Friday, October 15, 2004

Thank God It Is Raining Today

Damn. Fuck. Damn the stars! Damn Wojnar's turds.

No. 17 Louisville lost to No. 3 Miami, 41-38 after leading as many as 17 points. Stefan LeFors was knocked out with a concussion in fourth quarter and Miami regrouped to win the game in Miami.

My head hurts. Not because of the game. Because of something else.

Web got the tape! She got the tape from XL Bar! It is called ... GUYS GONE WILD: FRAT BOYS. What happened is that, XL Bar underwent some minor renovation on Wednesday night, thus Faggot Feud was subsequently cancelled. So on Thursday night, they re-opened the whole she-bang with free giveaways with these tapes. Web and Benis zoomed -- it was given to the customers by random -- and Web got it!

When you're done with it, I'm 2nd person to see it, ok?


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