Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oh, ye poor Astros & Cardinals!

Oh, my poor lost Astros and Cardinals -- the professional baseball teams embarking on a trip to World Series are not getting any attention in the media. The Astros and Cardinals are waving their hands frantically to get some attention to them -- that they are in the finals of NLCS. But nobody cared. The media is saturated with the mystical rivals between Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in the ALCS.

The rivals between these teams are ridiculous. I am not a fan of both teams, but I really feel for Boston Red Sox who struggled to reach the finals of World Series, only to be blocked repeatedly by New York Yankees since 1918. That is not 20 years ago. That is 86 years ago. Of course, I'm going to root for BoSox just to see what it's going to be like in Boston when they finally beat New York. Of course, just to see Char's reactions when the Yankees finally lost.

The passion between these two teams are ridiculous. One BoSox fan admitted that he sacrificed a goat, trying to break a curse that was started 86 years ago. That is pretty silly, don't you think? But that is how it is.

I was at a local pub, Dempsey's Pub which caters to Irish folks in Manhattan. Last month, there were some games between BoSox and Yankees. When BoSox hits for a home rum, you cannot know how loud the pub endured with these Irish folks -- even for me as Deaf person, I was startled by their passion.

You know, when the professional football team, New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, its fans went out on the streets, they chanted, "YANKS SUCK! YANKS SUCK! YANKS SUCK!" Why did they mention Yankees in the football celebration?

This simply proved that baseball is the American institution, a level above the professional football, like it or not.

Like someone said earlier, if the BoSox finally beats NY Yankees in the ALCS, the riots on the streets in Boston is going to make the recent victory of Super Bowl like "your grandmother's tea party". I agreed with that particular person.

So this time, I'm going to root for BoSox just to see how it turned out in the end. You know me, I love the drama.

I'm not fan of professional baseball -- but I enjoyed hearing the tensions between these two teams. As of now, you know what will happen to a wet towel when you keep on twisting for a long period of time? Eventually, it will snap.

So, the curse shall be ... like that.


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