Thursday, September 30, 2004

Final Score: 389 to 30

In a night where almost nothing goes right for me, things seemed to right itself out in the end if you back off and let it flow on its own.

In New York, Equinox is a gymnasium reserved for people who has money. Benis is now pursued by an agency whom many regarded as the most sought after. They lavished on Benis to clean himself up a little and buff himself a little by signing him up for tanning, waxing and workout at Equinox. Benis explained to The Boss that he does not want to work out alone at a gymnasium in a new city, can he brings a friend as well? The Boss then issued one for ... me. I was speechless and surprised. Benis, we will work out together. Thanks and good luck, baby.

Later in the evening, Cyn and Benis became nervous and decided to drink Absolut Vodka with Cranberry Juice a little to alleviate the jittery of playing on Faggot Feud at XL Bar. It didn't calm their jittery. Our first choice interpreter had an emergency situation that required her to be at somewhere else. So Aaron ended up interpreting for us. It was difficult thing to handle because the lights were blaring on us and I tried the best to read his signs in the midst of heavy lights and apparently, the bar also has a fog machine which clouds the visibility for me to read the interpreter at times.

Enterainers Richie Rich and Amanda LePore pulled an interesting introduction, throwing comments against each other in an affectionate manner. Then Richie Rich said something that made me respect him even more, "For the first time in history of Faggot Feud, we will have a deaf, but not blind, deaf team competing tonight. Come over!"

Surdus, Benis, Cyn and I got on the stage -- we had some struggles with where the interpreter is to position -- because of light problems. But it eventually ironed itself out -- but Cyn kept on getting giddy and shove my left arm repeatedly without giving me a break. Tried all tricks to shut her up was not successful. I noticed that Benis and Cyn fed each other off on jitteries. That really made me bit annoyed and frustrated at times. I was the captain of the team. Amanda asked each contestant their names, their backgrounds, and few questions. She asked me how I had been doing. I shot back, "I'm good, but except that I'm annoyed with everyone else today."

Amanda cooed, "Yes, we all get annoyed all the time, but I'm sure I did not annoy you?" I giggled. She asked me if I'm top or bottom. "Top," I said. Benis interrupted that I was lying and that I was versatile. Cyn agreed. I was baffled.

Timeout: Actually, I'm probably 80% Top, 20% Bottom. If I feel comfortable and in love with someone else, I'll bottom. But otherwise, I prefer to top. Yes, that is too much information. But I had to defend myself, really.

I stared at Benis while Amanda talked to Cyn. I told Benis, "Did you realize that by telling Amanda and everyone else in the audience that I am versatile, people will think we did play together?" Benis had his hand on his mouth, "Oh. But actually, come to think of this, if we are together, you'd let me fuck you, right?" I smiled. He's right.

Then I saw Amanda asking Cyn if she's Top or Bottom -- Cyn resoundingly answered that she is versatile. The audience erupted in loud cheers and applauses. Benis was the last one to be interviewed -- as I was being distracted by Cyn's repeated shoves -- Richie Rich said that he saw Benis earlier in the day on the subway and had an instant crush on Benis. Blah, blah.

I get to play first, I was bit confused with the game rules and to stomp the light -- result is that the girl beats me to it. The hearing team messed up with the answers and left the game to us -- we answered it all right and won the first round, 64-0. In the 2nd round, we fucked it up. And they won 30 points. Then in the 3rd round, the hearing team picked many correct words but they also striked themselves out after 3rd mistake -- then they asked me to give one answer -- if I got it right, I steal their points. I am not sure which one I answered but it was correct. Then it was good enough to roll up to a 128-30 lead. Then in 4th & 5th round, we just demolished them, 389-30.

The truth is that we were dazzled, confused and bit heavy buzzed by the whole drama. Amanda and Richie tried to pull Benis pants down but he declined -- good for Benis! He's not cheap. Even Richie commented, "I like that."

At one point, we had to identify anything that we wears that starts with "S" -- I said swimming suits. They asked me, "Like Speedos, etc?" I nodded. Bingo, we won. Anyway, Amanda asked me if I liked Speedos. I said, "No." She said, "Then what do you like?" I said, "I like baggy shorts." Amanda, "Plenty for you to imagine what is in it for you?" I said, "Exactly what I liked!"

Then in the bonus round, I was too distracted by the persistent shoves and I decided to insert Surdus and Benis in the bonus round to win money out of $200 possibility. We won $178.

After that, we were deluded with congratulations, stares, free drinks and chats with Richie Rich and Amanda LePore and few others. About 15 deaf people were there as well. I think we made an impression on the audience that we can compete and wipe them off the map. Later, I thanked the XL Manager for giving us a chance to play. It was good experience.

All in all, it was great night. Crazy but fun.

Up next is a getaway from Gotham City for the weekend! Yahoo!!



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