Thursday, October 21, 2004

Off to the District! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Just finished the paperworks at work, am heading back home to pick up the bag -- then off to Chinatown for the bus en route to Washington. As someone would say, "Onward, Lord Emperor!"

I feel I should include something about my Hrandparents. When I was 4 or so, my parents took us all to Big Stone Gap (Trudy, try to find the town), Virginia -- a tiny town of 4,000 pocketed deeply in the mountainous region of the Appalachian mountains. When we arrived very late, I saw an elderly woman with white hair standing on the proch, inhaling the cigarette. Who's that freak, I wonder.

My mother said, "That is your grandma!"

"But my grandma is deaf, she is in Richmond -- not her!"

"you got two -- all grandchildren has two sets of grandparents."

I stared with wary. Oh, fuck. She cannot sign. She only talked with her voice. In the kitchen, I could feel the vibrations where she boomed with her voice, yelling at my father who nodded. Then she grabbed my chin and made me look at her while she talked to me. I didn't understand what she was trying to say.

Mom stood behind her and said, "Just nod, just nod."

I nodded, she lets me go. That Hrandma is total weirdo and bitch.

Later, she walked around the house (I just visited the home few years ago -- it's so fuckin' tiny!) -- and I followed her around. Later, she was in the bathroom staring at the mirror. I crept in and looked at her with curiosity.

Then I saw her pulling her teeth out.

Oh, fuck. I wailed and ran to my mom's arms, terrorized by the fact that my Hrandma pulled her teeth out in very casual way. Mom frantically explained that Hrandma has dentures. Dad was laughing hysterically. Hrandma was horrified and hurt that I freaked out by that.

Oh, I was only 4. Give me a break!


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