Friday, October 01, 2004

Just Arrived

Update from Hanover, NH -- it is tiny town. Very nice. Just few seconds to tell what I think of this place.

I did not know that Hanover Inn is right across from Dartmouth College. In fact, right off the steps of Hanover Inn, there are assortments of bars that you'd find in any college-town.

And so far, I'm enjoying the sights of geeks and bullshit like that.

One thing that made me notice is that Dartmouth is pro-Mac. No place have I seen more Mac -- in fact, I hadn't seen any Windows around.

And the library is quite impressive. Will discuss more about it later -- !

All in all, Hanover seems to be a town for people who has money. Ahh!

But that's OK with me. Gotta go -- and hit the bars with Chris & Shane.



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