Friday, October 08, 2004

What Else Is New With Abercrappie & Bitch?

Once upon a time at 30 Degrees, a bar in DuPont Circle, I met Mark for few drinks. It was a time to catch up with our typical gossips, swiping at feeble-minded people around us as usual. Mark is aware that I cringed at the sight of gay men wearing Abecrappie & Bitch clothes. Mainly because it discriminates against the bigger men and it lingers on vanity which turned me off. Today, I can wear these shirts from A&F, but I chose not to.

However, at that bar with Mark, we were chatting when a good-looking guy in his late 40s-trying-to-act-like-early 20s interrupted us to tell Mark that he finds him attractive. Of course, I was irked by that -- Mark and I came to the bar to talk, not to be interrupted by fags like him. I rolled my eyes gently and Mark snickered. He knew what I was thinking about.

This guy kept on making an effort to communicate with Mark while I stared at his chest with contempt. He asked me if I liked it, I chuckled and said, "Ugh. It should be bombed."

He said, "This is my first A&F shirt, it was on sale for $18! Not bad?" I shot back, "I can find 10 t-shirts for that price. And?"

He turned to Mark, "He hates me?"

Mark said, "Yes and no."

We laughed. That was 2 years ago in Washington, DC.

Today, you can see another stupid design by the Abercrappie & Bitch company. Wonder if Paul & Morgan Hamm will wear it?



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