Thursday, October 14, 2004

An Assortment of Weekends

It is nice to live in New York, it is the hub of world -- it is much cheaper to fly to New York than to fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. So it is certainly a bonus to meet old friends from time to time.

There is a great film where Billy Crudup, Jason Patric, Brad Pitt and Ron Eldard played together -- in Sleepers. Out of four guys, I find Ron Eldard to be incredibly irresistible because of his eyes. It is good enough to melt me like Dorothy did to the Wicked.

However, in the ending of the film, where these four guys got together for old times' sake -- it is something that I often do with my friends -- talking, poking fun at life and celebrating our times together.

Sometimes it is good life, is it?

In one scene where Ron Eldard used his hands to drum on the table and started to sing something funny. Everyone followed along and sang. It was heart-moving one, especially with Ron's facial expressions -- he was really into this mode. I think I should attempt to do that in ASL someday and see how it happens with friends of mine. I don't care much for gawkers to VEE VEE at us for being silly at times.

Drink it up, buddies!

For Old Times' Sake!


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