news.

It appeared that my closest friend from Amsterdam has a new boyfriend (let's hope that it was just another case of infatuation!) -- and this propelled a curiosity with a question mark in their minds but were afraid to ask!

This is hypoethical question, suppose if this guy joined the fraternity and fell in love with his "fraternity brother" and had a relationship, is it somewhat incest?

My friend, Chapstick Boy, said that it is not. It is more of interbreeding, considering the history of Gamma & Zeta relationships.

Any opinions on this volatile issue, my friends?


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