Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mt. St. Helens

Since I was a kid, I enjoyed reading, watching and learning about volcanoes. I think it is just fantastic. Even if it kills, it also creates life. When I was a kid, there was a movie about Mt. St. Helens on HBO, my brother and I would watch it 1,854,722 times just to see the eruption. Just to see the eruption. No captions were available on that film. We were insane, though.

Mt. Rainier is overdue for an eruption. I do not understand why Mt. St. Helens has to erupt instead of that Rainier.

Yellowstone is the world's largest volcano -- yep, you got it right. It is! In fact, the national park is on the top of its massive dormant volcano. The last time, it erupted was 600,000 years ago -- its debris were found in the eastern part of Missouri!

Anyway, there is a blog about Mt. St. Helens. So cool.


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