Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So Much For Your National Security

Chris, Shane and I left Hanover and drove down on Interstate 91. An odd thing happened, just before the intersection of 89 and 91 ... there was a line of cars slowing down in a straight line. I was sitting in the back -- I quickly pulled the seat belt on because I saw the police cars parking by the highway.

I was wrong. It was the United States Borders Patrol!! One officer asked Chris and Shane about something else -- and they answered. That officer then turned to look at me and started to speak to me. I gestured that I cannot hear. The officer nodded and motioned Chris to go.

Suddenly, Chris and Shane turned to look at me and said, "What did you say?"

I mentioned that I just told her that I'm deaf. Shane said, "The officer said you just answered her question!!"

I asked Shane, "What was the question?"

"She asked if you're American citizen?"

I was perplexed and told Shane, "But I just told her that I'm deaf. How can I answer that question?" Shane shrugged -- I asked why did they patrol on the interstate highway -- "Probably terrorism with election? I dunno."

So much for our national security.


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