Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Second Star on Right, And Straight On Until Morning!

Today is the first anniversary of Observe But Do Not Interfere. May it prosper for a long time. My eternal thanks to Beth for encouraging me to set one up when I doubted myself. Suddenly, I seem to attract bunnies who multiplied rapidly in a year.

Of course, I also attracted some bad bugs as well. It is something that one has to learn over the time. I do not regret it.

Sometimes I'm lucky to work at an agency because the agency observed the Jewish, American and standard holidays. Because of Rosh Hashanah, I'm off 'til Monday starting on Wednesday afternoon. One Jewish guy came to me today and said, "It will be 5,765th year on Thursday."

Interesting. I learn something new, everyday.

Anyway, for the holidays/weekend, I need to decide what to do. Vermont? New Hope? Philadelphia? Argh.


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