Wednesday, September 08, 2004


The Islamic terrorists often are men who has no job, no future ... cannot read nor write. Cannot vote. They have nothing to lose, but we have so much to lose. So they decided to target us. Fair trade-off, would you say, Ben? That is how it works in this world -- that's why they crashed the planes into Pentagon and World Trade Center. It is because they knew they had nothing to lose, but we have so much to lose.

I saw a quote where one gal said, "Time changed, you either get used to it or get swept away."

In this country, we have our own terrorists as well. Look at Tim McVeigh. But we were civilized enough to prosecute him with justice retribution. How? Secularism. By being moderate about everything else. How did we get this country to be secular? Educational system, really.

Many Islamic countries lacked that. It just falls straight into the extremists' views from day one. We need an alternative route for these people. To show them that there is a way out.

But with American's help of cash and guns, the kingdoms are ignoring the masses' pleas for reforms.

So we cannot blame the terrorists for doing this to us -- we have so much to lose.


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